Angels Watching Over Us
By Joan Anderson

A Butterfly’s Beauty

Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder

On these leisurely days, we all see butterflies frequently. But these beautiful little beings have a special significance. They are a Christian symbol for rebirth. An American Indian once explained to me that in her heritage, butterflies and birds were considered to be messengers from the spirit world. Here are a few clues that butterflies might be angels in disguise:

Joe was dying from cancer. In an attempt to give him a change of scene, his wife pushed his wheelchair out into their backyard. As soon as she went back into the house, her husband called her to "come and look!" Sitting on his shoulder was a huge blue butterfly. Another hovered around his face, as if conducting a conversation. Thrilled, the woman came outside again but in a few seconds the butterflies flew away. From that point on they visited every day but only if the man was alone in his chair. On the day of his funeral, the butterflies stopped in the yard for a moment or two, fluttered off and were never seen again.

Recently Janet wrote to tell me that ever since her mother died, white butterflies seem to stop at her house. “One always comes to the same place, a bush in front of a window,” she says.

Later Janet discovered butterfly sightings could have many meanings. When she received an honor last year, she decided to wear yellow since it’s the color of victory. “When I stepped outside that day, a huge yellow butterfly flew right to me, swooped over my head and fluttered away.”

One of my favorite stories involves a woman who believed that a butterfly would one day bring her a message. Once she asked God about a choice of schools for her handicapped child: Should she enroll him in a new facility, or let him stay where he was? That evening, as she and her family sat in the living room, everyone heard a tapping sound outside and looked to see a large brown butterfly hovering at the window. Immediately the woman knew the answer to her question. “It was doubly amazing,” she later explained, “because it was January, and the outside temperature was below freezing.”

Not every little sign is heavenly inspired. But we should take time to notice what is around us. As Janet says, “I am grateful and give God the glory for showing his love to me and my children this way.”

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Author and lecturer Joan Wester Anderson was born in Evanston, Illinois. She began her writing career in 1973 with family humor articles and was a monthly columnist for two national magazines during the 1980s. Among her 16 books is Where Angels Walk, which was on the New York Times best-seller list for over a year. Her newest book is Angelic Tails: True Stories of Heavenly Canine Companions (Loyola Press).

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I so believe this is god gift and it's a angel.i lost my mother 13 years ago and lately for the past 3-4 years I always see a white butterfly wondering around my house or when my daughters are outside playing I have a feeling that my mother watching over us . constantly I been seeing it and I always seem to talk to it and say mom I know it's u, you haven't left my side and I'm bless god works mysterious ways cause she's always around. I get goosebumps and I tell my girls that's grandma. .

I would like to tell you a little story of an event that happened to myself and my husband today.....Today is my husbands birthday his father passed away a year ago they were inceperable. My husband always likes to take drives to toppers lake here in Oklahoma because that's where his father was baptized at the boat dock in a wheelchair because he was disabeled. When we started on the road a big beautiful butterfly landed on my windshield of my car on the passenger side where he was sitting and it stayed there until we got all the way down to the wather where his dad was baptized I took pictures of it all along the way and it just stayed there but when we stopped at the water it flew away....Today is my Husbands birthday and I just felt that butterfly was telling him his father was looking over him and he was right there with us I had goosbumps all over and I just said Thank you....Amen

I had a white butterfly fly into my home late at night after I opened the door. I am trying to figure out the significance behind this. I have never even seen a butterfly at night, not ever!

one or more Red Admiral butterflies have literally been showing up between 7:15 -9pm every clear, sunny evening from June 9th (anniversary birthday of my deceased sister) to late July for yes, four summers straight now in our back yard (2011-2014)....ALways flitting to and fro...soaring and swooping, often lighting on our shoulders, stomachs, backs, on patio furniture, grass, fronds, flowers, and the like. This is truly a phenomenon that defies the imagination! These sensitive "friends" stay for literally :45 or more and sometimes remain until the sun goes down, even if we return to the house. They are faithful beyond belief!

I was between 19 and 20 when my boyfriend died of an asthma attack. We were drinking in the park across the street from his house that night after the funeral. This was in November. I wore a big beautiful red natural or afro, & this was somewhere between 11 p.m. And 1 a.m. A monarch butterfly lit in my hair and stayed there two or three times that night- it was cool & there was dew on the grass and it was a beach community I'll never forget it. Even now I will stop sometimes & thank him for the butterfly.

Thank you the stories lifted my spirit I was very depressed saw a small beautiful orange dark beautiful

3-23-2014...My daughter always did my moms taxes..well my mom died June 22,2013..last night 3-22 my daughter prepared my moms last tax form..all her finances my daughter got squared away for me.This morning in her laundry room was a beautful black- n- gold butterfly strange we said ..when I went to leave it was sleeping still in laundry room..I believe my mom was thanking her grandaughter for helping with her last tax form...just my opinion

My husband is very sensitive to the spiritual world and in freezing temps a black butterfly spent the whole day with him? It upset him alittle what would you think the significance of that color would mean??

Back in August, I took my driving theory test. My nephew gave me a lift to the test centre which was in town. Although I had studied hard for 14 months and was confident that I'd pass, I was extremely nervous in the run up to the day, and started feeling doubtful. When we parked up and we both got out the car, my nephew came round to my side of the car. As we quickly chatted, a white butterfly flew over and fluttered about in between us then flew away. Needless to say I passed the test!

My husband passed away with cancer in March -2012. I went to look my mail and noticed 4 butterflies in the driveway (3 Yellow And 1 black)The yellow ones flew up and circled around my head and the black one circled my body at waist height about 6 times--then it came up and got right in front of my face and fluttered for at least a minute--then they all flew off.I had goose bumps all over my body!!

Hi! It has happenened all week at work,there is just myself and my colleugue in the office and a butterfly brown and orange colour flew in the window fluttered about and left through the door? Yesterday the butterfly flew the door and then left by the door! Looks like the same butterfly! Wouls you know what that means please?

On 08/ 02/2013 that's my aunts funeral there were three yellow black stripe butterfly they were just sitting on me and flying around but they were just purposely sitting on me.i knew it had a meaning but I never knew what.please reply if u have more info of this

On May 18, 2012, my mother passed from cancer. The day of her death we all took a moment to go outside so a visitor could have personal time with her. There were monarch butterflies everywhere around the house. It was very spiritual although we had no understanding of the meaning of butterflies at that time. There was also a very large( the largest I had ever seen) dragonfly that clung to the screen if the room my mother was resting in the same day. Later that night she passed away and there was no doubt that they were there for a reason. My entire home is decorated with butterflies and dragonflies now representing my mother. I never found such beauty and pleasure in these creatures as I do now. Stopping and taking notice of our surroundings beyond our sight can and will change you as long as you take the time to see the spirituality that constantly is around us.

Ever since my dad passed away 25 years ago my mom has always told us our dad was a monarch butterfly. She said when he had passed and as he was put into the ground there was a monarch butterfly flying around us. For many years I didn't believe but as I started opening my eyes to things I notice one flying by when I am having hard times, and believe to this day a monarch butterfly is my dad. :)

In January there was a beautiful yellow butterfly inside our home between the window n the blind across from where my husband sat, that butterfly let me catch it n I showed it to my husband we were both surprise cuz it was in January.But the butterfly died n on 16of Febuary my left in the arms of the lord, do u think it was a.sign?

@ Honestly:

"If the concept was explained to you by an American-Indian woman, how does this make butterflies a CHRISTIAN symbol? Get OVER yourselves."

I don't know how you could judge someones experience like that. A Native American man helped me to rediscover my faith about 15 years ago. And I see butterflies as my confirmation that God is with me, because they show up in miraculous ways. And since God, created them, who am I to turn my nose up to God, if he is trying to reach me.

Can you imagine if Moses had turned his nose up to a burning bush, because of a comment like that from someone like you? What if someone told Moses or Noah to get over themselves. No wonder people are lost and not interested in the the wonder of God.

Thank you agree with you

Dear Joan,

This may sound like a bizzare email I am sending, but everything has happened I have stated, and after reading your website, I hope you may be able to help me.

I wonder if you can help me, I will keep this as brief as possible but it absolutely astounds me, and I have only known about Angels for the past year or so.
Ok in the winter of 2011 I was urged to go downstairs in my house, it was late at night and freezing cold. I wanted to check the front door was locked. There in the area of the door was a beautiful red admiral butterfly! In the winter, just floating about, then it just seemed to disappear after a while under the stairs, never saw it again.

I did find this strange but just didn’t take too much notice. Then when I got into work, I was sitting at a desk, when I looked down and saw a big white feather on my lap!!

That’s when I started looking on the internet to see what this could be, spirits I thought? But it wasn’t long before I saw ‘Angel signs’ so I stated taking notice from then on.
I seemed to have times align on clocks, feathers falling from the sky when I asked for them into my palm even once, small white feathers in my hair and no end of songs with Angels in them playing.

Well fast forward some months, I met this woman under very strange circumstances, I later found out this was called fate, how we met.

Anyway, my situation is difficult, I am married and have been for almost 16 years, most of the time we get along, there was some severe arguments in the past, but over the past few years we got along, maybe we don’t go away anymore because that seems to be difficult as my wife doesn’t like it, I do. But I just try and leave it, the physical side died of about 8 years ago, and we just put energy into maybe things like well just the average things really.

I met this woman 16 months ago, all I can say is it was under circumstances that you couldn’t make up, we were meant to meet. Then after a while we got to know each other and then we started to text and all the numbers would align, times I mean. Songs would play for us all the time that were like meant for our situation. Then we would discuss holidays we would love to go on, and then people would stand behind us and talk about the exact places. It was unbelievable, even vehicles would pull in front of us and they would have ‘Angel’ on the sides, or huge ‘X’s in the sky would appear when we talked about Angels.

So remembering my situation, we was driving back from a holiday and I got lost, I ended up a country road and came across a place called Angel Walk, then turned into a pub called the Angel. The only car in the car park was wedding car, which seemed to disappear as soon as we walked in the pub. Taken aback so much we sat in the pub, and scratched in the old wooden seat was like faces looking at us, and one of our names.
We felt truly enlightened, because we were actually thinking about splitting up at this point because of the situation, and this just lifted us and we carried on.
Fast forward 3 months, and we were sitting at a outdoor cafe, when a white feather just drifted of the roof of a building, floated gently down and came across to our feet. It gave us shivers.
On the way back, we asked for a sign if we should be together, and almost immediately a big red old fashioned Double Decker bus passed on the opposite side of the motorway, with a white wedding ribbon on it. Then as we turned off into a country lane it passed us again, but how it was coming at us from down this country road we couldn’t work out and we got Goosebumps over us. I asked if this was a message that we should marry, and within about 1 minute we came across a wedding!!

I asked out loud was this a sign from Angels, or spirit? And further down the road a big bill board said ‘LOOK’ and then we came across a road sign that said ‘Angel Walk’ then Michael Angel Building. This was breathtaking, but that’s not all.

Further down the road I could turn left or right looking for a parking area, I decided left, and just down the road a Jewellers called ‘John Angel’ was right beside the car park. We just had to go in there, and the sales woman walked up to Lorraine and simply said, your size J. And we was the only people in the shop, also a small Angel with wings was sparkling in the window.
We had to go in and sit down in a café to actually ask ourselves, is this real.
Anyway, we started using the Ouija board a while ago, and have only ever spoken to friendly spirits, and had positive experiences with it. But we have got on a couple of occasions ‘a Michael’ who takes the planchete to the Angel picture on the board.
He said to me this: I don’t listen to us, be true full, you should be together. And other spirits have said exactly the same thing, and even a lot more. But they said I must sort my morals out, and be honest and true.
Now as much as this would sound ridicules to the average person, but these signs I/we have got. I know how direct and precise they feel, and my question is this, if you were me, would you act on them? We nearly split again, me and the woman I met, but again, something brought us together and the Angel signs are still there when we ask, but the Ouija was very exact.

I look forward to your help in this important matter to me, please can you help.

Kind Regards

Andrew Laird

Hi Andrew,
Please do not act on these feelings your having. I've been through a similar situation but I can tell you that the ouija board is not something you should be playing with. This game is from the under world. Your opening the doors from a spirit realm that's not from our Heavenly Father. Please trust me on this. God would never bless a new relationship when your currently married and he would never ever sends signs for you to be with someone else. Satan has always tried to send me these signs to leave my husband for the same reasons as yours. I acted on it and this man ended up being evil. He came as an angel but it was not from God. Trust me and just remember satan wants us living in sin.

Thank you very much for this reply... I remember what Jesus said about fidelity, and how in God's eyes, even divorcing and remarrying is a grave sin not too much different from adultery. So Andrew's post was confusing and disturbing as I read it... but I had the feeling that it almost sounds like magic or witchcraft, rather than something miraculous... these coincidences don't have the dignity and peaceful reassurance that are conveyed by other stories about signs from God. I guess the only true touchstone when we are in front of things out of the ordinary is to pray to God and Christ, rather than just randomly to the invisible...

Quite simply yes!

September 5 2010 our twins passed from this life, i was devistated as any father would be. My pastors wife was walking in the cemetary one day and noticed two butterflies on my boy's grave. She called and told me that they represented angels and she believed that my twins sent them. The other day i was working on side of a busy highway when two yellow butterflies starting circling me and would not stop. I thought to myself my babies are wathcing over daddy, about that time a car came so close to me speeding that i could feel the wind off of it. One step would have seriously injured me or worse! I do believe that these small creatures represent such a mighty presence

My father in law passed away Sunday morning and today for some reason I didn't want to be inside I just wanted to be out n usually I am a major inside person bt where I was sitting at today there were lil tiny white butterflies all around the first was a group of 3 together I love butterflies so this was really cool for me. My mom called Me n I told her n she told me that there were angles flying around me n thht the lil butterflies were a gd sign n they were prolly there to comfort me n if they were just randomly flying around that's ok too cuz I enjoyed watching them all day

i am 2 years free from a particular substance today – on the 26/7/11 – a butterfly flew into our office, this was my first birthday and sure I thought it was strange – today the same thing happened – I now know this is not a coincidence – never have I seen a butterfly in my office in over 5 years – except from the date 26/7 – thank you god for my life today

If the concept was explained to you by an American-Indian woman, how does this make butterflies a CHRISTIAN symbol? Get OVER yourselves.

If you come here to hate you shouldn't be on it 'cuz god is sending these beautiful creatures to comfort and help us through hard times.

Joan, God used one of your earlier books to reaffirm my faith, to remind me that He is still at work in this world, to draw my attention to His sending angels in answer to prayer needs, etc. I cannot remember the name of the book but know that God guided both of us, you to write it and me to purchase and read it.

I have read other angel stories which God has also used to reawaken my heart.
I do believe that there are angels all around us and that sometimes we miss out on being aware of them, because we are so busy "doing" what we have asked God to DO for us.

Be Blessed in the Lord.

Sarah D

new Submitted by joanwanderson on July 22, 2010 - 15:22. Sarah, that is probably the loveliest thing you could ever tell an author, that something she wrote helped you draw closer to God. You might want to check my website:, and sign up to receive a new angel story every other week. All the angel books are also posted there so perhaps you can find the one that made a difference for you. Thanks again!