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Glowworm cave. Pallavi Jallan/Waitomo Glowworm Cave, New Zealand.
Lunch-Break Miracles

Caves that Glow

I’m mesmerized by how God touches every little corner of the world with beauty and light. 

Earth at sunrise. Photo: Thinkstock.
A Thousand Ways to Pray

Pray Your Way Around the World

With the help of your computer or smartphone, pray your way around the world, every day,

Military boots. Photo: Thinkstock.
While They Serve

Boot Camp Experiences

As we trust Him through trials, as we endure them with Him, He will change us.

Michéal and Elvis. Photo courtesy Michéal Castaldo.

Touched by a Dog

Millie works her magic in leading a once-scared human to a dog of his own.

Peggy's son measuring the family Dalmation.
Pawprints on My Heart

A Kid's Best Friend

Connecting with pets can help children become more nurturing and compassionate

Cupcake on a scale. Photo: Thinkstock.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

Cupcakes and Bathing Suits

One of the best reasons to lose weight and get fit? So you can serve God.

A spring shoot. Shutterstock.
Life, Faith & Prayer

Don’t Quit…Just Start Over

Learn the value of persevering with renewed purpose.

Muddy baseball field. Photo: Thinkstock.
Family Grace

Perimeter of Praise

Raking away the debris of winter offers up the opportunity to praise the Lord.

Hibachi. Photo: Thinkstock.
Mysterious Ways

Reconnected by Held-Up Hibachi

We waited too long for our dinner. For a good reason, it turned out.

Teens in class. Photo: 123RF(r)
Today's Girls--Today's Parents

Struggling Grades

Do your teen's grades need improving? Here's how to teach her good study habits.

Spring blooms in the city. Photo by Elizabeth Lorris Ritter.
Seeds of Devotion

A Blessing for Everything

Anything that brings us joy deserves a prayer.