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Lillian Yonally, WWII pilot

Honoring Lillian Yonally, WWII Pilot

This brave woman who never gives up encourages other women to do the same.

Military family reunites. Photo by Fuse, Thinkstock.
While They Serve

Adjusting After a Long Separation

For military families, deployment requires preparation. But so does reuniting.

Letters of the alphabet. Marina Mariya, Thinkstock.
A Thousand Ways to Pray

26 New Ways to Pray

Use the letters of the alphabet to generate new prayers by praising your way from A to Z.

Goose posing in the snow. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.
He Created It All

God Waits for Us

Are we willing to move closer to Himnot further away?

Shawnelle and Gabriel
Family Grace

Filled by His Word

Drained by fear and worry, a mother is replenished by early morning Scripture.

Winter sunset. Photo by psynovec, Thinkstock.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

God’s Fingerprints in the Snow

The beauty, silence, stillness, perfection and disruption of God's glistening masterpiece

Buford the guinea pig, surrounded by his favorite salad. Photo by Dawn Miklich.
Pawprints on My Heart

A Different Kind of Shelter Pet

Pet adoption is not just about cats and dogs. Even guinea pigs need to find their "furever" homes.

Sculptor. Photo by Beautiful Day, Shutterstock.
Life, Faith & Prayer

Tapping into Our God-Given Potential

If we believe in ourselves half as much God believes in us, we can do amazing things with our lives.

Photo of a crown by ivan_7316, Thinkstock.
Deadlines, Grocery Lines, Laugh Lines

You Are Royalty

It doesn't matter what you do or where you were born. God's Word has handed you a crown.

Slices of bread. Photo by Michael Jay, Thinkstock.
Seeds of Devotion

Daily Bread

 I have to wrestle to accept that God’s idea of “just enough” may not be the same as mine. 

Lost and found photo by Mr. Incredible, Thinkstock.
All About Angels

How to Become an Angel

When a purse goes missing, it's found by an angel in just about the nick of time...