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Invisible Angelic Protection

From the bedroom window she saw them, standing shoulder to shoulder around the house.

By Amanda Proctor*

As appeared in

Marie had also phoned our neighbor Paul and asked him to come over while we waited. Paul arrived and wanted to know, "Where's Carl's gun?"

Marie ran back into her house and came out, her face ashen. The gun was gone.

"Let's go to your place, Amanda," Paul decided. "We'll wait inside for Matthew."

Saint barked his friendly greeting as I unlocked the door and entered the dark house. To ease our minds, I went into each of the three rooms, Marie following close behind, and switched on all the lights.

It was from the bedroom window that I saw them...

"Look!" I whispered to Marie.

Standing shoulder to shoulder around the house, just outside the fence, were scores of magnificent glowing figures. Twenty feet tall or more, they were luminescent against the darkening sky, as if their bodies were made of light. They stood with their backs to us, facing outward; each one carried a shield and a long spear at his side. Strangely, I felt no surprise at seeing them. It seemed right and natural that they should be there.

"Look at what?" Marie asked.

"Those men...angels...whatever they are. Marie, there must be a hundred of them!"

Marie stepped to the window and peered out. "Are you feeling all right, Honey?" she asked. "There's nobody out there." She took me by the arm and drew me out to the kitchen. "Amanda thinks she sees angels in the yard," she told Paul.

Paul looked out the kitchen window, then at me. "Yeah," he said. "There are only two chairs in here," he went on, clearly happy to change the subject. He went and got the rocker from the living room.

It was completely dark outside now. Nine o'clock came, and no Matthew. Then, around 9:15 p.m., Saint gave his Matthew bark.

"He's here," I said, jumping up to grab Saint by the collar. "Hush, Saint!" But the dog kept up his low, ominous growl.

I started for the door but Paul stopped me. "Don't open it till you know who's there!" he warned. I went to the window. I could see the shining beings keeping guard around my fence, but no one else. Finally I let Saint go.

"What was that all about?" Paul asked.

"I don't know. There's no one out there , but..."

"Your angels?" said Paul.

Another 45 minutes passed. Ten o'clock. I made a second pot of coffee. "Why don't I take you to Matt's place, Marie?" Paul asked, but Marie was sure Matthew was on his way.

Then, a second time, the hair on Saint's neck bristled and he began his Matthew bark. We waited for our big friend's voice or knock, but once again we heard nothing. At a quarter to 11, Saint repeated his performance. "You say Saint only barks like that for Matthew—well, where is the guy?" Paul wanted to know. "I'll bet it's Carl out there."

"Saint never barks at Carl," I said.

At 11:30 Marie gave in and agreed to go to Paul's house, where there was a sofa bed in the living room. They asked me to come too, but I wanted to stay in case Matthew finally showed up. Paul looked out the window. "Are they still here?"

"Yes," I said, "and I've never felt safer."

Paul and Marie left. I washed the coffee cups, put the rocker back in the living room and got into bed. As I closed my eyes, I thanked God for sending his angels to protect us. Then I turned out the light and immediately fell asleep.

Next morning I ran from window to window to see if the luminous beings were still there. I counted only four of them now, one at each corner of the fence. Guess we don't need a whole army now, I thought.

Paul phoned; I told him that Carl hadn't returned. A few minutes later Paul drove Marie over. "How are your angels this morning?" he asked with a smile. I told him four were still here, keeping watch. "Sure," he said.