A Reminder of God's Love

On a day when she's feeling blue, a woman receives a comforting sign of divine love.

By Charlotte Boston, Scarborough, Maine

As appeared in

I dragged myself out from under the covers. I used to wake up excited about the possibilities of a brand-new day, but lately I’d been depressed. I’m just feeling unloved, Lord, I thought as I went into the bathroom to splash some cold water on my face.

My husband and I had grown apart. We’d stopped being loving like we used to be. I doubted our marriage would survive.

Drying off my face with a hand towel I opened my eyes. There in the middle of the bathroom floor was a leaf. How had the wind blown it all the way inside? I wondered.

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I bent down and picked it up. Two big curving slopes at the top came together in a point at the bottom. A perfect heart! All at once, a sensation of love swept over me. My husband and I weren’t feeling as close as we used to, but an angel wanted to remind me that God’s love never waned. He had good things in store for me this brand-new day.

Eventually my husband and I did divorce, although we remain friends. But I’ll never forget my heartshaped message, and know that I am always cherished.


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The story helped ME a lot because I had just noticed the heart and then I read the story like 30 seconds later. I LOVED IT!

Come on, folks !! This story is just lame! L-A-M-E !!! The writer picks up a leaf shaped like a heart and concludes that God was sending her a message. And then she goes on to say that she and hubby divorced, although they're still good friends! If you're good friends, why did you divorce? This is the kind of story that pushes people AWAY because it's downright silly and makes Christians look like idiots !!!!! Come on, Guideposts, you can do better than this !!!!

pat, we find solace where we need to, God is always there to comfort us. i like the story and would never be judgemental over any story. You are in my prayers.
signed, a silly idiotic Christian

Right before I read this I had glanced at something I had bought at a garage sale... a rhinestone pin that said mom. And for the first time noticed that the "o in mom was shaped in a heart .. my youngest son got killed many years ago so when thingss like this happen I am just blown away..! " Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted..") I pray for You all everyday,, whatever you are going through He is already there just waiting to comfort you when you least expect it.. believe me I know!:)