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Deanne Schultz

What Prayer Can Do: A Detour for Grandma

A voice told her to visit her grandmother, and though hesitant, she was glad she did.

Carrie Ann Inaba with her pals Buddy and Lola

The Power of a Prayer

Carrie Ann Inaba shares where she finds the strength to battle injuries and ailments.

Ellen (left) helped set Roberta on a healthier path.

The Sister-in-Law Diet

Ellen's calm, scientific way of thinking was strangely comforting. Whenever I slipped, she was there to pick me up.

Sheila Walsh

How God Loved Sheila Walsh Back to Life

The best-selling author and Bible teacher shares the transformational power of Jesus

Crossroads with the sun rising in the horizon

8 Questions to Ask When Discerning God’s Will

When faced with a difficult decision, these questions will help you discern God's will.