Commanded by Angels to Preserve the Earth's Canopy

In honor of Earth Day, read how a near-death experience inspired a Michigan tree farmer to launch a reforestation project.

By David Milarch, Copemish, Michigan

As appeared in

We’ve taken DNA from more than 60 of the most magnificent trees on the planet, coast redwoods, giant sequoias, bristlecone pine thousands of years old, willow and yew—enough to create thousands of trees. We’ve been helped by angels—both heavenly and earthly— every step of the way.

We’re all called to help the earth. You don’t have to be a scientist. You only have to listen to the angel beside you.

Experience David's narrated slideshow of the magnificent trees he's working to preserve.


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Very inspiring story.

This story is unbelievable. I will give you one reason of many. We are in the end times. And at the end, God will not only destroy this earth, but the universe too. Then God will create new ones. Read the book of "Revelation".

Doesn't Revelations also say that no man shall know when Jesus will return? Kind of arrogant to say we are in end times. I think it's a beautiful story and completely, 100%, believable.

Beautiful story! The Bible says, "Behold, I will make all things new!" It sounds like you have a wonderful role in the restoration of the world. :)

Wonderful! One of the best stories I've ever read in Guideposts. Thank you, Mr. Milarch, for reminding us that we are here to take care of the earth, as well as one another.

Truly an inspirational story! All I can say, really, is "WOW!" "WHAT A LUCKY MAN!" A story like this is not lived everyday - unfortunately! My question or thought is "How many people have something like this happen in their lives and actually go so what they are suppose too?" "Do they act upon it??" Or do they just ignore it?? Either way it is their fate at stake! As for the preserving of the trees and forest (?) is totally awesome! This is so reminds me of the verse that says "for the things that r impossible with man are possible with God!" Luke 18:27

Madpro, yes, the bible does say to spread the Gospel. It also says we are to take good care of the Lord's creation. He created this world and charges us with honoring Him and taking good care of it.
We are each given different gifts. Romans 12:5-8. We each have a different purpose. David's purpose is to replenish the trees-one of God's most beautiful creations.
Thank you David.

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No, I do not believe this. Again the eco agenda.
Agree with madpro. This has nothing to do with the gospel of Christ, but everything to get people distracted and running around preoccupied with things of this earth.
This is an agenda which ends up causing loss of freedoms and high costs because it ends up putting earth before people. Do some research and learn.

Sorry to hear that you and madpro are so caught up with the gender of the angels and that you don't see value in saving trees. I'd say that you cannot see the forest for the trees, an apt analogy to your myopia.

May peace be with you

Brother David, thank you for sharing your story and for being one of us who love trees. I don't know alot about ours either, but my husband is always fussing due to the cutting of the trees by people and we would give so much to have enough land to sustain growth for the trees and animals. praise God you do and pass it on to your next generation for safe keeping. Family is precious. Thank you again for your wonderful testimony.

Thank you, David, for sharing this amazing story. You have obviously been chosen by God to help sustain life on this planet. May God bless you and your family.

How stupid to believe in those things which distract Christians from the real task of preaching the real gospel.
Christians in America tend to lose time debating how America was a christian nation, losing time in the political arena when in fact America needs a change of heart and this comes only from the preaching of the Gospel.
If we use the tools of this world (debates, politics etc) we will end up in a fight which, as disciples of Jesus, is not an option.
We need to preach the gospel which has the power to change hearts.
Back it with prayer and surely many will come to Christ and we will turn America once again to Christ in the most peaceful way.

Madpro, I am saying a prayer for you so that you can open your heart. Yes, female angels do exist. I am a christian and believe in the Bible (just as you do) but you have to realize the Bible was written by "men". Do you believe only male angels were singing at Jesus' birth?

Dear David,
What an extraordinary and inspiring account. God has a purpose for each one of us and we can't exit this world, based upon your experience, without fulfilling that purpose.
I was really moved, when I read about your experience. Yes, we do have angels and YES WE DO HAVE FEMALE ANGELS. They are all from God with divine messages for us. Your message came to you when you needed it the most.
I also saw your slide show...what a brilliant way to ensure the continuation of God's creation. I absolutely adore nature......birds bees...everything and have been thinking what I can do to grow more trees and protect nature.
Keep up the good work David, Jared, Jake and Kerry. The world will be a much better place because of it

thank you david from the bottom of my heart. you are truely doing Gods will by helping to keep the trees alive and thriving.the Lord wants us to be good stuards of His creation. bless you. and also like another had said we need
to help the bees. we need them to live and it is important to find a way to help them become healthy not die. our precious earth is dieing by degees and we need to open our eyes to that fact and fix it.we all are responsible for this earth of ours.

What a beautiful, and inspiring story of redemption and restoration, not only for the magnificent trees God has created, but for the life of the author. God created everything for His pleasure, and we were, after all originally given the gift of a garden to lovingly tend.

Another great concern of ours should be our bees. They are dying at an alarming rate from being poisoned by insecticides, parasites or other unknown reasons. The problem is, if they die, we aren't far behind.

Einstein make the comment that "when the bees die, humanity only has four years left themselves"! That is a frightening prospect.

I've seen TV programs showing beekeepers opening their hives to dead or dying bees. They broke down and cried and I cried with them! This is very serious problem!!!

What an affirmation of how God is still with us, holding our hands and getting us to share in His Plan. All of us (small as we are) have our roles to play. I too have experienced a calling to do my bit. And i know there are thousands upon thousands of God's helpers out there.

I am amazed how easily Christian falls prey to this kind of story.

Female angels? Ever read of that in the bible? Seems like false angels of light.

Planting trees.Really!Does God really care about trees when in fact his judgment is coming swiftly on this earth because of the prevalent sin in "Christian" America.

Go and Read your bible.

The work our Lord has commended to do is to preach the Gospel until he returns to judge the world.

No need to have a visitation from above to know what God wants us to do.

Have any of you ever read the story "The Shack?" the story is told from a man who was completely broken about his daughters death she was kidnapped at 4 years old on a camping trip (true story by the way). The man unknowingly dies and comes back after a car accident not knowing he's been in one. He was on his way to find the killer of his daughter years later and stumbles into the shack where the killer had taken her. Later because of the visitation, he finds his daughters body through the help of "beings such as God the Father, The Holy Spirit & Jesus. The experience helped him heal past hurts and bond in a more acceptable way through his belief in God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit. The fact is "He is not in the Thunder, the Wind, the rain nor the Earthquake-- he is all around us. Christ speaks to each of us in many different ways daily, but do we see it? Do we hear it?? He/she tries to connect with mere mortals who could not fathom this beings real presence! (As an individual who has had many sightings & walks with and from supra-natural beings) I truly believe as humans we are unable to grasp why beings from other galaxies or dimensions would visit us. And there are those who walk among us unaware who are Angels. We have to remember they are with us now- the places, people and things these beings ask us to care for do matter! Whether they are birds, dogs or farms to grow ancient trees. His word is forever, the Gospel is peace and light, acceptance and forgiveness, all encompassing beauty. All life that flows from the creator MUST BE cared for so it is not lost to mankind's stubbornness, greed and hatred. Peace be still..Can you hear it! :)

How sad! The Bible tells us many times over that there are times when we just need to believe the impossible and listen for God's direction for our lives. I believe with all my heart this is one of those miracles that were sent for him, his family, and those of us who read his testimony! Thank you for giving me hope today!

May peace be with you

Why are you so angry? I hope you find some peace.

Sometimes we feel moved, or even touched by the thoughts and experiences of a fellow traveler. We may intuitvely become aware of an inspiration that is not derived from the temporal setting in which we currently reside. I am grateful for our caretakers of the human spirit; the hawks of the heart, those blessed with a spritual experience, entrustated by the universal love energy to perform a unique task which only they can accomplish. In our search for substance, we can disregard feelings of fear and doubt, and live our lives in anticipation of goodness. David Milarch is like one of his trees. He asks for little or nothing, and breaths sustenance into the nature of humanity.

This story gave me chills when I read it! I too, had a mysterious happening and it concerned trees.

I have always wanted to write a book but with only a high school education, I didn't really figure I had the knowledge, education or imagination to suceed. Several years ago I was renting an apartment in a small Ohio village and as I was walking from the living room into the kitchen I had a vision. The entire vision only took a few seconds but I was "given" a story about trees.

The children's story has been written, my son is doing the illustrations and after several severe breakdowns and crashes with his computer, I'm hoping the little book will be to the publisher this summer. The title is "The Secret of the Last Tree". I know it was God given to me and it has a special message.

I also have a great concern for our plants and animals and particularly our beautiful trees and am hoping the little book will have an impact on our younger generation...even one person can make all the difference in the world!

jngGirl, I definitely intend on buying your book! Please keep us updated when it gets published. Tell the publisher that they already have one customer (me!)

I have a huge concern about nature and trees and have been thinking about ways to contribute. This is amazing. I wish I will be directed towards such a goal. I am passionate about trees and nature and would do anything to preserve it. Thanks for sharing, very encouraging

This testimony is extremely encouraging to me. For years now I have been praying for the welfare of the plant and animal wildlife that is so much being abused and over-exploited by mankind. The pestilince and stress brought upon all Creation in this present decade was prophesied, as I believe we are in the period now known as the Great Tribulation. Nevertheless, this does not negate the child of God's responsibility in working with the Holy Spirit in proper stewardship to all He has created around us. Nature is not only dependent on each other, but mankind is also a part of Nature and needs to learn what "Co-existing with compassion" means

So far mankind is basically in the "give me" mode where we think of stewardship as merely taking what we can get from what God has provided us-without even as much as a 'thank you" to God. We need to learn that we should only take what we need-- not more. We should give back when we take as well. This not only goes for our lumbering, but also for our fishing and hunting. We basically poach instead of hunt, and alot of what we poach is purely for vanity and ego-- not for necessity.

Much of our disorder in Nature at this time is due to human greed, vanity and lust and not putting our choices before the Heavenly Father for spiritual guidance in every matter on this planet. This goes for not only the Big Energy and Corporate Industry CEO's, but also each of us individually.

I believe the situation with our Environment will keep on getting worse until Christ returns, but reading this man's testimony encourages me that He has already prepared various people scattered throughout this planet in prepatory work for this Earth's eventual restoration upon His return!

Nicely said. As I finished reading David's contribution to guideposts, I found that I already follow his Facebook page! I was delighted to hear the background story & I send blessings to all involved. God is great!