Angel in the ICU

A wife is reassured by a heavenly figure watching over her critically injured husband.

By Elise Daly Parker


I lay awake and kept telling myself to get up when car wheels squealed to an abrupt halt. I bolted from my bed as I heard people screaming, “Call an ambulance.” Stumbling to the phone, I dialed the emergency number. The operator told me help was on the way.

As I made my way downstairs, it occurred to me that I hadn’t heard the bus go by, the one my husband Chris took each morning to his office in the city.

Chris would be the first one to run in and call an ambulance, I thought. The bus stop was right on the corner, one house from ours.

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As my thoughts raced, so did my heart. I went to my front door. My now panicked voice pierced the warm air and brilliant sunlight of a perfect June day.

“Is it a man?” I yelled to the people surrounding a body lying on the side of the road. Without waiting for an answer, “Does he have a mustache?”

“Yes, yes,” a serious face turned toward me.

I ran out to the street. A man lay in a fetal position. I couldn’t see his face, but I recognized his clothes.

“Chris!” I screamed and raced toward him. I cradled him in my arms. Blood ran from his ears and his eyes were closed. I cried. “I’m here. Hold on, honey. You’re going to be okay. Hold on. I need you.”

I have no idea how long I held him, but I looked up to see an ambulance and EMTs. One of them gently asked me to move away and I did.

Chris’s eyes rolled as if he fought for consciousness.

I left him with the EMTs and raced to my neighbor’s house. I asked them to watch my children. When I returned, Chris lay on a gurney and they were lifting him into the ambulance.

“I want to get in. I’m his wife—”

“Sorry, ma’am, but you can’t. The situation is too critical.”

Although he didn’t say so, it seemed obvious to me that they didn’t know if Chris would make it to the hospital alive, and they didn’t need to try to calm a hysterical wife inside the ambulance.

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They rushed off to the nearest state trauma hospital. I followed behind inside a separate emergency vehicle.

“Oh, God, no. Please, God, no.” How could this be happening? We were a happy family with three girls, ages two and almost four, and my fourteen-year-old stepdaughter. Chris had a good job that he liked, and I was thrilled to be able to stay home raising our children. My life had seemed so good and normal.

“Oh, God, I’ll do anything. Please let my husband be okay.” With my hands shaking, I cried as I raced toward the hospital. It took nearly a half hour, and I continued to cry out, “Please let him live.”

At the emergency room entrance, several attendants rushed to the aid of the EMTs to get my husband inside the hospital as quickly as possible. I learned later that just as the ambulance pulled in, Chris lost consciousness.

The next several minutes were filled with a flurry of hospital personnel asking me to fill in paperwork. I signed legal waivers so that no one would be held responsible for the outcome of the necessary brain surgery, not even the doctors. They laid out everything that could go wrong, but no one advised or encouraged me.

“Let’s just get through this next step,” the attending physician said when I begged him to give me hope. “We’re going to operate to relieve the pressure on your husband’s brain.”

“And then what?”

“We’ll let you know when he’s in recovery.”

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We all share one thing in common: the way in which God uses his heavenly messengers to touch our lives.

No matter how many times I asked (and in my anxiety it was often), the answers were the same: “No, we don’t know what his condition is now.” “Yes, it’s true that he might not survive.”

I could respond only with a nod and sit quietly and pray. The word had gotten out and our family and friends gathered in the private waiting room. We cried, prayed, and offered words of encouragement to each other.

The morning passed slowly. A doctor or nurse occasionally came into the waiting room. The most information I received was from one nurse, who said, “He’s doing all right. The surgery is progressing.”

Still no promises. I stopped asking, thankful to know that so far Chris was alive.

Book cover -- Heavenly CompanyExcerpted from Heavenly Company: Entertaining Angels Unawares by Cecil Murphey and Twila Belk. Published by Guideposts. Copyright © 2012 by Cecil Murphey. All rights reserved.

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God has brought me to this page and I need to tell my story. My daughter Kelly (age 14)died as the result of an automobile accident on Dec.22, 1995. My oldest daughter Tessa was driving the car and was severely injured and to this day has no memory of the accident. (That in its self is a gift from God). My 17 month old Granddaughter was also in the car and by a miracle from God received only a scratch on her pinky finger. What happened a week or so after the accident is as clear as if it was five minutes ago. I was sitting on my bed not caring if I ever moved again and Kelly was suddenly with me. There was a light in the doorway to my room so bright I could not look at it. It was no angel. I know for a fact, without any doubt that it was my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that had brought my daughter to me. Kelly hugged and hugged me and told me she loved me. Best of all she said "Momma don't cry, I'm in a beautiful place and we will be together again some day." A few more kisses and she was gone but the reassurance that that heavenly visit gave me cannot be discribed in words. I send my prayers out to all of you who have lost loved ones or come so close that you feel you can't go on. God is able!

This is a wonderful wonderful story. Today was my dad's 20th day in the iCU. He is doing good. He had an aneurysm & a four hour brain surgery and then a second aneurysm & four hour brain surgery five days later. He is just today completely off of sedation. It has certainly been a very long 20 days with a very long road ahead. Thank you for your beautiful story as it has became a late night habbit for me to search the internet for these awesome stories. May God continue to bless you and your family. Please tell your husband I said "good job".

God is an Awesome God!! : )

On Febuary 23rd 2012 my Grandaughter Whitney (22) went into the hospital for gastric bypass at UMC in Texas , Whitney was only going to be there 3 days . But on the 3rd day something went wrong ! The Doctor rushed her back to surgery she had leaked bile and gastric fluids into her body those two days . She was taken to ICU where she was put into a drug induced acoma for days . They had her tied down so she would not involentary move around . It did damage to her hand she now has nerve damage they refuse to address . She was rushed back 7 more times because of something going wrong ! I stayed with her there 1month and 5 days ! Sleeping in a chair in ICU , It was the most awful time for my Whitney she is home but now has a Hernia that has gotten so big it looks like shes about to give birth . The doctor has kept putting off surgery till she loses more weight . She had this surgery because of the steroid shots she got as a child for acute Ashma . She is still not 100% as yet today her other granma Took her little boy to school she cried because she could not be there . I said all this to say If anyone is thinking of haveing Gastric bypass DO YOUR HOMEWORK ! check out everything especially the doctor and ask ,ask questions . My grandaughter died on that table and we are truley blessed that we did not lose her and the recovery is slow . Its nothing like what she was told . She regrets every haveing the surgery and hopes if you are reading this you will check it out throughly .

Took a Moment to Be Still.
In the Late Morning.
Beautiful Story of Hope.
John 20:21
Again Jesus said,
“Peace be with you!
As the Father has sent me,
I am sending you.”

God is so awesome. Thank Lord your husband is okay. I sit crying because my younger sister is in so much pain that I know that God will give her peace and as I read this I ask God to send an Angel to be with her and wrap his wings around her. I stay with her and help her and I know that God will always give us what we need. Praise His Holy Name!!!

While in the hospital after surviving a rare form of bone cancer,a stern tall ol fashioned nurse came into my room and told me that I was going to be fine, It has been 19 years with my prosthetic leg, that is inside my skin, (no bone) but now my hubby has pains up and down his legs and we need an angel(s) to guide us for the right treatment, I know that all of us need some encouraging, I have shared my unique story with thousands and thousands of people across the country but now my goodness, I need help pls pray and pray that our Precious Lord send us an angel to help us.

God Bless everyone who reads and knows that OUR LORD IS WITH US ALWAYS


Dear Christina,

There are "ten thousand angels around you and your husband.
Revelation 5:11 Daniel 7:10 and Psalm 91:7.
And know that Jesus is holding both of your hands as well as your husband hands.

In Yeshua (Jesus) name
Amen and Amen

Angel in the ICU.....this story moved me.....and indeed Guardian Angels are God be the glory

I firmly believe that in our times of need God sends us His angels to protect us, comfort us and guide us. Though they may at times be here to guide our loved home to Him and comfort us in our grief they are here. This story shows how one special guardian angel helped a loving wife and family and a man who needed him to recover from a devestating time in their lives. They were blessed and I so happy that God graced them with a return to health and happines. May they continue to be blessed and showered with God's love.

These stories are really touching

God is great, all of the time,and you and your husband are definitely blessed. Thanks for a sad story with a happy ending.