Daily Devotion

Clear Away Your Spiritual Clutter

Every now and then, Jesus reminds me to bring my focus back to what is absolutely essential... read more

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Guard Your Heart

Let’s fill our lives with thoughts and things that will make us godly men and women.

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Pray God’s Character for Our Nation

A fitting way to observe the National Day of Prayer in your home, church and community.

Gabriel at rest. Photo courtesy Shawnelle Eliasen.

Choosing Rest

I’ll choose the steadfast mind. I’ll choose trust. I’ll choose perfect peace.

Faith. Image: Shutterstock.

Faith Matters

How people of faith find strength and hope in the midst of difficult circumstances

Man petting a dog. (Pixabay)

Be Kind to Animals Week

How can anyone disrespect the lives and feelings of the beautiful creatures God put on this earth?

hurting woman

Survival Story: What I Wish You Knew About Rape

A rape survivor and a licensed social worker share their insight on what to say--and not to say--to survivors

3 Point Approach for Prayer

3-Point Plan for Prayer

Model your prayers for loved ones after Jesus' pattern of prayer described in John 17.

Russell Crowe - The Water Diviner photo credit: WB

'The Water Diviner' [REVIEW]

Russell Crowe's directorial debut follows the inspiring journey of one man in search of his sons. 

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3 Ways to Support Caregivers

Expert Peter Rosenberger shares his advice on how we can support the caregivers in our community