Daily Devotion

3-Point Plan for Prayer

Model your prayers for loved ones after Jesus' pattern of prayer described in John 17. read more

Today's Features

woman at rodeo

Living with Cancer: A Cowgirl's Inspiring Journey

She wanted that rodeo crown and nothing was going to stop her—not even cancer.

Family Frisbee. Photo: Thinkstock.

Make Fitness Fun for the Family!

Kids learn by example. That means exercise starts with Mom and Dad. Here are 5 ways to get moving.

Clouds approaching. Photo: Thinkstock.

Goodness in the Rain

It's easy to say "God is good" when the sun is on our shoulders. But He is also mightily present when the rain comes.

winding freeway with blue sky overhead

A Friend on the Freeway

Who would stop to help a stranger get back on the road?

Serial texters! Photo 123RF(r)


If your teen is texting instead of talking, here are some ways to reconnect.

Earth at sunrise. Photo: Thinkstock.

Pray Your Way Around the World

With the help of your computer or smartphone, pray your way around the world, every day,

Pudgy pug. Photo: Thinkstock.

Sit! Stay! Diet!

Ok, pet parents. Here are some doggy diet tips. 

A spring shoot. Shutterstock.

Don’t Quit…Just Start Over

Learn the value of persevering with renewed purpose.

Cupcake on a scale. Photo: Thinkstock.

Cupcakes and Bathing Suits

One of the best reasons to lose weight and get fit? So you can serve God.