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Pray from Your Heart

Make your words to God mean something... short or long speak from the heart. read more

Today's Features

Earth at sunrise. Photo: Thinkstock.

Pray Your Way Around the World

With the help of your computer or smartphone, pray your way around the world, every day,

Military boots. Photo: Thinkstock.

Boot Camp Experiences

As we trust Him through trials, as we endure them with Him, He will change us.

Muddy baseball field. Photo: Thinkstock.

Perimeter of Praise

Raking away the debris of winter offers up the opportunity to praise the Lord.

A spring shoot. Shutterstock.

Don’t Quit…Just Start Over

Learn the value of persevering with renewed purpose.

basketball strategy

Living with Cancer: Game Plan

When a winning basketball coach faced her toughest opponent, her strategy had to change.

Cupcake on a scale. Photo: Thinkstock.

Cupcakes and Bathing Suits

One of the best reasons to lose weight and get fit? So you can serve God.

Hibachi. Photo: Thinkstock.

Reconnected by Held-Up Hibachi

We waited too long for our dinner. For a good reason, it turned out.

Peggy's son measuring the family Dalmation.

A Kid's Best Friend

Connecting with pets can help children become more nurturing and compassionate

Waimea Canyon

Bible Verses for Earth Day

Enjoy these Scriptures celebrating God's creation.