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Peggy's dogs waiting by the door. God will always be there for us.
Pawprints on My Heart

God Will Never Leave Us

When we are feeling alone and lost, we can always turn to him, and he is there.

Holding the Bible as a source of protection and comfort.
While They Serve

Sword of the Spirit–My Weapon of Choice

We use the Bible for comfort and instruction, but it's meant to be so much more.

He Created It All

Watch and Pray

Will you be ready when God presents the perfect opportunity?

An artist's rendering of an angel with wings made of rose petals
All About Angels

Angels on Earth Spreads Its Wings

Heavenly, earthly, inspirational–we've got angels galore on our Pinterest page gallery

Sharing the power of prayer.
Life, Faith & Prayer

Why Pray with Others?

Collective prayer can give us added support to get through difficult times.

Take care of your pets on vacation.
Pawprints on My Heart

Going on Vacation? What About the Pets?

Whether you're boarding, hiring a sitter or taking them with you, make sure they get the best of care.

A quiet place to listen to God.
Family Grace

A Listening Place

God gave us one mouth and two ears. Should we listen twice as much as we speak?

Isolated soldier.

My Enemy, My Brother

In this inspiring story, two men pay war's heavy price but also find redemption.

Soldier salutes fallen soldiers in a cemetery on Memorial Day
While They Serve

Memorial Day Remembrances

My thoughts and prayers turn to those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice and the families they’ve left behind.

A wedding ring for a long marriage.
On the Journey

The Wedding Band Prayer

Rings aren’t eternal, love is.

Caregiving hands.
Deadlines, Grocery Lines, Laugh Lines

Living Love as a Caregiver

Three pieces of advice from a family whose roles changed overnight.