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Siamese Earth Angels

When possums started eating his vegetable garden, the new neighbors turned out to be his angels.

By Donald Ford, Manlius, New York

As appeared in

Forestry was my focus in college, so I had plenty of experience with plants.

But with all the landscaping I’d done for others, a garden of my own had always been out of reach for one reason or another.

When my wife, Marianne, and I moved to a new house, once again I gave serious thought to starting one. Our yard was far too small, but the city offered plots in a community garden to anyone interested.

Looking into it, I heard stories about the community gardeners helping themselves to others’ bounty. All that hard work just for someone else to make off with the profits in the middle of the night? No thank you! But where else was I going to get a garden?

I often said a quick prayer before heading off to work. One morning I had an inspiration: I’d leave my garden problem in God’s hands. I really do want a garden this year, Lord, but only you know how I’ll get one.