Make Your Dreams Come True

Bible verses and tips to help you achieve your goals.

By Elizabeth Peale Allen, Pawling, New York


The Bible is filled with stories of people who knew how to get things done.  If Noah had never finished building the ark, if Moses had not rescued his people from oppression, if Joseph and Samuel and David and Solomon and Isaiah and Paul and all the other heroes of the Bible and of history had not been true to their visions, where would you and I be?

Now is the day to begin moving in the direction of your dreams! Here are four ways to accomplish your goals.

1. Prepare
To learn how to do what you most want to do, begin by looking at one of the first stories Jesus told, in Matthew 13:3-9; 18-23. This parable about the seed-sower contrasts hard, stony or weed-filled soil with “good ground,” tilled and ready for good results. As every gardener knows, the best seed cannot do well unless the soil is prepared. Prepare for accomplishment by focusing on exactly what you want to do, asking God for His help, and developing a positive attitude.  Each one of us has unique abilities.  “Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us,” as Romans 12:6 tells us, “let us use them.”  Identify your gifts, set goals for them, and use them.

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2. Clear Away The Obstacles
Just as a farmer has to clear away stones and weeds before he can plant, so we, too, need to remove the obstructions that keep us from reaching our objectives. Whether it’s lack of priorities, perfectionism, trying to do too much, messy surroundings, inability to say no, fatigue and lack of exercise, interruptions—whatever! Pray about how to eliminate (or spend less time on) whatever keeps you from achieving your goals.

3. Plant the Seed Deep
Picture exactly what you want to do.  Write out your objective and how you plan to reach it.  Say aloud to yourself every morning, “With the help of God, I will _____________.”

4. Nourish Your Dream
Preparation and planting, in gardening and in life, are futile without cultivation and nourishment.  Once you have settled on a new plan of accomplishment, put it into practice immediately. Then, continue it every day for at least 30 days without interruption. Your dream will become a blessed reality when you put it in the hands of God, let Him work through you, and allow His presence to nourish your soul. “Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9).

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Can You please publish ny testiony to encourage other readers?
When someone is involved in a car accident and there is loss of the ability to walk, provide for and take care of one’s self, the enemy will always be standing by to bring tremendous fear, insecurity, doubt and unbelief into the picture On August 24, 2011, I met with a motor car accident while coming back from work. I have serious injury to my spine (L1 & L2 vertebras) and am currently recuperating after the surgery that was done at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Fairfax, I had settled in my heart what I really believed about God’s faithfulness and promises before this accident happened. I had seen God’s provision in my life so many times before. I knew that I would be in His constant care. By trusting and applying my faith in the past, and seeing Him always come through, I knew I could believe Him for an incredible healing now When I arrived at the hospital, the doctor first thought I was paralyzed, Praise the Lord.
When I checked out of the hospital, I left to walker to walk and then to no walker at all. The first night I came home from leaving the hospital, I knew God was there.. I will never forget 4 person from this church caring for me. I came home from the hospital. It came from choosing to believe God’s spoken word. I put action with what I believed about His faithfulness. I chose to believe His Word was true. It took persevering and many attempts to get up with my brace, but when I did get up with God’s help, I began to move the right side of my body with the help right arm. The amount of effort it took to move my body forward was incredible but I began to praise God with my right arm and with my left hand renounce the devil. I remember the intensity of the warfare that I dealt with as I tried to walk. The further I got from the bed, the more I began to tire, and then I turned to try and get back to the bed. But when I came to an end of all my own strength, Later that night I sat on the side of my bed trying to get up on the walker. I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Walk, I am with you.”
What was interesting was that the pain would leave in one area of my body and show up again somewhere else. The enemy lost the battle with pain in my back but pain would then show up in my hip a few days later. But I began to notice that I was making the devil mad because I had figured out his game plan. The enemy was just testing me to see if he could gain access in another way. Would I believe the lie?
I had a four week battle to fight out before I won. I had given place to the lie. Now I had to outlast the devil and renounce my own words which lined up with Satan’s kingdom, not God’s! Perseverance and determination to stand and believe God’s word was true brought the victory. I got out of bed one morning pain free. Thank You, Jesus.
I hope God also miraculously will pay my hospital bills through the insurance company there is hope and God will never leave us and show Himself strong in our life. Our part is to believe that and trust Him. As we allow Him, He will show us how to line up your thought, will, actions and words with the Word of God

I will forever be grateful for every prayer because I know God spared my life. I can never thank Him enough for allowing me to live and walk again and without being in a wheel chair, without pain, and to be a part of all the wonderful things that He is doing. I praise God for His precious people and the hearts of everyone who blessed me so incredibly much through their prayers, love and support.

Luke Podiyan

very enlightning