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Photo of a crown by ivan_7316, Thinkstock.
Deadlines, Grocery Lines, Laugh Lines

You Are Royalty

It doesn't matter what you do or where you were born. God's Word has handed you a crown.

Slices of bread. Photo by Michael Jay, Thinkstock.
Seeds of Devotion

Daily Bread

 I have to wrestle to accept that God’s idea of “just enough” may not be the same as mine. 

Lost and found photo by Mr. Incredible, Thinkstock.
All About Angels

How to Become an Angel

When a purse goes missing, it's found by an angel in just about the nick of time...

Jesse Thyne as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guinea, West Africa, 1998. Photo courtesy Patrick Thyne.
On the Journey

Prayers for the Loss of a Child

How one man painfully grapples with tragedy when God's grace seems to be missing.

Jellybeans. Photo from from 123RF(r).
Today's Girls--Today's Parents

One Jellybean

The gap between loneliness and friendship can be closed by something very small.


Storm and sun
Life with a Southern Grandmother

A Visible Answer to Prayer

A miraculous change in the weather during a missionary visit to Costa Rica

Orchid photo by Judy Royal Glenn
He Created It All

A Beautiful Ending

A husband helps his wife change a destroyed gift into something lovely.

Take a lunchtime examen.
A Thousand Ways to Pray

Take a Lunchtime Examen

A 500-year-old tradition of prayer goes online to offer a quick Lenten retreat

Soldiers in Afghanistan
While They Serve

8 Things I Wish I'd Done Before Deployment

How military families can get the support and help they need while their loved one is away

Shawnelle's grandmother
Family Grace

3 Ways to Raise a Faith-Filled Family

Remembering a grandmother's wisdom and her love for the Lord

Toddler at the grocery store sad face
Deadlines, Grocery Lines, Laugh Lines

Controlling Your Expectations

Are your defenses up? Maybe it's time to take them down.

Family feet.
Today's Girls--Today's Parents

Bumps in the Road

Don't worry. God is going to do great things in your life despite the challenges.