Daily Devotion

Jesus: The Light of the World

Jesus' presence is that inextinguishable flame of hope that changes utter darkness into a dramatic backdrop for light. read more

Today's Features

When you're feeling lost as a lamb, look to God.

Feeling Lost and Alone?

That’s the time to look up and know that God is with you, directing your path.

Sunrise. Begin each day with a positive attitude through faith.

Think Positively

With our faith, one thing we can control in life is how we respond to situations and people.

Hands at prayer.

Praying for Our Families

A beautiful tribute to a prayer warrior grandmother.

Toe shoes. May your time to "dance" in life come around after tough times.

A Time to Dance

When times are tough, remember they will pass. And you'll dance again.

A woman's hands, on an open Bible

Women of the Bible: The Virtuous Woman of Proverbs 31

Discover the characteristics, blessings and lessons of the Virtuous Woman, excerpted from The Study Bible for Women.

St. Francis of Assisi who lived a Jesus-like model of love.

My Daily Prayer

A famous prayer from the dazzling mind and heart of a beautiful soul from the 13th century

The miracle of a new day.

Miracles I Need Today

Holiness happens moment by moment, each time I choose what’s right over what’s easy.

Bible verses for soldiers

Bible Verses for Soldiers

We honor the men and women in the military. We hope these verses may strengthen your resolve to protect and serve our country.

Soaring with Jesus

Soaring with Jesus

When I lean into God's strength, I get to be more than I could ever be on my own.