Angelic Watchmen

An endangered child is delivered to safety by a pair of mysterious men dressed in white.

By Karen Barnes Jordan

We considered our neighborhood safe. Our nine-year-old son Adam often rode his bike with friends, but our six-year-old daughter Tara stayed close to our home.

During our years spent attending seminary, we lived in low-income housing in a North Texas neighborhood, without any trees or much grass in the yards.  Everyone had an almost identical, small house, with similar-colored bricks and roofing—tract housing at its best—and that’s all we could afford.

Late one summer afternoon, Adam failed to show up for our evening meal. When he didn’t respond to his dad’s calls to come home, I asked Tara, “Will you go find your brother? Tell him to come home for dinner.”

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As she walked toward the door, I added, “Stay out of the street. And come straight home.”

Tara skipped out the front door, excited about her assignment and the opportunity to tell her brother what to do.

A few minutes later, Adam bolted through the door—without Tara. So I asked him, “Where is your sister?”

“I raced her home and beat her here,” Adam said.

I looked out the kitchen window toward our unfenced backyard and the adjoining sidewalk, but I couldn’t see Tara. Concerned, I walked outside and looked in the front yard and the street in front of our house. I couldn’t see our daughter.

Panicked by her absence, I told my husband Dan, “I’m going to find Tara.”

I jogged to the end of the sidewalk. When I turned the corner, I saw Tara throw a stick down and turn around toward me. Relieved, I demanded, “Where have you been?”

Startled by my sudden appearance and intensity, Tara said, “Sorry, Mommy.”

“I told you that dinner was ready. What took you so long?” As I continued to probe Tara about her whereabouts during the last few minutes, tears filled her bright, green eyes. She said nothing until I calmed down.

“I saw Adam on his bicycle at the end of the street. So I followed him.” She took a big breath and said, “A scary man stopped his car and rolled his window down.”

My heart began to race, as I realized the danger my daughter might have encountered just a few moments earlier.

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“The man wanted me to come over to his car,” she explained. “But you told me to never talk to strangers. So I picked up a stick and started to walk away.”

“You did the right thing,” I said.

“The stranger said something to me, but I didn’t understand him.” A wrinkle appeared on Tara’s forehead.

Where is this story going? I thought. What just happened here?

“The man looked behind me, and he acted scared. Then, he just drove off—real fast.” Tara waved her hand, like she shooed a fly away.

“Thank You, Lord Jesus,” I whispered.

Then Tara’s story took a remarkable twist, “When I looked behind me, I saw two big men standing there, right behind where the car had stopped. They were watching me.”

Tara’s eyes brightened, as she continued to describe her protectors, “They wore white clothes. One of them had a big, gold sword with little drawings on the handle.” Tara traced a line on the palm of her hand, as she recalled the etchings on the sword.

“His sword was really long—from his waist to the ground.” As Tara described the sword, she bent over to her side and reached to the ground with one hand and up toward the sky with the other.

I listened silently as Tara finished telling her story. “One of those big men smiled and told me not to be scared anymore. He told me to throw my stick down and go home. When I turned around, I saw you, Mommy.”

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We all share one thing in common: the way in which God uses his heavenly messengers to touch our lives.

I saw Tara throw down her stick, but I didnt see any men. What on earth had just happened to my daughter?

When we reached our front door, Dan opened it with a perplexed look on his face.

I said calmly, “Tell your daddy what happened.”

Tara retold her experience. We didn’t say much then but sat down and ate. Afterward, when Dan and I were alone, I asked, “What do you think about Tara’s story?”

“I think two angels saved our daughter’s life.”

Book cover -- Heavenly CompanyExcerpted from Heavenly Company: Entertaining Angels Unawares by Cecil Murphey and Twila Belk. Published by Guideposts. Copyright © 2012 by Cecil Murphey. All rights reserved.

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I have tears in my eyes as I write - of course we have angels. I've had angel experiences myself. I just wonder why so many children are taken and they don't seem to have angels to protect them.

I'm so grateful that your lovely little girl was protected and was safe from harm. I was raised to believe we are all created in God's image but I no longer believe that. There are evil, dangerous, conscienceless people in this world who wreak pain and sorrow.

The true Christian believes in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Angels. Don't worry what others say...WE know they are real and they will protect us and our familiy. When it's time for us to leave Earth, they will take our hand and gently guide us to the other side. What great friends they are to us! Some have even been fortunate enough to have seen them...and our time is coming!

I firmly believe that your daughter really was protected by angels. I have read about too many similar incidents to question your daughter's experience. I read a case where a young lady got out of a bus late one night and had to walk through a lonely area. She saw a questionable looking man standing on that road. But she walked past him and got home safely. Later, she read in the newspaper that another girl was raped on that same road that night. She curiously requested that the man who was arrested, who happened to be the same man she had passed, be asked why he never troubled her. He replied that he wanted to but two tall men in white were on either side of her as she passed him!

Oh my gosh Andrea, as I was reading the story about the little girl, I was thinking of a story many years ago that i had read in guidepost, the Very Story You have just recounted, that was the First time i had been introduced to guidepost and that particular story has always stayed with me, and in this time of need this very day it came to me to look for guidepost online, and the first thing i had done was request a prayer for my husbands safe return and then began reading these stories, Thank You Father in Heaven for this day, and for the recounting of such an imprinted story im my heart, I do believe in Angels, thank you everyone for sharing, thank you Andrea for your comment on the story, Mahalo Nui loa,(thank you very much) Leslie

It's interesting that people will whole-heartedly accept the existence of angels in the Bible and angels in times past, but they won't accept that there are angels in THIS day and time. God is an unchangeable God, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Why not angels in this day and time as well as in times of old? I know that God DOES send angels to help us; sometimes unawares to us. But most people aren't ready to accept it. I believe your daughter WAS blessed with angels to protect her. I'm sorry you've encountered those who try to rationalize it as something else.

I agree wholeheartedly with you, Carrie! Angels, whether they be "earth" or otherwise, have been and continue to be, with me...I have always "known of" them and believed in them.