A Day of Remembrance

Storytelling plays a key role in observing Yom HaShoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day.

by Adam Hunter

Jews in the Kovno ghetto who have been assembled for deportationA dandelion in the weedy garden of a military familySt. Bernard walking on the lawn.Middle schooler Abby Miller with her guitar and a friend
close-up of a stone heart

Three prayers to help you open your heart to God's love.

by Elizabeth Peale Allen
, Pawling, New York
Hope text

Raimundo Sobrinho was homeless in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for nearly 35 years. Then Shalla Monteiro befriended him and what happened from there will bring you to tears!

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Secrets of Mary's Bookshop

Recently widowed Mary Fisher moves to Cape Cod to do something she always dreamed of: open a bookstore. Soon, Mary discovers that years of reading mystery novels have paid off in a big way! In each novel, Mary puts her sleuthing skills to work to uncover some of the most unexpected and fascinating mysteries.

Taming the tongue begins with controlling your emotions and allowing God to fill you up with his love.

by Michelle Medlock Adams
Matzoh Brei

A delicious way to use your leftover matzoh after Passover!

by Judy Bart Kancigor

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