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Guideposts Releases Free eBook: Angel Sightings

7 inspirational stories about heavenly angels and everyday angels on earth



Leading Inspirational Publisher Makes Available A Free eBook Filled With Stories of Profound Mystery That Radiate Faith-Affirming Hope

CARMEL, NY—AUGUST 3, 2010Guideposts, the non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope, encouragement, and inspiration to millions across America and the world, today made available via a free download Angels Sightings: 7 Inspirational Stories About Heavenly Angels and Everyday Angels On Earth, hand-selected by the editors of Angels on Earth magazine.

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Angels in Disguise

Angels in Disguise

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The collection of stories contained in the Angels Sightings eBookare examples of people whose lives were transformed through a meeting with an angelic being. The free download features stories of angels on earth and the messages they deliver. Stories of catastrophes averted, illnesses cured, and ill-fortunes reversed. 

“The profound mysteries of God's messages—and his celestial messengers—don’t demand scientific proof. They simply present themselves to inspire and instill in us faith and hope,” said Colleen Hughes, Editor-in-Chief, Guideposts’ Angels on Earth magazine. “The stories contained in the free eBook Angel Sightings: 7 Inspirational Stories about Heavenly Angels and Everyday Angels on Earth are uplifting, and represent the mysterious and unexplained experiences that people have had with angels. I believe there is nothing more beautiful than knowing that we are not alone in our time of trouble, and that God sends angels to help and minister to us in our time of trial and need.”

Download your free copy of Angels Sightings to enjoy true first-person stories that explore the faith-affirming existence of angels among us. The complimentary eBook is available exclusively on Guideposts.org at: http://www.guideposts.org/free-ebooks/angel-sightings-7-inspirational-stories-about-heavenly-angels-and-everyday-angels-on-earth

FREE eBook

Angel Sightings: 7 Inspirational Stories About Heavenly Angels and Everyday Ange

Angel Sightings

Download a Free eBook filled with stories of profound mystery that radiate faith-affirming hope.

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