Angel Sightings

Recent Angel Sightings Stories

Deborah Glaess and her son Cody

They were stranded with car trouble. Would this burly, bearded man in a black leather vest prove to be heaven-sent?

by Deborah Glaess
, Lincoln City, Oregon

An artist's rendering of a pig with angel's wings

With a heart attack coming on, she was unable to get to the phone. How could she call for help?

by Jo Ann Altsman
, Beaver, Pennsylvania

angel in the sky made out of clouds

In this excerpt from The Best Angels Stories 2013, heavenly angels save a van filled with children.

by Joan Wester Anderson

An older gentleman in a black beret strolls away

A young woman caught without accommodations in Barcelona is assisted by a heavenly stranger.

by Terri Wallace
, Tulsa, Oklahoma

An artist's rendering of a soldier angel

Inspired by the handsome soldier from so long ago, she wanted to show a young woman how special she was.

by Roberta Messner
, Huntington, West Virginia

Daniel Frederick Fogarty

With not much to go on, he set out to find his father. With some angelic assistance, he did just that.

by Daniel Frederick Fogarty
, as told to his daughter, Diana Lang

Mary Hansford and her husband, Donald

Stuck on a to-do-list treadmill, she received a painful reminder to reorder her priorities.

by Mary Hansford
, Watkinsville, Georgia

An artist's rendering of an angel in a field of golden buttercups

Whose hands and gentle voice calmed her in the aftermath of a terrible auto accident?

by Katherine Dean
, Williamsburg, Ohio

Strangers on golden snowmobiles come to the rescue

A 10-year-old boy and his younger brother didn't belong on the expert slopes. But who came to their rescue?

by Sydney Usary
, Redondo Beach, California

Pauline and Kenneth shortly before their wedding

On the verge of committing to someone for life, she didn’t trust anyone completely. Not even God

by Pauline Weaver
, Penn Yan, New York

A parked orange VW van on a cold, rainy day

With the door having come off her creaky old van and no help in sight, how would she make it home with her kids?

by Theresa Leaming
, Guymon, Oklahoma

A Santa outfit hangs from a coat rack.

A single mom of limited means is amazed when an expected visitor pays a call on Christmas.

by Suzy Zabel
, Westminster, Maryland

A Christmas ornament depicting an angel on a cloud

Her granddaughter's fascination with her Christmas ornaments sparked warm remembrances for this grandmother.

by Linda Gillis
, Sun City, Arizona

Katha Bardel

A lifelong ballerina, this dance instructor was ready to retire—until she heard an angel's voice in the night.

by Katha Bardel
, Edmond, Oklahoma

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