Daily Devotion

Clear Away Your Spiritual Clutter

Every now and then, Jesus reminds me to bring my focus back to what is absolutely essential... read more

Today's Features

Michelle Medlock Adams with her daughters Abby (left) and Ally (right).

They Will Call You Blessed

That magical moment when your teen girls realize what a wonderful mom you are!

American flag and a church steeple (Thinkstock)

Pray God’s Character for Our Nation

A fitting way to observe the National Day of Prayer in your home, church and community.

Woman reflecting. (Thinkstock)

Great Expectations

Letting go of things that aren’t failures in God’s eyes would probably do me a lot of good.

A flowering cabbage. (Thinkstock)

God, the Geometry Genius

You'll never look at salad the same way again...

Child praying: Thinkstock

Begin with 'Thank You, Jesus'

A child's approach to prayer is a wonderful model to follow.

Faith. Image: Shutterstock.

Faith Matters

How people of faith find strength and hope in the midst of difficult circumstances

Man petting a dog. (Pixabay)

Be Kind to Animals Week

How can anyone disrespect the lives and feelings of the beautiful creatures God put on this earth?

hurting woman

Survival Story: What I Wish You Knew About Rape

A rape survivor and a licensed social worker share their insight on what to say--and not to say--to survivors