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About Us

A Message from John F. Temple
President & CEO

A guidepost points you in the right direction and helps you reach your true potential.

Photo of John Temple

It All Begins with a Story.

Guideposts is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope, encouragement, and inspiration to millions across America and the world. What you might not realize is that the essence of what the organization does is contained in our name: Guideposts.

In the literal sense, a “guidepost” provides direction and guidance.  That’s what our popular magazines, Guideposts and Angels on Earth and Mysterious Ways, accomplish through true stories by ordinary people who share their experiences about extraordinary events in their lives. These stories not only captivate readers, but also inspire people to put faith into action and rise above their toughest personal problems.     

I like to think of each story as a guidepost that shows you a path. If you choose to, you can follow that path to an experience of hope, comfort, support, and encouragement. You can join with our readers, customers, volunteers and donors in a community of faith, providing opportunities to connect with others that share similar values and concerns through our many programs and products.

Think of Us as a Trusted Partner.

If you think of Guideposts as an inspirational ally that helps you connect your faith-filled values to your daily life, you would be right. We are an ever-growing family drawn together by a common belief: Through faith and the triumph of the human spirit, you can overcome obstacles and become extraordinarily successful in your life.

Guideposts: Inspiring People, Inspiring You

At Guideposts, there are many ways we connect with people worldwide.  On guideposts.org, you’ll find inspiring and uplifting stories about real people who meet life’s challenges and prevail over them with a positive attitude

Our popular magazines such as Guideposts, Angels on Earth and Mysterious Ways touch the lives of millions with true stories connecting ordinary people with extraordinary results.  Guideposts also offers inspirational, best-selling books like our Daily Guideposts devotional, as well as all-occasion cards, beautiful music, and other products that serve to uplift, encourage and inspire.

Innovative Programs That Make a Real Difference

Thanks to the generosity of our friends who help fund the programs and services of the organization through the Guideposts Foundation, we are able to bring hope when and where it is needed most with programs like these: 

  • Guideposts publishes and freely distributes millions of Inspirational Publications including Guideposts magazines, books, and booklets to hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, prisons, and other locations to reach people in need.
  • Our servicemen, women, and their families are coping with the challenges of fear and loneliness every day. Many have told me personally how our Military Outreach booklets and other materials help keep them strong and connected to each other and their faith.
  • OurPrayer volunteers in the Guideposts prayer ministry bring hope and comfort by praying for over 1,000,000 prayer requests each year. Remarkably, each prayer is prayed by individual name and need.
  • One of our most popular programs is directed at young children in hospitals. As kids play with the toys and games in our Comfort Kit, they can’t help smiling and feeling reassured even while they’re sick and away from home.

Guideposts Touches Millions of Lives.

To learn more about these programs and how you can help or volunteer, click here.

Thanks for Getting to Know Us a Little Better.

Thanks for stopping by the web site and learning more about Guideposts.

Meet Our Distinguished Founders.

When Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and his wife Ruth Stafford Peale co-founded Guideposts in 1945, they envisioned an organization that would help people from all walks of life achieve their maximum personal and spiritual potential. The Peale legacy continues powerfully today in our vision for the future, which is to offer people products and services that inspire, encourage, and uplift.

Dr. Peale, author of the landmark best-selling book, The Power of Positive Thinking, was the pastor of Marble Collegiate Church in New York City for more than five decades. It was there he gained fame for his sermons on a positive approach to modern living. For 54 years his weekly radio program, “The Art of Living,” was broadcast on NBC. He spoke to an average of 100 groups a year and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Ronald Reagan.

Dr. Peale believed that you are what you think you are, and that if you change your thinking, you change your life. He shared his philosophy by telling true-to-life stories, a personal way of communicating that is still at the heart of the Guideposts experience today.

The daughter of a minister, Ruth Stafford graduated from Syracuse University and taught mathematics before her marriage in 1930. Although she worked closely with her husband in all aspects of his ministry, she also established her own identity as a religious leader, public speaker and author. She was cofounder, publisher and chairman of the board of Guideposts, and a member of the board of directors of American Bible Society, Interchurch Center, Blanton-Peale Institute, and Laymen's National Bible Committee.

To watch a sermon of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, click here.

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