Invisible Angelic Protection

From the bedroom window she saw them, standing shoulder to shoulder around the house.

By Amanda Proctor*

As appeared in

Marie had also phoned our neighbor Paul and asked him to come over while we waited. Paul arrived and wanted to know, "Where's Carl's gun?"

Marie ran back into her house and came out, her face ashen. The gun was gone.

"Let's go to your place, Amanda," Paul decided. "We'll wait inside for Matthew."

Saint barked his friendly greeting as I unlocked the door and entered the dark house. To ease our minds, I went into each of the three rooms, Marie following close behind, and switched on all the lights.

It was from the bedroom window that I saw them...

"Look!" I whispered to Marie.

Standing shoulder to shoulder around the house, just outside the fence, were scores of magnificent glowing figures. Twenty feet tall or more, they were luminescent against the darkening sky, as if their bodies were made of light. They stood with their backs to us, facing outward; each one carried a shield and a long spear at his side. Strangely, I felt no surprise at seeing them. It seemed right and natural that they should be there.

"Look at what?" Marie asked.

"Those men...angels...whatever they are. Marie, there must be a hundred of them!"

Marie stepped to the window and peered out. "Are you feeling all right, Honey?" she asked. "There's nobody out there." She took me by the arm and drew me out to the kitchen. "Amanda thinks she sees angels in the yard," she told Paul.

Paul looked out the kitchen window, then at me. "Yeah," he said. "There are only two chairs in here," he went on, clearly happy to change the subject. He went and got the rocker from the living room.

It was completely dark outside now. Nine o'clock came, and no Matthew. Then, around 9:15 p.m., Saint gave his Matthew bark.

"He's here," I said, jumping up to grab Saint by the collar. "Hush, Saint!" But the dog kept up his low, ominous growl.

I started for the door but Paul stopped me. "Don't open it till you know who's there!" he warned. I went to the window. I could see the shining beings keeping guard around my fence, but no one else. Finally I let Saint go.

"What was that all about?" Paul asked.

"I don't know. There's no one out there , but..."

"Your angels?" said Paul.

Another 45 minutes passed. Ten o'clock. I made a second pot of coffee. "Why don't I take you to Matt's place, Marie?" Paul asked, but Marie was sure Matthew was on his way.

Then, a second time, the hair on Saint's neck bristled and he began his Matthew bark. We waited for our big friend's voice or knock, but once again we heard nothing. At a quarter to 11, Saint repeated his performance. "You say Saint only barks like that for Matthew—well, where is the guy?" Paul wanted to know. "I'll bet it's Carl out there."

"Saint never barks at Carl," I said.

At 11:30 Marie gave in and agreed to go to Paul's house, where there was a sofa bed in the living room. They asked me to come too, but I wanted to stay in case Matthew finally showed up. Paul looked out the window. "Are they still here?"

"Yes," I said, "and I've never felt safer."

Paul and Marie left. I washed the coffee cups, put the rocker back in the living room and got into bed. As I closed my eyes, I thanked God for sending his angels to protect us. Then I turned out the light and immediately fell asleep.

Next morning I ran from window to window to see if the luminous beings were still there. I counted only four of them now, one at each corner of the fence. Guess we don't need a whole army now, I thought.

Paul phoned; I told him that Carl hadn't returned. A few minutes later Paul drove Marie over. "How are your angels this morning?" he asked with a smile. I told him four were still here, keeping watch. "Sure," he said.

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Yes Angels are very real just Like Jesus is REAL Amen
Glory to GOD in the Highest

I'm reading this for a second time, and all I can say is glory be to GOD in highest!!!

God is so good to us

God's Angels absolutely exist and protect us and make us invisible to keep us from harm. They also speak to us, every day, all day long. From the smallest vibrating noise to the sound of tires on pavement, you can find the voice of an angel giving you a message.

Blessings and love always from Angels. . .
~ Mia

I too, believe in angels. Have I ever seen one, no. But, that does not mean they don't exist. I have felt a strong presence giving me assurance not to be afraid in certain situations. I have felt guided to a place of safety, when afraid. When we call on the Lord for protection, do you think He ignores us. Never. The Bible tells us we are loved, perfectly, so how can we doubt Him.

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord. Thank you for sharing! Your story is true. My faith is ever new.

i was about 5 years old when i stayed at a friend's house from school. i went from school as i didn't know were she lived. her dad came home drunk and threw me out. i didn't know where i was so i picked out a bright star and followed it. the next day my mother asked how i found my way home? i told her i followed a star. i had gone through one of the worse parts of Chicago. My brother said, everyone at school
asked him who the two big men were that were behind me. I guess they were angels. sept.1941.

Thanks for this amazing story and comments. Confirms Psalm 91 v.11-12 - what an awesome God we have. Just keep on trusting.

My husband had rough time with prostate cancer, which is in remission. You think that would bring him closer to God, but it hasn't. I know God was there helping the Doctors, but the rest of his healing is up to him. To thank GOD an help himself. I've tried to help him realize our God is awesome. I get to publications GUIDEPOSTS AN ANGELS ON EARTH won't read [use to} says they aren't address to him, so i had them change label to read Jon an Judy still don't read. HE needs help but he won't go to someone who can help. GOD

Judy, I'll pray for you and for your husband- My father is the same way- he also had prostrate cancer that is in remission now. You can't reason with the unreasonable. Only the Holy Spirit will be able to get through to him. Our preaching (unless clearly led by the Holy Spirit using us directly) will only encourage him to turn even further away from God. Surrender him to God because, really there is no other Person who can reach him at this point, other than Christ.

I KNOW there are angels. I am 49 years old. Became a single mom at 17. Was on my own since then. Finished school, worked full time. Then went to college in the evening. Lived out of my car for a year. GOD ALWAYS provided and protected me and my daughter! Then me, my daughter and my son. Once again a single mom. Knowing and trusting in HIM, I never feared going out at night to work, school, or whatever I needed to do for survival. To this day I know that without HIS protection, many bad things could have happened to me and my kids and now my kids are grown up and are doing well. Thank you GOD for your love and protection. May you do the same for the entire world!!

lets praise him every minute of the day.thanks for sharing.

really liked hearing this story of angels and knowing Carl is getting help. had danger coming hear my house one night when I was alone....when I went to get up to check it out...a hand gently pushed me back down and said it's okay....I was instantly in a vision because of the way my room was set up, a vision is the only way I could see this....outside my window I could see a huge warrior angel standing at a post, my porch goes around the house and I knew there were angels all around my house. I went back to sleep, but have often wondered what the evil that wanted to cause harm...saw and thought when he saw those angels. I suspect he couldn't run fast enough.

Goosebumps! What an awesome Father we have!

~This was the first time I had ever read this special submission on Angels.
Thank you so much for posting. I have felt those Angels protecting myself and my sons for years. My youngest is now 18 and will be entering a new journey in his life. I am very proud of both our sons. My husband was arrested for DV many years ago and went through a mandatory counseling program.
Even though he doesn't hit me anymore, he is still a very angry man. I have been praying for him and will continue. I have many decisions to make.
Just wanted to share a little. Thank you for this beautiful submission.
Yes! They are real, and have protected my sons as well.

I would like to subscribe to your magazine.

God Bless you,

Oh DAG,I feel for you . I hope your life turned out well. God does not want us to live in unhappiness..

Our God is an awesome God and I know he sends angels to protect us from danger!

Glory & Praise to our great God and I believe He sends His angels to comfort & protect us. Thank you for sharing this beautiful example of our God taking care of us.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

God sent this beautiful reassure just for me today.I have a muscular disorder that keeps me pretty well home bound.But this story shows me again that with his angels are always there.What beautiful Peace and reassurance.

Thank You

I believe,! GOD is an awesome GOD and he's deserves the highest praise. Thanks for telling this story, oh what a blessing!

This is an awesome story & I really do believe God sends his angels to protect & keep us. Thank you for reminding us.

God is Good I Luv u God!!!