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George Washington gives props to God for Fourth of July.
Lunch-Break Miracles

The Father of the Fourth of July?

According to George Washington's first inaugural address, we have God to thank for America’s birthday!

If you're waking up to a stress-filled day, praise God first thing!
Family Grace

Stop Stress with Praise

When you wake up, do you immediately stress over your long to-do list? Here's how to make worry relinquish its hold.

Military families and Independence Day
While They Serve

Independence Day for Military Families

The Fourth of July represents real sacrifices from real people in the military community.

How to stay husband and wife for life.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

10 Ways to Stay Husband and Wife for Life

What's better than a young married couple in the first blush of love? An old married couple still in love!

Independence Day fireworks memorial for mom
Mysterious Ways

An Odd Fourth of July Farewell

Her mother had a dying wish—to blast off with the fireworks on Independence Day.

Earl Smith, author of Death Row Chaplain
Life, Faith & Prayer

A Death Row Chaplain Speaks on Grace and Mercy

As a young man, Chaplain Earl Smith, was lost in gangs, drugs and crime until he chose God. 

God and man and time.

Man and God and 'Leap Second'

We all survived "leap second" this week. What did you do with your extra second?

a woman holds her face in her hands in grief
Mysterious Ways

Can You Forgive A Murderer?

After a brutal crime, one grieving mom found healing in forgiveness, not revenge.


A grandfather's encouragement.
All About Angels

A Grandfather's Encouragement

"Gramps" was a tireless promoter of all six of his grandchildren–even if it required a letter to the school principal.

Feeling blue? How to reclaim your happiness so you can get back to serving God.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

9 Ways to Reclaim Your Happiness

It's difficult to do God's work when we're feeling discouraged. Here's how to regain a positive outlook.

A military mom struggles with God's will.
While They Serve

A Military Mom Struggles with God's Will

When my son was assigned to Korea, for the life of me, I couldn't pray for God's will to be done.