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One of many angels from the angel collection

Explore this inspiring collection, housed in a former church, that boasts more than 11,000 angel figures of every size and shape—including more than 600 donated by Oprah Winfrey!

Although today is my last day behind a desk at Angels on Earth, the blessings I’ve reaped here will stay with me.

by Colleen Hughes
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A woman stranded by the side of the road stand beside a tow truck

When car trouble stranded her, she wondered if she could trust a stranger who stopped to help.

by Yvonne Eymann
, Bellevue, Nebraska

Roy Shull displays the shoulder patch Alois Wagner gave him.

A World War II soldier alone on the battlefield, confronted by an unlikely rescuer.

by Roy Shull
, Aiken, South Carolina

Richard Brookins as St. Nicholas arrives in a jeep accompanied by two angels

Kids in this European town hadn't celebrated Christmas in years because of the war.

by Richard Brookins
, Pittsford, New York

Grace's nephew Miles, a few years after the events of her story

She believed her grandson's tales of tremendous trouts caught and released, but would anyone else?

by Grace Thompson
, Hillsborough, North Carolina

Jill-Ayn Martin
A devoted journal writer, she'd never written about her close call with drowning. Now was the time.
by Jill-Ayn Martin
, Big Bear City, California

An artist's rendering of an angel with blue butterfly wings

A mother receives an unexpected assurance that her son, gone nine years, is at peace in heaven.

by Barbara Wills
, Glencoe, Alabama

An artist's rendering of a winged Labradoodle soaring in the sky

She got a Labradoodle puppy to help assuage her grief. But was it too soon?

by Susan Karas
, Yaphank, New York

An artist's rendering of a Chinese angel embracing a young Chinese girl

Her infant daughter was on the other side of the world. Who would watch over her?

by Stacie Chambers
, Davenport, Iowa

Sandi Olson

Struggling to regain her strength after heart surgery, she was greeted by an unlikely figure.

by Sandi Olson
, Santa Cruz, California

Kelly Gallagher

Nothing interesting ever happened in her neighborhood. Or so she thought.

by Kelly Gallagher
, New York, New York

Deborah Glaess and her son Cody

They were stranded with car trouble. Would this burly, bearded man in a black leather vest prove to be heaven-sent?

by Deborah Glaess
, Lincoln City, Oregon

An artist's rendering of a pig with angel's wings

With a heart attack coming on, she was unable to get to the phone. How could she call for help?

by Jo Ann Altsman
, Beaver, Pennsylvania

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