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OurPrayer Manager, Reverend Dr. Peola C. HicksBabe Ruth and Johnny Sylvester in 1928Todd and Colton Burpo discuss Colton's experience with the afterlife.Stories of Faith blogger Shawnelle Eliasen
Norman Vincent Peale

Ten tips from The Power of Positive Thinking to help you weather the storm of financial troubles.

by Norman Vincent Peale

We love to dote on our kids–even the canine and feline ones. That’s exactly how God is. He loves to give his children good gifts.

by Michelle Medlock Adams

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10 Prayers You Can't Live Without

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Guideposts Editor Rick Hamlin shares his personal prayer journey and the life-changing insights he has gained that will make your prayer-life even more gratifying, in his NEW book, 10 Prayers You Can’t Live Without.

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Secrets of Mary's Bookshop

Recently widowed Mary Fisher moves to Cape Cod to do something she always dreamed of: open a bookstore. Soon, Mary discovers that years of reading mystery novels have paid off in a big way! In each novel, Mary puts her sleuthing skills to work to uncover some of the most unexpected and fascinating mysteries.

Lori's Easter Ham

This is bound to become your family's favorite recipe.

by By Lori Durham
, Brunswick, Georgia
A cat lounges in water

Watch what happens when cats meet water. You won't be able to stop giggling!

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