All About Angels
By Colleen Hughes

Angels, Angels Everywhere!

Today’s guest-blogger is Angels on Earth editorial assistant Kelly P. Gallagher.

Wow! I can’t believe that it has been three months since I began my job at Angels on Earth. I notice Angels everywhere now: in a gold pin on my brother’s motorcycle jacket, in a pattern on my cat’s face—I even find myself constantly looking up information on angels while surfing the Web. I just can’t get enough true angel stories!

During a recent search, I stumbled upon Amazing Angel Stories, where I read about how one contributor turned a run-down rental property into an angel art gallery.

Another writes about how a visit from an angel after her mother’s death brought her comfort and peace. The site also features angel paintings and angel-related videos. What a good find!

The person who runs the site is based in Australia, and I am in New York, but it feels as though we are on the same page. People everywhere are experiencing firsthand the beauty that angels bring to their lives through guidance, healing or a simple reminder of heaven’s everlasting love.

Amazing Angel Stories might be based across the world, but to heavenly angels, distance is meaningless! Angels are there for you—no matter where you are. Everyone has an angel story. I’m sure of it!

Colleen Hughes is the editor-in-chief of Angels on Earth. She's been at Guideposts for 20 plus years, and lives in a Hudson River town with her two daughters and two cats.

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I love this Colleen! Great work you're manifesting with true results. Your experiences confirms truth. The angels have been chattering like crazy that 2012 is not the year of destruction but of rebirth ~ one that will include more and more real Angel experiences.

I'm a practicing Special Angelist, one that hears and audio records the voices of Angels. I hope you receive this comment so that you can come visit my blog and hear the audio recordings I have posted there. You will be awed, indeed.

Angels Abound!
Mia DiDio

Special Angelist and Messenger to the Angels at

I clicked on your link "amazing angel stories". This link is misguiding and not a Christian link. The author speaks of Clairvoyants. This is against what the Bible teaches against seeking out false prophets and fortune tellers.

Hi Colleen,
Thank you for all the interesting stories printed in the Angels On Earth magazine. I read it then pass it on to my friend. I am just wondering how long it can take for a story to be printed in the Angels On Earth magazine. On 9/11/2009, I submitted a story "My Father's Guardian" and I have never received any type of acknowledgement that your publishers ever received it. I understand that you receive many submitted articles daily and cannot print all of them. I would just like to know if it was ever received.
Thank you for checking into this for me.
God Bless You, Sharon

I forgot to mention that my story "My Father's Guardian" was also resubmitted on 12/5/2011. Each time it was submitted to:
Thanks again, Sharon Wuollett