God's Cure for Weariness

Stay spiritually and physically energized with these techniques drawn from the Bible.

By Elizabeth Peale Allen, Pawling, New York


Weariness isn’t something new. It’s been around as long as work and frustration, as long as difficulty and daylight. Jesus, more than 2,000 years ago, said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

But weariness is more than simply being tired. It’s a lethargy that worms its way into our souls. We become worn down in a way that isn’t eradicated by the usual prescription of rest and recreating. It’s more than something physical. It’s spiritual. Where does weariness come from? What can we do about it?

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Staying focused on our faith and on what God asks us to do is the best prevention for weariness. Here are some simple precautions that help us along the way:

1. Don’t do unnecessary things.
Focus your heart on doing what God puts right in front of you today before you pay attention to anything else on your to-do list. His work doesn’t have to be outwardly grand or glorious; it may be something very simple (and easy to overlook). “Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain” (1 Corinthians 15:58).

2. Stay connected.
We are made for companionship and community, and living in isolation is tiring to the soul. If no one is reaching out to you, take the initiative and reach out to others! For “whoever refreshes others will be refreshed” (Proverbs 11:25).

3. Confess your sins regularly.
“Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord” (Acts 3:19). If God can be worn down by our trespasses, so can we! Carrying around a guilt-laden soul is sure to weary us.

4. Seek revitalization instead of numbness.
When we’re tired, the easiest course of action is often to do something mindless. But it is the Lord who “refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake” (Psalm 23:3). Turning to Him works far better than turning on the television.

5. Know what brings you joy.
When we are weary, we often cannot even remember what lifts our hearts. Keep a list of your blessings handy, to help you re-focus on what really matters.

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I ask for your prayers and blessings over the family of my friend, Jennie Huff. Both of her parents are elderly and extremely ill. Her father is being treated by Hospice and here mother has been in and out of the hospital as well. She is repeatedly trying to fight of infections and symptoms that doctors could not find for weeks and she is very frail and possibly giving up. Jennie and her other siblings are all working full-time and, of course, taking time off and spending as much time as possible to care for and be present with her folks. Jennie is a single woman and does not have anyone at home to fall back on. She has physical issues of her own and the stress is putting her health at risk. I know you will pray for Jennie and her family, to ease their hardships and provide understanding and some sort of renewal in their days as they walk through this very difficult time. Thank you so much and God Bless You, too. :-0

My prayers go out to Jennie and her family. Please remember that God is in control at all times and he watches over each and everyone of us. He has his arms wrapped around Jennie and her family as we speak. Just continue to lean on him and trust him. Faith will guide you through.

Thank you for that word! Its a blessing & inspiring.

I will put my hope, trust,and faith in God who is my help. I am dependent on Him only.

Thank you for those words of encouragement May God continue to Bless you

Your articles are uplifting and inspiring, to me. I also, appreciate your kind prayers, at times when I really needed them. I have come so much closer to God, because of your prayers and faith in God. Thank you, sincerely, Claudia Murch