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Angels On Earth

Recent Angels On Earth Stories

Gabriel the angel dog, who comforted so many, gets his turn.

by Peggy Frezon

A flock of friends–and angels?–comes to help find a missing ring.

by Colleen Hughes

Statue of an angel. Photo by Katty King, Thinkstock.

She loved the idea of angels. But did she really believe in them? 

by Colleen Hughes

Shrimp and Corn Bisque

This creamy soup has got a spicy kick that will keep you warm on cold nights and also makes a nice winter Sunday supper.

by Marilyn Turk
, Niceville, Florida

Ingrid Michaelson

Emma Fulenwider's engineer boyfriend likes things just so. When he decided to propose to her, he spent a year learning to play this song on the ukulele. Read Emma's story!

A neighbor's kind deed saves a dog and inspires an owner to stop a bad habit.

by Colleen Hughes

An artist's stylized rendering of Santa Claus with white angel wings

New to town, she was not yet familiar with navigating the roads. When she got lost in a snowstorm, a jolly earth angel in a red suit came to her aid.

by Mary Whitney
, Leavittsburg, Ohio

An artist's rendering of three winged lumberjacks, raising voices in song

Trapped on a snowy mountain pass, his young family was in danger of freezing in the Christmas snow. Who could possibly help them?

by Jon Poehner
, San Diego, California

An Angels on Earth reader shares the story of a missing purse.

by Colleen Hughes

An artist's rendering of a pair of red leather gloves

She'd bought black gloves to be practical, only to lose them. If only she could have the red ones she truly wanted.

by Laura Kaye
, New York, New York

A new novel by Karen Kingsbury prompts memories of real-life angels among us.

by Colleen Hughes

Kathie Kania's Pecan Bread
Whether you’re on a low-sugar diet or just eating healthy, you can’t beat this fresh-baked bread for sandwiches and toast.
by Kathie Kania
, Lewistown, Montana

Kindness just takes practice. Here's a whole day devoted to just that!

by Colleen Hughes

Gratitude--it's an important feeling. What three things are you grateful for today?

by Colleen Hughes

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