Stitched Angels

An earth angel who feels inspired by making gifts for others.

By Phyllis Ruch, Lewisburg, Pennslyvania

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Inspired by angels, that’s me.

It started when I was just a teenager. A neighbor passed away and left me her cameo angel ring. You couldn’t get me to take it off!

That was the beginning of my angel collection. Sixty years later I have more than 100 pieces—from sculptures to bracelets to candles.

One evening, a few years back, I was curled up on the sofa with my favorite pastime: cross-stitching a nature scene. I looked up from the pattern to rest my eyes, and my gaze fell upon my porcelain angel figurines.

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Something clicked: That’s what I should be working on! I raced to the local craft store and bought up every cross-stitch angel pattern in sight.

Each one can take months to complete, and sometimes I think I’ll never be done. One pattern I’ll always remember—a flaxen-haired angel cradling an infant in one arm, a white dove perched on the other. It was so complex, I almost gave up. But the spirit of angels kept me moving, and in six months I was finished. Now that piece is a favorite.

Today there’s nothing I love more than cross-stitching an angel for someone I love. Of course I keep some for myself too. Ten framed cross-stitched angels hang in my living room. There’s no better way to stay inspired.

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