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All About Angels
By Colleen Hughes

July 2011

  • Saying Goodbye to an Angel Friend

    I’ve been in denial all week over losing our Angels on Earth editorial assistant, Marcus Silverman. Well, we didn’t really lose him. He’s moving from our magazine into the Guideposts Books area of the business.

    The good news is, one of his very first projects will be a special Angels on Earth compilation. He promises we’ll have a meeting about it soon. How do you like that? Now Marcus gets to call me to a meeting!

  • Daily Inspiration from Angels

    I just got a glimpse of the Angels on Earth Daily Planner 2012. It’s everything you want in a date book.

    Well, it’s everything I want in a date book, that’s for sure. Space to write in appointments (like my teenage daughter’s constant orthodontia appointments) and dates I can’t afford to forget (like magazine deadlines).

  • An Angel Who Lifted My Spirits

    I got back to work on Monday this week feeling overwhelmed with deadlines. I logged into my computer. The last thing I felt like doing was dealing with the big block of unopened emails staring me boldly (literally) in the face. If I didn’t get to my real work, no one else would.

    I answered a couple of business questions, heard from a reader-turned-friend, then clicked to open an image sent by a coworker. Not that I had time to wait for it to download! I turned to my desk to multitask while I waited and glanced over my shoulder at the screen. Here’s what I saw:

Colleen Hughes is the editor-in-chief of Angels on Earth. She's been at Guideposts for 20 plus years, and lives in a Hudson River town with her two daughters and two cats.