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Devotional time. Thinkstock.
Deadlines, Grocery Lines, Laugh Lines

Misplaced Priorities

Whatever has your affection will get your attentionevery time. Is yours on God?

Prom couple. Photo from 123RF(r).
Today's Girls--Today's Parents

Prom Night Too Expensive?

Here's how to give your teen daughter a magical prom night without going into debt.

A chocolate bunny in the grass. Thinkstock.
Pawprints on My Heart

Make Mine Chocolate

Before you consider picking up a real live bunny for Easter, know what rabbits require.

La Ferté-Bernard (France) - Gothic church interior, stained glass window. Thinkstock.
A Thousand Ways to Pray

Pray the Stations of the Cross

An ancient spiritual practice helps us walk with Jesus, to identify with His sufferings on the way to Calvary.

Calvary reflected in the pupil of an eye. Shutterstock.
Life, Faith & Prayer

Good Friday: The Message of the Cross

For me, the cross expresses the power of an amazing love. The cross of death became the gift of life!

Shells on the beach. Photo by Diana Aydin.
Lunch-Break Miracles

What Does a Miracle Look Like?

Big or small, each one is a masterpiece. In one photo, share your idea of a miracle with us!

Soldier leaving home. Thinkstock.
While They Serve

Tips to Defuse Deployment Resentment

The last thing you want to do with the stress of separation is to ignore it. 

Hands waving palms. Thinkstock.
A Thousand Ways to Pray

Pray with Palms

Does your church celebrate with palms on Palm Sunday? Here's how to wave them in prayer!

Pink Muhly grass. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.
He Created It All

Our Anchor

Pink Muhly grass covered in dew draws inspiration for focusing on God.

Tender shoots of spring. Shutterstock.
Life, Faith & Prayer

Everyday Wonders

Our spirit is renewed with hope as we consider God’s awesome handiwork.

Gauze and scissors.
Family Grace

Help for the Wounded

He binds and bandages the brokenness of my spirit. He stitches the seams of my soul.