Learn to Let Go and Let God

Rely on the incredibly hard prayer that Jesus prayed.

By Elizabeth Peale Allen, Pawling, New York


The Bible is the perfect place to turn when you are going through rough times. “Cast your cares on the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous be shaken” (Psalm 55:22). These are true promises, with the seeds of inner peace hidden in them.

But it’s easy to misread these passages to mean that God is a magic problem-solver, a genie whose main job is to make us happy today. It’s easy to assume that casting our troubles on God means He will take our troubles away. Sometimes, though, He doesn’t.

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I love the phrase “Let go and let God” because it sounds so simple. But there are times when we aren’t clear what it is we’re supposed to let go of. And there are other times we want to let go, we try to let go—and it just doesn’t happen. Why?

Sometimes there’s a difference in what we want to give up and what we need to release. We might be holding tightly to something we think of as good, like better health for a loved one or changed behavior in a wayward child. And though it’s never wrong to desire good things, there are times when we have to let go of what we think is best.

Other times we grip tightly to assumptions about the way life “should” be. We think things ought to be easier or being a parent shouldn’t be so hard. We fight what we’re being asked to do—effectively resisting taking up our cross (Matthew 16:24) the way Jesus commanded. Sometimes what we must give up are our preconceived notions of how life is supposed to work.

But in every case, what “Let go and let God” comes down to is this: We need to let go of our own will. We must claim as our own the incredibly hard prayer that Jesus prayed: “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but Yours be done” (Luke 22:42). We need to let go and let God do what God wills. This submission will lead to peace and joy, even when the way is difficult. “Father, I place my life in Your hands!” (Luke 23:46).

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Thanks for the answer I was looking for . Everytime I would go in get prayer and God would speak to me through somebody he would tell me to stop. trying to things on my own when I thought I already. gave him the situation it. really. had. me confused. thanks again.

How does a nonbeliever who wants something to believe in learn faith in something like God? I have recently been through hell and back and I am so confused. I need help. I am lost on where to turn.

Wow...nobody answered you...let me try.

My journey started when I read , "Seek and you will find." Life is a product of what we search for, isn't it? Seek to learn the Word, Seek good teachers, pray for faith, protection, wisdom and discernment.

A very comprehensive, well written article.

Im gng thru spiritual warefare & Im so angry & tired of fighting I just want to die. Im tired.

I have had a difficult time letting go someone emotionally.It is affecting my life my health my ability to work steady. I need to learn How to let go & let God but I dont know how. Please help me.

I really could use some prayer. My faith is shaken and I'm struggling with some things in my life. At times I feel as if God just does not care about my problem.

I read your comment and tears came to my eyes. We all have been there and will be there again. Remember, he will never leave you nor forsake you. It's hard to remember when we are struggling. Read Psalms 27:1-2; this helped me ladt year when I was losing my grandma and has helped me since. Also Philipians 4:13.

I will be praying for. Praying that you get through this struggle and that you have peace. He loves you! Another verse that really helps me in struggles is Proverbs 3:5.

I know EXACLY how you feel. I was in the same situation, going through things and I was so close of giving up. I just wanted to die literally !! But tonight was the finale straw for me! I know Jesus and God is real !! So therefore I KNOW they have NOT forgotten about me nor turn away from me. Everything I was going through, every worry I had, I just gave it to Them and I feel GREAT!!! I know satan is going to test me and tempt me. He wants us to feel like crap, he wants up to think God and Jesus has giving up on us - don't give into it!!!! Stay strong! Pray! Read your Bible! Go to Jesus and God hard!! They hear you! It WILL get better!!

I was suffering and having problems from the sins I was committing and believe it or not, it was all a Blessing. Because of my wrong doings, it brought me back to Jesus and God.

I don't know what problems you may be going through, but please stay close to Jesus and God. Your faith is there, what little you have of it, hold on to it. Just keep Praying, AND GIVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS to Jesus and God. I will pray for you. Jesus Peace Be With You.

At times lately I feel the same way too- but he didn't forget about us. This dark tunnel we're in is for a purpose . And the purpose is to draw us closer to him. Only thing we believers need to do is let go and let god, preserve and stay in his word. And when we arrive from the tunnel and hard times, well be stronger in GOD and rich in wisdom. Just hold on, I know I am- I'm worst off on my own.

God gave me a song about this when I was deep in an addiction. Over and over God said, "Dan let go and let me handle this but I was determined to manage my life all to no avail. It was only when I surrendered to Him that my life was saved. I would be honored to share the song with you.

Danny I would love for you to share the song.

I realized after reading all your encouraging words I want to say thank you I realize with my own ability I have no control however God has the power to change minds and hearts please keep me and my family in prayer I'm going through a process and situation I realize only God can turn it around for my good and ultimately he get all the glory !!!

Please help me

Went to church Thursday had a horrible week angry alone , resentment I was told to leave my pass God has something new and better for me. I am trying, I won't give up. I know God is good

I've been told by a couple of prophetess that I should let go and let God. To be honest, I don't know what to let go of and I'm so confused. I've cried and prayed, prayed and cried, I'm seeking God in very solum way and he's said to me that I must trust Him whole heartedly. Truth be told, I trust Him, but in the mean time all hell is breaking loose in my home, my finances, my marriage. It seems that everything that could go wrong, is, and I stand on His word and promises, but in the process I feel so alone

God is right there with you. Remeber that you are more than a conqueror. Pray before you do anything and let Gods will be done. I believe that the Lord will lead you in the pathway of righteousness and make his way plan. Don't do what you think, but do as the Holy Spirit dictates to you. I am certainly praying that God will do exceeding abudantly above all you can ask and think in your life. Remember Jeremiah 29:11

What has changed in Denise's life since March? I hope it was a good outcome.

I need to learn what to let go. Husband had a stroke, feb 10. he was working. I have a sick children, now him, bills are on top of me. 6 months pregnant. sale avon, marykay. i just dont know where to start. What i know how to do i can not. I can't do it, I'm tired. lord needs to take the lead, I just dont know what or where to start. Or how to let him, I'm so scared, nothing going my way. No one came to garage sale, no one came type fundraiser. So i just dont know. help me lord. please.

Be a prisoner of Hope in Jesus. He will answer you. You will see. God Bless.

be patient & keep fighting. i'm praying for you. he hears you he sees you.

The phrase, "Let go and let God" literally saved my life over a decade ago when a complete stranger said that to me when I was contemplating suicide. I will never forget the INSTANT feeling of crushing, black weight lifted off me and the light that exploded within me. I will never forget that moment when I was born again. Leslie James said he was a single dad and restaurant chef. He needs to add "guardian angel" to his resume.

Fast forward to last week. I've been dealing with a bunch of issues that were getting me down and caused a major fight w/my husband. I saw a bumper sticker that said "Stop worrying, God is in control." Man, I needed to see that! Indeed He is.


Finally it dawns on me what "Let go. Let God. " actually means. Thy will be done!!!! That last paragraph spoke volumes to me.

I really didnt understand the passage until reading this. Thanks. I really nd to read this today.

Thank you LORD for this message. Please rekindle in me the spirit of forgiveness and the will to let go and surrender to your will.