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Angel Sightings

Recent Angel Sightings Stories

A car wades into a deep puddle.

A deep puddle had flooded her car's engine and she was blocking traffic. Would someone come to her aid?

by Arlene Beilage
, Naples, Florida

Joan Wester Anderson

In this excerpt from The Best Angel Stories 2014, a visit from a heavenly angel comforts a grieving widower.

by Joan Wester Anderson

An artist's rendering of an angel ssh-ing a stuffed tiger on the attic stairs

A fearful child's heavenly dream brings a lifetime of comfort and peace.

by Lois Halley
, Westminster, Maryland

An artist's rendering of a pair of evening grosbeaks on a window sill

How would her father feel about someone new at her mother's side? A pair of winged creatures brought the answer.

by Celin Wood
, Painted Post, New York

An artist's rendering of a grandfatherly angel, reaching out his hand

No matter what happened in my life, my grandfather could always make me feel better. Now that he was gone, I needed him more than ever.

by Chynna Laird
, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

An artist's rendering of a mechanic and greeter, both with angel wings

Car trouble almost ruined their post-Christmas cheer, but a pair of angels got them back on the road.

by Pamela Jones
, Toronto, Canada

An artist's rendering of a lost purse on a football field

She'd somehow lost her husband, her daughter and her purse. How would she find them in a crowd of more than 100,000 football fans?

by Angie Dockery
, Townsend, Tennessee

Robin Donica Wolaver

She planned this family campout to get away from it all. But she brought all her anxieties along.

by Robin Donica Wolaver
, Nashville, Tennessee

Roberta Messner
She couldn’t concentrate amid the chaos of her professor's kids, but everything she needed to ace the test was right there on his desk.
by Roberta Messner
, Huntington, West Virginia

Marcus Sams

With three friends along for the ride, a high-schooler loses control of his vehicle on the interstate. Would anyone come to their aid?

by Marcus Sams
, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Laurence Eldred as a young soldier

It sounded like the world was exploding, but something, someone, led him to safety.

by Laurence Eldred
, Chelan, Washington

The controls of an old basement furnace

An unexpected visit from a gas company employee leaves a homeowner feeling blessed.

by Paul Tomlinson
, Uniontown, Ohio

Beverly Baker at granddaugher Molly's christening

She was fearful as she awaited her cancer surgery, but a woman kneeling at her feet reassured her that all would be well.

by Beverly Baker
, Beaumont, Texas

One of many angels from the angel collection

Explore this inspiring collection, housed in a former church, that boasts more than 11,000 angel figures of every size and shape—including more than 600 donated by Oprah Winfrey!

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