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Bird Angels

Recent Bird Angels Stories

An artist's rendering of an angel holding gourds filled with purple martins

The birds returned every year to the gourds he'd made for them, easing his pain and strengthening his faith.

by Tim Skelton
, Northport, Alabama

An artist's rendering of an angel on the rooftop of a house

They'd already had to spring for three new roofs in four years, and another Oklahoma hailstorm was bearing down on them.

by Dewayne Parish
, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Wanda Rosseland at the wheel of a tractor

On the farm, a baby bird had an important lesson to teach about long days and hard work. 

by Wanda Rosseland
, Circle, Montana

Katie Bailey Randolph and her husband, Pete

An oversized bird's persistent attention made her feel that she was being sent a message.

by Katie Bailey Randolph
, Rockwood, Tennessee

An artist's rendering of a pair of evening grosbeaks on a window sill

How would her father feel about someone new at her mother's side? A pair of winged creatures brought the answer.

by Celin Wood
, Painted Post, New York

An artist's rendering of a baby bird bathing in a small ceramic dish

Squirt was always there to lift her spirits.

by Linda Wagner
, St. Peters, Missouri

An artist's rendering of a young man bending down to a red-winged blackbird

From walks in the woods to the busy streets of Manhattan, birds intrigued his late mother. Him, too.

by Marcus M. Silverman
, New York, New York

An artist's rendering of Ann's bird messengers

Waiting for a sign that her departed mother was at peace, she received a flock of them.

by Ann Heuer
, Lewiston, New York

An artist's rendering of an young angel in a birdhouse

Mother’s Day was always bittersweet for her, but new and unlikely family members eased her burden.

by Brenda Young
, Defiance, Ohio

An artist's rendering of a cardinal perched on a snow-covered birdbath

Her husband had always talked to cardinals. Was he talking to her now from the afterlife through a persistent red bird?

by Dorothy Crawford
, Houston, Texas

Jeff Guidry nuzzles Freedom the eagle

A man, a bird and the faith that healed them both.

by Jeff Guidry
, Monroe, Washington

Jennifer's painting of a cardinal, with a pink ribbon in its beak

A cancer survivor's angelic bird paintings become an expression of gratitude for all of the angels in her life.

by Jennifer Collins
, Malvern, Ohio

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