Mortgage Miracle Angel

A woman's prayers for mortgage money are answered by her guardian angel.

By Phyllis Swenson, Fairfax, Virginia

As appeared in

I could barely make out the keyhole in my front door through my tears as I fumbled with my keys.

What am I going to do? I thought.

I’d just been terminated, along with all of my coworkers. The family-owned car dealership where I worked was shutting down for good. In an instant, we’d all lost our jobs. Now I had to face the future alone.

It was times like this I missed my husband most. Together we could beat anything, but Warren had been dead for 16 years. I still miss you, I thought. Warren, I wish you were here. Making it on one income had been hard enough. Now I was facing real financial peril.

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That night, I tossed and turned. When I woke up the next morning, I was determined to find another job fast. I could succeed. If I fought hard enough. I searched the internet, the newspaper, asked friends for leads.

But weeks went by with no luck. I was overqualified for one job, too inexperienced for another. I tried to keep busy volunteering with my church group.

“Don’t worry, Phyllis,” a friend in the group said after a meeting. “You’ll find something sooner or later.”

I nodded, but I was starting to have grave doubts. My unemployment wouldn’t last forever and I was already struggling to keep up with my bills. I barely had enough to live on, much less stay on top of my mortgage. I fell behind on my payments.

Then the moment I dreaded came. I stood in my kitchen holding a foreclosure notice in one hand and my bank statement in the other. In just a few weeks I was going to lose my house, the house Warren and I had purchased together in 1992.

We’d loved one another in this house, celebrated joy and family, and he’d died in my arms within these walls.

It was like losing the last tie we shared. I no longer had possession of Warren’s car or his clothes. But our house was one thing I never planned to lose. I’d fought so hard to keep it, but I was defeated. I’ll never find the money before the due date, I thought. I’m sorry, Warren! I hung my head and cried.

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I went outside for a long walk, hoping to find an answer. I sat on the ground by the small lake near my home. But even the majestic trees and the white billowy clouds couldn’t lift my spirits. I am a failure, I thought. I’ve tried everything and I’ll still lose the house.

I just couldn’t win. Not on my own. I ran my hands through my hair. I’d never felt so defeated.

A small voice welled up inside, as quiet as the breeze through the trees: There is victory in Christ.

I lifted my head and looked at God’s world all around me. I’d tried so hard to fight this battle alone. I’d thought without Warren I was alone. But I’d forgotten the most powerful ally of all. “Help me, God,” I said. “I know you can.”

The next few days I attacked the want ads again, trusting that God would show me a way out of this. Time was running out on my foreclosure. I’d need a bona fide miracle to find the money to pay the mortgage.

Driving home from a church meeting I saw signs advertising a community yard sale. I had never participated in one before. Maybe God was giving me a sign. I wouldn’t be able to make enough to cover the mortgage, but any money at all would be helpful.

A few days short of the foreclosure date, I flipped on the light in the garage and looked for stuff to sell. A couple of old vases. Some hats. Some of Warren’s things. Oh, I thought, that reminds me.

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Warren used to keep an old cashbox by his worktable. He filled it with odds and ends, but it would be the perfect place to store cash at the yard sale. It felt good to use it, as if Warren were right there in my corner, helping me to fight.

I found the box under the table. Just seeing it again brought up memories of Warren at his worktable fixing one thing or another. Wish you could fix things now, I thought. I imagined Warren giving me an encouraging smile. You can do it, Phyllis, I could almost hear him say.

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You need to have faith that God will provide in one way or another for you. You must rememeber that what you want isn't necessarily what God wants for you. You need to trust in God that He will make things alright. This does not mean that you will not suffer, however that suffering makes us stronger in the Lord.

Rememeber "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil 4:13. Also read Psalm 121 both these parts of Scripture have helped me a lot through my personal struggles! And shown me that leaning on God is a good thing, not a sign of weakness.

God Bless, Joseph Coppola.

Yes, we did go through foreclosure of our dream home also, due to poor health, and despite working 3 jobs. I had put our fate into God's Hands. "Not my will but Your Will be done". He led us to a $1000 RV which we lived in for a year and a half and which didn't break down until the month we found an affordable home to rent, which we are now trying to buy. The times we were helped when I was most ill are too many to count. It would fill a book. We try to help others when we can and I still cry when I think of New Orleans during Katrina and 911 when we were unable to help ourselves, much less others, no matter how badly we wanted to help.

I believe God gives us miracles to help grow our faith. Each miracle builds faith to wait on God's richer blessings.
I thank God for our miracles, we did loose our house in town, but he found us a peaceful country place to rent and to heal in.
It's close to town but near enough to country we can take walks without seeing a house! That's what I grew up with and it has helped me stay faithful even after loosing my job of 10 years. God is Good!

Oona -I believe that your own attitude reflects how you see this story. I don't think this person was saying everything had happy endings. She was saying that this miracle of finding the money showed her how God works. He is always with us and that's the peace we have by knowing this.

We live in a sinful world and life isn't always fair but,
in my old age, I have come to believe that the most important thing is to trust in God and look for the everyday miracles we do receive.

I am sure this is the short version of her struggle just to offer encouragement.I have a similar story and I am a witness that miracles do happen .I lost my job two years ago, My Mom was diagnosed with cancer 4 months after I lost my job and yes my story turned out good. The point is that no matter how things look God is still in control and surrounds you with Angels to make a way when you can not see your way. I have been blessed tremendously since my job loss. (Miracles)a home,mortgage free because I stepped out on faith, and I am starting training next week for a new career. My mom is now cancer free. I have been without healthcare for over a year and I have not been ill nor gone hungry, Praise God.The road is not always easy but the burden is light if you give it to the Lord . Keep the faith.

I believe the stories. Why would people just lie for no reason. The bible talks about Angels all through the book. There are Angels. I believe I have a guardian Angel. Renee

Sometimes I get the distinct feeling that people write these stories just for the notoriety or money or just as a fictional exercise. For example, in 'Mortgage Miracle Angel,' she was being foreclosed on, and she found 2 months' worth of money. This covered 2 months, yet at the end of the story, she is saying she still has no job, but she is in her home and squeaking by. Now, where is the extra money coming from to pay for the mortgage? She didn't have it before.

I do believe in miracles, but this story doesn't make sense at the end. In my world, things do not always have the happy endings I see on here.

Stories like these happen, Oona. God loves us. He may not always "fix" our problems because he knows what is best for us but he never leaves us alone. He is there for us and he will ease our burdens if it is his will.

My dad left my mom after 31 years of marriage. She was devasted and she moved into her mother's home (her mother was now in a rest home). She had never paid the bills throughout marriage and never held a full time job the whole time I was growing up and her health was really bad at this time. She had Ruematoid Athritis and did not deal well with change. The stress she was going through aggrevated her RA and my mom was in a lot of pain. One day mom was sitting on the couch crying trying to figure out how to pay all her bills. She was about $200 short on money and she knew that none of us children had any extra either. She felt depressed and alone. She prayed to God to help her figure out how to survive this new life and how to pay her bills.

My mom had a built-in cupboard with drawers on the bottom in the hallway. I guess she had left the bottom drawer partially open and her cat climbed into the drawer and then behind it. My mom was aggrevated because her cat could not get out. She pulled the drawer out to get the cat out but he was way back behind. She stuck her hand back behind the drawer area to reach the cat and felt an envelope. Inside the envelope she found $200. My Grandpa used to hide cash in that house. Coincidence? I think not. This cat has never done something like this before (My mom had similar drawers at her previous house that were left open before) or after. This money did not sustain her forever. It paid her bills that month. She found other ways to earn money for her future bills but it proved to her that God is mindful of our needs and her faith grew. Miracles happen everyday. Sometimes they are small and sometimes they are more apparent.