Daily Devotion

Clear Away Your Spiritual Clutter

Every now and then, Jesus reminds me to bring my focus back to what is absolutely essential... read more

Today's Features

Great blue heron. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.

My Father Is the Gardener

What needs to be cropped or pruned out of your life to make you more like Jesus?

Edward Grinnan and Millie

God Bless You All for Your Loving Prayers

A dog to love for however long we may have her before God gently takes her home.

Spring violets. Photo: Thinkstock.

May Day Baskets and Sweet, Easy Love

One way to bring a small measure of simplicity and joy to another’s heart and home.

hurting woman

Survival Story: What I Wish You Knew About Rape

A rape survivor and a licensed social worker share their insight on what to say--and not to say--to survivors

Mike Matheny

Extra Innings

From Little League coach to major league manager. Sounds like a Disney movie, right?

Child praying: Thinkstock

Begin with 'Thank You, Jesus'

A child's approach to prayer is a wonderful model to follow.

a group of people in a huddle

3 Ways to Support Caregivers

Expert Peter Rosenberger shares his advice on how we can support the caregivers in our community

Russell Crowe - The Water Diviner photo credit: WB

'The Water Diviner' [REVIEW]

Russell Crowe's directorial debut follows the inspiring journey of one man in search of his sons. 

Judah Smith

Ushering In a New Age

Pastor Judah Smith talks about his new book, the Bible on TV and the future of the church.