The Angel Who Taught Him to Care

His business career began with a chance encounter with an angel of a salesman.

by Curt Wellumson

An artist's line drawing of Curt's salesman friendBlade embraces DD with love and gratitude.Griffin encourages others to follow their dreams no matter what.operating room photo with three angelic lights in background
An artist's rendering of a fuly furnished dollhouse

Her adult children were in transition, and so were her living arrangements. But a discarded dollhouse reminded her of her many blessings.

by Carolyn Graham
, Vidor, Texas

Grandpa saw the desire of someone else’s heart, and he gave from his own. I want to be a compassionate giver... I want to give to others without reserve.

by Shawnelle Eliasen

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Chesapeake Antiques Mysteries

In this warmhearted Guideposts original two-book fiction set, widowed Miriam Maxwell returns to Chesapeake Bay to take over her late sister's antique store and reconnects with an old friend. A discovery hidden in a desk drawer belonging to Miriam's family sends the pair off on delightful adventures in mystery and history.

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Touchpoint Bible

Introducing the Bible that touches you at your point of need. The TouchPoint Bible directs you to places where God can touch and heal any need, issue or situation you are wrestling with. By featuring easy-to-use reference tools, you’ll be quickly guided to the perfect passage right when you need it.

Roadside trees illuminated at night by car headlights

Never comfortable driving at night, she lost control of her car on a dark, winding road. Were her worst fears to be realized?

by By Carole Murphy
, Bishop, Georgia
An elk pulls a marmot out of a water tank with it's mouth.

As Idaho zoo officials watched an elk circling a water tank, they had no idea what provoked the strange behavior. 

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