Angels Watching Over Us
By Joan Anderson

Goosebumps from God

I have a theory that you won’t find in the Bible. I think that goosebumps come from God. 

Think about it. We rely mainly on our intellects as we navigate our way through life, largely ignoring the mystical, the unexplainable. Then comes a special and unexpected happening—a baby’s coo, an extraordinary piece of music or touching story, and our bodies react independent of the intellect: chills, tears, a lump in the throat, or goosebumps. 

Maybe in these moments God is bypassing our brains and going straight to our hearts, saying, “Pay attention. This is where you find Me.”  

Have you experienced the hair standing up on your arms? Or unexpected tears? How did you perceive it? What other kinds of signs do you think God sends?

Author and lecturer Joan Wester Anderson was born in Evanston, Illinois. She began her writing career in 1973 with family humor articles and was a monthly columnist for two national magazines during the 1980s. Among her 16 books is Where Angels Walk, which was on the New York Times best-seller list for over a year. Her newest book is Angelic Tails: True Stories of Heavenly Canine Companions (Loyola Press).

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By far the best explanation of goose bumps. When I open my mouth, the HOLY SPIRIT takes over. Thanks and GOD Bless You.

Today while talking to a young man, he was a customer at the hardware store where I work, we started talking about the Christian radio station that was on, and I got goosebumps, and when I told him, he said, he did to. We continued talking, he invited me to his church, and we did it again, we both got goosebumps at the exact same time. My hair was standing up on my arms like never before. I knew it was the holy spirit, such an amazing feeling! God is good, all the time. Peace.

All I have to say Is my life was hell before I meet god he has the most kindest arms a son could ever feel pain and love Is very real god doesn't never leave you so if you down in the dumps pray harder !!! P.s god love us all he gave his only son for our sins so keep that in mind ....

I just realized those feelings were God a few years ago. I always thought I was a sap and would cry even happy tears watching a happy story. They are like little brain shivers. All of a sudden you are on sensory overload. Then one day I had a thought these experiences were God talking to me. So the next time it happened I talked back, I told him I love him and the feelings just got more intense. I felt such peace and satisfaction afterward I am convinced I finally her God. They aren't words or instructions, demands or reprimands. I don't have answers to life's questions when It's over. Just comfort and reassurance. Glad to read this and to find someone else agrees with my theory. If you are waiting for a burning bush you are missing out.

i love jesus so much. i have truely felt his love with me more and more. i cry get goosebumps feel so happy fast heartbeat. i love u my beautiful father my life belongs to u

So, i have been hitting rock bottom so much lately.. like suicide feelings.
I have been praying for help.
recently i have heard 3 random voices calling my name, and random gooosbumps in my head and leg.

He found me.

I just seen your post and it made my heart happy to see you had a breakthrough with God. I hope you are still moving forward with him. Recently we had a young man commit suicide here in my small town. It broke my heart to hear. He thought he was so alone after his dad passed so he went home and shot himself. If only he could see that half the town was mourning his actions. If only he had known God, he would not have felt so much pain. God loves us so much and at any given moment, he is ready to take our pain away. I sit here and say this as I have learned for myself. I was once suicidal myself. Full of anguish, anger, & whatever other emotions the devil cast at me. Here I stand now, a new Christian and God has decided to use me...ME of all the people in the world, ministry. It has been a battle though. But one I would totally go through again.i cant say fight because he carried me through them. I was just there to learn. I pray you are doing well and even though I have never met you, I can say, you will always be loved. God bless you. ♡

I always get chills when I talk about Jesus in a conversation with family and friends or sometimes when I just sit still and think about God and everytime they come over me I just thank Him cause its a blessing to even encounter His presents and its a good feeling just to know that God is near :-)

For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear." 2 Timothy 4:3 (NIV)

...many people this Christmas season talking about the 'chills up their spine,' and the 'hair standing up on their arms,' the 'tears in their eyes'....our feelings are not what it's about, in fact, little of it has anything to do with us.

The verse you used is not relevant, KH. Jesus said you will know someone is a false teacher if they deny me, not if they believe God can cause a physical reaction in their body.

I was talking to a friend whom i love very much and asked about God. He had asked me if i would still love him the same if he ever decided to stop believing.. i immidietly started crying. I told him that the bible says to love one another as God has loved us even the sinners. Yet i did not know how to answer that question.. i also hadbeen struggling with myself bc somehow no matter how i tried not to ain and be a better person for Christ, i kept messing up. i had the Pandora Phil Whickam station on and Jesus Paid It All came on and while thinking of why it hurt to bad to think that anyone who i love is turning from God, the line "jesus paid it all, all to him i owe. Sin had left a crimson stain he washed it white as snow." I repeated this to myself and i immidietly got goosebumps.. i needed a little nudge saying "hey. Its going to be okay. Have faith in me and everything will be alright."

I always feel goosebumps in my body when i sing or hear god songs.. i was start crying not much but my tears are fill with full of water, On that time i can't say anything to anyone. Definitely that thing either GOD is giving you power strength or the GOD is feeling you that "I AM WITH YOU" just feel me.... WOW superb experience at that time... :)

I also have been getting goosebumps ever since I started searching for God and it continues throughout even now after I got saved. I have always wondered why it happened this way although I knew it had to be God. But now from reading all your replies, I know that other people have experienced the same. It happens when I think of Him from the bottom of my heart with all my feelings or am so deeply trying to convince someone of Him or the like.

When I first started going to church when I was younger I didn't use to get "goose bumps"but now I do as I delight myself and Read HIS Wonderful word of promises every time I read I memorize a Scripture and I apply it unto my life people may call it chills,goose bumps,etc but I know for a fact it is the Holy Spirit living and dwelling on the inside of me each and everday ......I have always believed in the Father and the Son I have had dreams of Angels ,seeing JESUS,Flying,etc and I can Honestly say that I am not ASHAMED of them or there Words which is words of Truth and not error "every word of GOD is pure he is a shield unto them that put there Trust in HIM"(Proverbs 30:5) keep putting your Trust in HIM and not man because nobody can do the things that GOD can do.....

So true.. and the best thing about this is How we, who hear and feel God connect, just like pieces of pauzzle confirming His voice which speaks through us.

I get goosebumps when I sing sometimes and I feel it is the right song God wants me to sing, because I get goosebumps on my arms and chills all through me.A friend of mine said it is the witness of the Holy Spirit. I also feel goosebumps when I am talking to someone in my heart who has passed away that was, and still is, very dear to me. I tell them I can "feel" them, and more times than I can count, it will bring tears.

Yes you are right ,All off you guys are right.

I m a Muslim , and Quran tells real bealivers get goosebumps from God,
and when ever they witness a sing of God or when they hear the verses from God they start crying and they put their head down infront of God.

Joan, love your article. Have to laugh because I call goose-bumps, God-bumps! Guess we are on the same page.


I know for sure that my goosebumps are of God. When I started to do His will and forget my own, they continually flow through me as waves wash over the shore. His love is eternal, everlasting and sincere. He will let you know He is thinking of you when you think of Him. I do not "believe"...I "know". By this fact I will follow my Lord all the days of my life!


Wow Aaron, I feel like you stole those words from my mouth! I had always "believed" I was getting goosebumps from God.....and THEN, i completely surrendered to Him and started being obedient, and now, not only do I hear from him SO CLEARLY, but I get goosebumps EVERY time! ....and now, I "know" they are from God! It's funny because whenever I am in conversation about Him, I always say, I don't just "believe" in Him and all He is and does, but I "KNOW" Him and I know all that He is!!!! I am so blessed to "know" him and nobody can ever take that away from me! God bless you! Your sister in Christ -Debbie

I recently started getting goosebumps, and not just a few, but quite often, after I started becoming aware of signs from God and looking for those signs and going back to church. I never used to get goosebumps. Now I get goosebumps all the time.

I think God sends the holy spirit to us in the form of a person, an instinct, coincidence, vision, dream, or sometimes - even quite literally he will wake us up somehow. He has knocked on my bedroom door at 7am when I prayed to be woken up then - on 2 separate occasions. The first time I was so startled I bolted upright out of bed. The second time I feel back asleep then felt a gentle rapping on my chest - again, 3 taps just like on the door. Not angry, but strong knocks.

Another compelling sign from God came in the form of a coincidence: The first time I ever witnessed was in a shoe store. I felt a strong urge to tell a young, somewhat sad and lonely shoe salesman about church as a place to go to meet people. Talking to people 'about this stuff' was decidedly something I did not usually do. At the end of our pleasant chat, I asked him his name, and to my astonishment he had the exact same name as my brother whose first name and last name together form a rare combo!

I call those "ghost bumps" in the Holy Ghost flowing thru me..

For Joan Anderson on "Goosebumps from God"
The scripture that comes to mind for this article is
Job 4:15


I get goosebumps when a thought of inspiration comes to me out of the blue such as "Don't forget to enjoy life" or "Relax". Also, if I am sharing something inspirational with someone else, especially about angels, I may get them. There is no doubt in my mind that I, and all of us, have angels guiding us in unfolding our truest nature, the God within us all. I never get goosebumps when I am talking about the letter of the law or religious doctrine.