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Invisible Angelic Protection

From the bedroom window she saw them, standing shoulder to shoulder around the house.

By Amanda Proctor*

As appeared in

Around 10 o'clock Saint began growling—that unmistakable Matthew bark. And this time, through the kitchen window, I saw our friend on the front steps. I put the dog in the bedroom and all three of us went to the door to greet him.

"Where were you last night?" Paul demanded.

"Where was I?" Matthew asked. "Where were you? That's the question."

"Right here," said Paul.

Matthew laughed. "No, you weren't. I came by three times and there was no one here...except that dog, raising a ruckus."

Paul sat down hard on the sofa. His jaw dropped as Matthew described how he'd come by at roughly 45-minute intervals the night before. "Your cars were here. That's what was so strange," he said. "Saint would have eaten me up if I'd tried coming inside, but I walked around and looked in all the windows. The rocking chair was in the kitchen," he added with a puzzled frown. "The place was empty, I tell you. If you were here," he said, "you were invisible."

I stared at him. "Then you had to be invisible too, Matthew," I said. "We didn't see you or hear you."

"But if Carl was out there somewhere—" Marie began.

"And if we'd opened the door to let Matthew in..." said Paul.

The four of us sat blinking in the bright May morning. What mysterious protection had hovered over this house? It was Paul who told Matthew about the angels circling the fence.

There was much we didn't understand—have never understood, and maybe are not meant to understand. We'll never know what danger waited out there in the dark. Carl says his mind was so fogged by drugs and alcohol that he has no memory of that night.

But whatever the evil, it could not find us; scores of shining beings had made us invisible.

*Names have been changed.