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Jesus Prays for You

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Woman leaping. Thinkstock.

A Leap of Faith

How a big decision was made by listening to God's message–delivered by other people and prayer.

Zeke practices patience. Photo by Mike Frezon.

Practicing Patience

God is loving and patient with us. Surely I can learn to be patient, too–just like Zeke.

Atticus Shaffer  Photo Credit - Vince Trupsin

An Inspiring Role Model

The star of ABC's hit family sitcom "The Middle" Atticus Shaffer talks faith and why his character is the inspiration we all need. 

An old Bible. Thinkstock.

Praying Like Paul

Inspired by 2 Corinthians, Rick Hamlin encourages us to invest in each other's lives through prayer.

Gauze and scissors.

Help for the Wounded

He binds and bandages the brokenness of my spirit. He stitches the seams of my soul.

Man Reading Book - Thinkstock

4 Ways Daily Bible Reading Will Change Your Life

Delving into God's Word regularly will give you a brand new perspective.

Woman worrying. Photo Thinkstock.

The God of Before

Attention worrywarts: We can count on Him to have a plan in place before we need Him.

Nurse resting. Thinkstock.

10 'Breath Prayers'

When you can't stop in a church or kneel, these short, simple prayers can be spoken in a single breath.

A pink orchid blossom sits on top of ashes

Beauty in Ashes

When her sister's house burns down, a woman learns something about God's grace and mysterious ways.