Angels Watching Over Us
By Joan Anderson

Dimes from Heaven

We’ve all heard the song “Pennies from Heaven,” and several years ago, I wrote a story about people who were receiving pennies out of the blue—mostly lying on streets or in the bottom of their purses, but also in more random places. 

One young soldier was sent to Iraq shortly after his father died, and while there, he found pennies all over the place. This was especially unusual because he was living in a desert, and few people carried coins. The soldier felt the pennies were a signal from his father that the older man was watching over him. He returned home safely.

After the story appeared, I received several responses from people who wanted me to know that pennies were passé—they were receiving dimes! “Dylan, a good friend of mine drowned on a camping trip,” a teenager wrote. “Months later, a few of us started receiving dimes in odd places. None of us had ever heard about dimes from heaven.”

One evening the teens got together simply to talk about Dylan. After they went home, each found several dimes in odd places. “I think it’s his way of letting us know that he is safe and happy,” says one teen. “Every time I find a dime now, I have a sense of peace.”

“Just after my grandmother died, I started finding dimes in the oddest places,” says Susan. “I knew they were from her.” Susan has found dimes on the fireplace, in a stove under the burner, even arranged in little stacks. When her family moved to a new house, Susan opened the empty front closet door and saw a dime sitting in the corner. “I usually find dimes when I am having a troublesome time,” she says. “Then I am reminded of my grandma and I know that everything will be okay.”

Susan has started saving the dimes, and shares the stories with friends who often start to find their own dimes. To her the dimes are a special witness that there is life after death.

“Since my son passed away on January 6th, 2010, my family has been finding dimes,” says a woman we’ll call Anne. “The latest find really confirmed my belief that the dimes are messages from heaven.”

Anne’s son was in the Army Reserves. Recently his four-year-old cousin Benji was at a county fair and visited the Army National Guard booth. The soldiers gave him an Army wallet, and the little boy was thrilled. “The next day, Benji came to show me his new wallet,” Anne says. “He opened the wallet and pulled out a dime! I asked him where he got the dime. He told me that he had found it behind the bed in his sister’s room.”

“This was the room that my son always slept in while visiting his cousins,” Anne says. “I know my son was looking down on us that day and winking.”

What could these stories mean? Is there any spiritual significance to them? Have you ever received coins and regarded them as messages? Post below!

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Author and lecturer Joan Wester Anderson was born in Evanston, Illinois. She began her writing career in 1973 with family humor articles and was a monthly columnist for two national magazines during the 1980s. Among her 16 books is Where Angels Walk, which was on the New York Times best-seller list for over a year. Her newest book is Angelic Tails: True Stories of Heavenly Canine Companions (Loyola Press).

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I am wondering if different coins have different meanings. About 4 years ago my family suddenly started finding quarters everywhere. I would vacuum a room and turn around and a quarter would be laying right where I just vacuumed. I would go to bed and quarters would be laying on top of my pillow or blankets. This happened so much to our family we collected over $100 in just a few months. It became so routine we have quarters laying everywhere. Just a couple of weeks ago it changed to dimes. In both cases we have had no one we no of pass way.

My dad said when he was dying does anyone have change for a dime? Because I have given my money while I was since then we have found dimes everywhere,even today three in a row on stable in a restaurant.thesevdimes where upside down,

I have been finding single dimes for years. The day my mother died I found three. I take pictures and place them in my wallet. I have found 18 so far this year in 2014.. Don't know what they mean.

I was handed my coffee at DD and it spilled on the counter. Lo and behold, a dime spilled out of my coffee unto the counter. I am going through hard times right now and I sure do pray it is a sign from God.

For the last week or so I have been finding dines everywhere. At first I just thought, oh a dime. Then I found a dime next to my jewelry. I never put change there. Then a few days later I had the desire to dust my mom's urn. What was sitting right next to it, a dime. This was strange because no one goes anywhere near the urn. We are trying to move back to my hometown where I own a home. We have to get jobs before we can move. I feel like it's mom telling me that everything will be ok and we can continue with our plans. I miss her very much. She died November 26th 2012.

Hi im jackie and this morning whilst visiting the bathroom a penny suddenly dropped from nowhere on the floor to the left side of me it was an old penny I didnt take too much notice I went back to my bedroom sat on edge of bed and another penny fell on my rightside out of nowhere this time it was a new.penny wat is the significance. Of this im confused I have been down of late not having a good time at work thinking of leaving and finding another job please can you possibly give me an insight into this

Over a year ago, I went to a prenatal appointment with my daughter. We went into the exam room, the nurse closed the curtain, I opened it when she left because the room was to small. The doctor came in opened the curtain and a wheat penny fell from the ceiling.We were stunned. I have been in the audience a few times seeing a psychic in hopes she would tell me where it came from. Last time I went, a few weeks ago I had the penny with me and said to my grandpa that passed when I was young that if it was from him to give me a sign. That evening I took out my garbage can and there was another wheat penny dated 1946. I told a few people and they made me doubt where it came from so again I asked grandpa for another sign. Just yesterday I took out my trash can again and low and behold, another 1946 wheat penny.I called my mom to see if 1946 meant anything and she said that's when grandma and grandpa got married.So I checked the date of the first penny that was dropped at the hospital, it was 1951. That was the date my uncle was born, my grandpas only son. My daughter gave birth to a boy. Its comforting to know my grandpa is my guardian angel.

I also finds dimes and i always wonder what do it mean it anything. I feel like it has to mean something because i find them to offen. I seem to fine at lease five or six dimes every month. I started finding them about eight years ago and i still find them every month. I once started saving them but ended up spinding them. I'm making an attemp to save them again maybe i'll see the reason why i come across them so often.

If anyone know the reason why these dimes always apairs, please feel free to contact me and let me know.

I started receiving dimes recently after loosing my job if 14 years. I believe it's my Angel guides
Sending me messages of live and light. I am blessed to
have such love and protection from my loved ones who
have transitioned

WOW I had no idea that others have been getting this also. I have been receiving dimes from heaven for nearly 20 years. My father passed away this week and I asked God for one just to know he was with me and then myself and two other family members received dimes at the same time in completely different places.

After my dad died my family was finding pennys everywhere but one day i was washing cloths and i found a penny on top of my washier,i made a remark out load and said,Daddy cant you ever leave me something more then a penny and i laughed and went down stairs, a few minutes pass and i went back up to tje wasj room and i went to open up my washer and on top of it wad a sliver lady head dime ,that was 8 years ago,now i carry a sliver change case with a baby picture of my daddy and his sister in it right along with that dime,well the other day i took the case out of my bag whicj i always carry amd open upy sliver case and another sliver lady head dime fall out and my other dime was also in my case ,chills went all over my body ,my daddy sent me another sliver lady head dime,which has wings on the lady head on the dime...i sure do muss my daddy ,but i know i will see him soon.

My grandpa Leo Layton prasek Sr,
Died on February 23rd 2014 at age 93 and the other
Day I had no pennies or no money anywhere in my room
No money in my bags no money in my bill foe and i didn't even
Drop no money that day. It was on Friday around 6:30pm and I was
Packing my bag to go home and as soon as I lifted up my bag right there
Underneath it right in the middle was a beautiful coin and really shiny. And it had
The picture of Abraham Lincoln on the front of it and at the back was a picture of a shield
Or constable badge at the back. And i picked it up and I said were did this come from
Cause I had no money anywhere all day that day. Until 6:30pm that day
And I thought awwwwww my grandpa sent me a penny. And I've never seen
Anything as beautiful as that penny. And I knew that that was my grandpa. And I
Had been playing our song all day don't worry by marty Robbins. And I knew that
My grandpa was with me. Then when I got home that night after I found the coin I
Looked. It up to see were it was from and it was made in Denver Colorado and my grandpa
Always went up to colorado to his cabin in Colorado and I was amazed. And that's when I knew
That my grandpa was with me. That was a blessing and amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️ I believe in heaven
Amen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

My ex boyfriend killed himself November 18, one month before my college graduation. My college graduation also fell on the anniversary of our first date (we had been broken up for two years before he killed himself) As I was putting on my graduation gown, I began getting sad thinking that J wasn't here to share in this day with and thoughts about our first day and I began to cry and started talking to him. I went to grab my cap from my nightstand, and as I was talking to J, I lifted my cap and underneath I found a dime. I smiled through tear eyes and my body filled with goosebumps. I had JUST cleaned my entire apartment because my family was coming to town so I know this dime wasn't there before.

The last time I received a dime from him I was in my hometown visiting my grandparents, I was also doing laundry and my papaw always leaves change in the washer. Before I began my load, I cleaned out ALL the change, there was NOTHING left in the washer. I spent the night with my grandparents and had one load of laundry left to toss in before I left Sunday. I planned on visiting j at the cemetery and I headed back to Kentucky on sunday. That night, I had a dream about j and woke up missing him terribly, i went downstairs to have a moment to myself and put my last load of laundry in and as i opened the washer, plain as day, there was a dime waiting for me and i knew it was him communicating with me.

Thank you J for all the signs you leave me. I'll always ache to see you again.

Who is looking after me if anyone, and has my life any changes?

My best friend passed away in June of 2012. Shortly after I began finding dimes in weird random places. Places I had just cleaned there would be one, or after thinking about him I'd find one. In March of 2013 I had another baby and named him after my grandfather who I had never met. Through the pendant I was miserable every day and just very unhappy, even though we had been trying to conceive for two years, he is the happiest baby I have ever met. I will change his sheets and go put him down for a nap only to find a dime directly in the center of his bed. I have found them at the bottom of his toy chest. My newest discovery was in his ball pit, which is his favorite toy, directly in the center of it. Weird thing is, change goes directly in change jar that's on top of the fridge. I vacuum daily, so I know that there isn't anything he can get into, or put in his mouth. Recently he's been playing in his room by himself and talks and sings and laughs by himself. I really believe he has a guardian angel that watches over him, but who, my friend, or grandfather? I honestly wish it's both because I know he is a very special, loved little boy.

A week ago I lost my beloved dog when a driver was going at least 20 miles over the speed limit on our quiet street. They never braked, never stopped and just kept going. Our dog never went into the street but did that terrible morning when the neighbor across the street went to get her mail. I tried to get him but couldn't reach him in time; I was told by the neighbor that I was almost hit but had to jump out of the way at the last second(although I have no memory of this since it all happened so fast). I was just a few feet away and helplessly watched as he was taken from me in such a horrific way. He died instantly. I have been blaming myself and replaying it over and over in my head about what I could have done differently. I haven't had an appetite and haven't been able to sleep. I miss him and I feel like this is all my fault. Since he passed I have received a couple signs. The first one was the roses that were left on my desk by co-workers on a Friday. I was unable to come into work the remainder of the week so they stayed on my desk over the weekend. I came into work that Monday to beautiful roses, another co-worker said they were more beautiful on that day than they were on Friday when they were brought in. The next day I noticed there wasn't a drop of water in the vase nor was there anything indicating there was water that had dried up. From what I hear, roses die pretty quickly without water but they were in full bloom all day. I believe the roses were a sign that he was in heaven and was ok. Today I'm still heartbroken and I went to straighten a rug and heard a noise so I lifted up the corner and found a dime. I remember reading that loved ones will send messages through coins and I have to believe that this was another sign from my beloved dog letting me know he's in heaven and is ok.

My 21 yr old son Trevor passed away in a car wreck Feb. 14, 2014. I have had many signs from him. I had never heard about the dimes until about week after his passing. I have started collecting them I have 30 pennies and 14 dimes so far. One day about 10 days after he passed I found a penny and a dime side by side in 5 different places I went to wake up his younger brother and on both sides of his bed perfectly lined up was a penny and a dime. About 5 minutes later I found the same in the windowsill of my kitchen window. That day I went to my husbands office I had walked outside to talk on the phone when I sat down on the curb there was a dime and penny side by side. I had44 cents in my pocket and it was not even 10 am. I was weirded out I got up and walked around the parking lot. Seconds later I found 5 pennies it looked
Like they had been thrown in a circle on the ground. My exes girlfriend was on her way to my youngest baseball game & was talking about how lucky Trevor was and abt once when he found 100 dollars on the ground. She pulls into get gas and gets out to pump gas when she looked down there lay a $10 bill. It had not been 5 minutes since she was talking about 100 bill story. I found ladybugs in my house, at the scene of the accident I went to the homeowners door to try to speak with them as I stood on the porch looking down I noticed my sons last name engraved in several bricks. I later searched the internet and found a brick co. It was called the TT Cole brick company. My sons nickname was TTcole his initials are tjc but he was always called TTcole since he was very young. I could go on. I know these are all signs from heaven. Miss him everyday but I know he is letting me know he is ok

On March 14,2014 one month from Trevor's passing I had found 47 pennies and 29 dimes. Trevor would of been 22 years old on 4-7 April 7th He was born 4-7-92. I believe this to be a huge sign or is it a coincidence 29 dimes reverse 29 is 92. Miss him so much.

First off, so sorry to hear about your son. I loved this story though. I honestly believe they come to us to tell us they are okay and they love us. To keep pushing forward and that it's okay to grieve and miss them. Hugs to you momma. Just remember to smile when you find that dime, because he's watching you!

My grandma passed away in 2009. last year(2013) we were preparing to move from Colorado to Oregon, and for a few months started experiencing unexplainable things around the house. I assured my daughter that everything was fine, and that it was probably Granny. She said right THEN...that if it WAS Granny, she wanted a money :)We didn't give it much thought, but not long after, we started finding dimes in the oddest places--drawers,cigarette lighter holder in the car, in the yard, out on walks,laundry mats,bottom of my clothes hamper,till at work was over or short for a few days(by a dime)emptying out pockets, and the only thing that falls will be a dime,etc....I know in my heart that it's Granny. I miss her so much, but feel her with me daily

My adult daughter was killed in an auto accident in April of 2006. In her memory I'd planted a garden to attract butterflies. On the one month mark of the accident I found six dimes laying on the red cedar mulch. My birthday followed a few months later and she was the one that always remembered and called. I was particularly down that day and was walking in the parking lot at work, no purse on me, no pockets in my dress and I heard coins drop on the asphalt. Several dimes lay at my feet. Over the course of these last eight (nearly 8) years I couldn't even begin to tell you how many dimes I've found. In the dryer when pulling out a load of sheets, in between a page of a book, on the ground, in my bed, in a place where it wasn't minutes before. I always acknowledge my daughter when I receive them and they never fail to put a smile on my face. My other daughter finds them as well. I've kept every single one I've ever found and keep them in a silver angle box beside my bed. I've probably collected 400 or so....been a while since I've counted them. A good & dear friend of mine, who also happens to be a psychic as well as an ordained minister assured me they are from her and that her message is that she's sorry, loves me and knows I miss her.

I have found dimes for 9 years since my sisters passing, some in plain sight some in unusual places. The strangest thing happen to me about two weeks ago, my legs had been bothering me itching for two weeks, this is out of the norm for me. I was worried something may be wrong, I woke up the next morning with two dimes placed at my feet in perfect sync with one another, and my legs have not bothered me since then. I believe with all my heart my sister had something to do with this.

Thank you so much..I♡ when I get dimes from my angel. Thought I was crazy for awhile, when my son whom was an identical twin died, due to twin to twin syndrome. I felt so guily, then started finding dimes in the strangest places. I still do when I feel hopeless. Then when I do find them I know everything will be just fine. Thank you xo

Two weeks after my grandma passed away i started finding dimes at random all the time and always had the feeling to pick them up but thought nothing about it at first so i spent them. When i started to realize how strange it was that i only ever found dimes never any other coins i started to save them in the candy dish i got when she passed. It started to get to be a daily thing and was sometimes finding more then one a day so i told my fiancé about it and that i thought it had to mean something and thought it was my grandma as i had a strong feeling it was and at first he laughed and said it means your 10 cents richer. I decided to google it and found so many people that were finding them too and so much spiritual meaning to it about the after life and spirit guides are trying to send u a message so i knew it was my grandma. When we went to a festival with 80 000 people and i found 12 dimes randomly he got weirded out and started to believe. It became a big thing around here then out of the blue i stopped finding them, didn't find any for about two weeks and it bothered me a bit but took it as i must have gotten the message she was sending me. Two weeks later my fiancé passed away. The day after i was crying and needed to feel him around me and was desperate for a sign from him and said to my best friend "why won't he just leave me a dime cause he knew what they meant to me." 5 mins later we walk into the garage to look for something and the first drew in his toolbox I opened there was a dime sitting in the middle of the drew and all the tools were away from it. I knew right then this is real and now I'm finding them everywhere again and other major obvious signs from him all the time.

As a child I would "borrow" dimes from my father's silver coin collection. He died when I turned 13 before I had a chance to apologize to him for stealing from him. As an adult I wrote him an Amends Letter and buried it on his grave. A few years later, I began finding dimes. I take this as a sign that he forgives me and still loves me. I get so excited every time I find one. It is very comforting to me. I have found over 100 to date. :)

I started finding dimes in odd place around the first of Sept 2013. For about a week and a half I just kept finding them. I'd pull into a parking spot, open my door and spot a dime. Or in my garage, even at a concert in SF I went to, and so on. I mentioned it to my wife after finding the third dime in just a few days and she said maybe it means something. After finding at least a half dozen dimes in a short period, my wife came to me and said "look what I found". It was a picture of me sitting on my moms lap dated June 1961, I was 6 months old. The fact that I had never seen this picture blew my mind. My mother passed away last October so the dates aren't real significant, but it has been 11 months and maybe she's sending me a sign that her and my dad are happily together again...

When my mom was alive, she collected dimes. We all saved them for her so that she could fill up a little blue piggy bank. After we filled the first one, we continued with the habit until she had 6 banks full of only dimes. The original bank, when full, weighed 4 and 1/2 pounds; quite a bit to hold in one hand. She never counted, never emptied, only collected.

My mom passed away in April, and now we find her dimes everywhere. I found one the first day we went to a lawyer about her estate,.. could've been anywhere,.. but it was just outside the back driver's side passenger door where I was. My husband found one inside a roll of duct tape, my sister got one in the mail the day of mom's funeral. They make us pause and wonder., perhaps Mom saved all those dimes because she knew we would need the reassurance that could only come from her. Little signs from Mom to say that she loves us.

Now I save dimes too, I save the dimes that Mom sends to me.

It all was sincerely innocwnt, my daughter died Dec 2011. I found my first dime in a bag she had. No biggie, the 2 nd dime I found outside a Carrabbas and was first nite out since she had died. One dime by itself. The third dime I found in a round box she had also just one dime, by itself. The story gets longer I found my 22nd Dime today. By itself, no other change. I found one on the living room floor under a table. By itself also. One dime stuck in my crack of my seat in my car. I never use my pockets for change. Only my wallet. I never found dimes or change I dont keep looking. They pop up and to my acknowledge most of them my boyfriend, superisingly thinks they are spirit brought. Crazy true. I took pictures of some so no one could doubt this. I am stunned but, now admit, it has to be angels of my daughter dropping these for me maybe to keep my spirits up. I believe, and I swear, pinky swear, I have found 22 dimes as of today. I have saved each one. I will be buried with them. From heaven to Earth. Or viceversa. Thanks for letting me share this.

Dimes have been a sign in my family from loved ones that have passed for a couple years now. For the most part the dimes are patterned as opposed to finding one, there would be multiple and in straight lines. It first started when my uncle passed away. My mother went downstairs to do laundry and she found a half circle of dimes in the middle of the floor. Meanwhile upstairs my father found another half circle of dimes outside the bedroom. After my father's passing two weeks ago they started appearing again. One of the first occurrences was three dimes in a straight line on my brothers bed. Originally he didn't think anything of it until he went to put on his shoes and there were three dimes in each of his shoes. My boyfriend then slept over a couple nights later and found one dime in each of his shoes the next morning. Another occurrence happened while my grandparents were out to dinner. They came home to find four dimes in a straight line on BOTH sides of their bed.

On Oct. 3, 2013 it will be 2 years since my husband passed suddenly. One day my daughter Sara brought it to my attention that her dad left her a dime. Since then I started to notice I was finding dimes in the oddest places. My confirmation came shortly after I started to find the dimes. I checked into a hotel for a family funtion out of town. After I checked into my room I unpacked my things. I wanted to shower before dinner. So I went and got the shower ready, laid down the rubber mat, proceeded to shower. As I was rinsing the shampoo from my hair. I looked down and there was a dime in the shower with me. From that day forward I never doubted my husband is still with our family and I save those dimes. I have over 60 dimes to date. I keep them in a special place. I miss him terriibly, but the dimes give me comfort.

Hello my son Patrick recently passed away he was 27 years old. I have had a lot of signs like the red cardinal bird , finding pennies and most recently dimes 3 In one day. I even had a neighbor that lives 2 streets over from me come looking for me to let me know that my son Patrick came to her after they found him. I believe in signs from Heaven my son was proof he told her that he was depressed and said to her look at me know and he threw his hands up in the air and said look how happy I am he also said please tell my mom and dad but especially my mom that I'm ok. She said to pat if you want me to give your mom this message you need to drop her in my lap. Patrick did just that when she was walking with her husband she found me and while she was telling me what Patrick had asked her to tell me the little red cardinal bird was signing so loud and beautifully in the tree. Thank you for letting me share my story God bless who ever reads this.

So to you, my story of dimes turns to amazingly reading yours about the red cardinal, i have not one, but two now who have come stayed and must have nested outside my window, the male flys and smashes directly into the window and does this day after day. Months have passed and he found a female who flys around and he chases her. Never had cardinals until the year my daughter died, she was first to see him and used to say she thought he was going to die flying into the window. I hope her spirits in the little female who came this year. My daughter was 27 Allison.

My mother, in whom was the foundation of our family, passed away 4 years ago on March 26, 2009. We are not a superstitious family, but believe in Jesus and that He died on the cross for our sins and rose again. My mother knew she was going to Heaven because she had accepted Christ as her Saviour.....just this past year, a few months from my mother's 4 years of passing, I found a was at a place where my youngest daughter Barrel raced (Rodeo), and where both my parents, her biggest fans, went alot to watch her...I was telling one of my daughter's friends, who had just purchased my daughter's Barrel Horse, that my husband and I had just found 2 dimes, separately, on the same day and that I had found pennies before, but never dimes...the next day we ALL started finding dimes...just 1 dime at a time! In vehicles, in the mall, the laundromat, on the rug of a house that was rented temporarily for 5 days by the ocean...even my 15 mo.old granddaughter had a dime in her hand! I was just telling my cousin about all that had been happening when we were at the Rodeo grounds and as I was telling the story, I found a dime! I went home after rodeoing in that State and for some reason looked up "finding dimes" on the internet....this website from Guideposts popped up and I read story after story of loved ones passing and the family members finding dimes....We are still finding dimes...even people that I tell the story to...I even prayed after reading this the first time that if this was from the Lord, let me find a dime right away...the next morning I found 1 dime in our driveway! I've even found a dime in the bottom of our Bathroom drawer, in the bottom of a purse at a garage mother-in-law even found a roll of dimes in her garage...(she was close to my mother) thing I remembered my mother saying when she was dying was "I just don't want anyone to forget me" (here on earth), and I asked her how she could even say that! I feel like God is sending dimes to us in remembrance of her, but also how God thinks of us and loves us and is with us all the time! Right now my daughter has a dime sitting on her sidewalk in front of her home for over a month now and she leaves it there to remember.....

After my grandmother died in 2010, I started finding dimes in the strangest places, like in parking lots and stores and things like that. Its like, every time I think about her, I always find a dime. Sometimes its like I just looked at that particular spot, then looked away, and then it appeared out of nowhere. I always jot it down in my planner whenever I find one. And I always say "Thank you, Ba" to my grandmother for sending them to me. It feels like she is with me when I find that dime, and its a peaceful feeling knowing that is she looking out for me from Heaven.

I was walking down the street yesterday day thinking about how sad I was being alone in life and having to get CT scans the next day to determine if my cancer was still in remission. A dime rolled out of nowhere on the side walk a few feet in front of me. I heard it drop first like metal which caught my attention before I saw it rolling. It came from the side of the crosswalk where there was nothing. I stopped and picked it up and immediately thought it was a message from heaven. I have no idea what the message is (being alone, or cancer tests) other than my thoughts were being noted by an angel or some higher power.

This is my first experience but it was definitely divine.

I have been receiving dimes from my late grandmother. When I was in a troubled relationship the dimes were always heads up. Now that I've gotten out of the relationship the dimes are tails up. Does anyone know what that could mean?

My Father passed away in Oct 2004. Both my Mother and I have been finding dimes on a regular basis ever since. I have found one after I wiped down a counter clean, turned around and when I turned back there was a dime in the middle of the counter I just wiped down. My Mother found one STANDING ON EDGE in her car, pulled out of the driveway, drove down the street, and IT NEVER FELL! I have found them in the middle of a bed I just made, in my dishwasher, next to my toothbrush, etc. For a couple years I only told a few select people (I didn't want them to think I was crazy), and then one day I was watching a show about weddings and a young lady was going to carry a little chest of dimes down the aisle instead/ or in addition to her bouquet. She said the dimes were from her deceased Father and she had been finding them for years. So this sparked my interest to look on the internet for more stories and to my amazement there were hundreds if not THOUSANDS of similar stories. I am so happy to know that I am not crazy and it is my affirmation that my Dad is still with me and looking over me. Every time I find a dime now (most recent last night in my dog's bed), I find happiness and peace to know my Dad is with me.

My mother passed away in November 2011. Shortly after her death I started finding dimes in the oddest places. It was then I remembered a friend of mine telling me that her grandfather was leaving her dimes after his passing. At the time I thought she was crazy. Now I believe there is truth to this. I find dimes in my hallway. I find dimes in my laundry. I find dimes in my driveway. There is never any other change, just dimes. I find peace and comfort knowing that my mother is still with me.

My dad passed in 2010. I just recently started finding dimes in the strangest places. One was in the grill outside, but was completely clean and shiny like new! I found one in the corner of the bathroom and then others just randomly throughout the house. My dad collected coins and it seems significant to me that he would send dimes. I miss him tremendously and these dimes remind me of him and give me peace.

My grandfather passed away in 1999 when I was just 8 years old. He had started a carnival family business when he was younger and charged 10 cents for each ride. When he died, the pastor at the funeral told my grandmother that dimes would have a significance in our family letting us know he was with us. My entire family finds them every where, sometimes 3 at a time in the most random places. I live in Austin Texas and was downtown on 6th street last night and in the middle of a crowded bar I looked down and saw one right at my feet. It's such a comforting sign and it makes all of us feel like we have our own little guardian angel.

I have always had dimes in my path. If not one sometimes two. In my car on the floor in my house every were I look down in the streets at the store. I hope this is a good sign. I thought about the saying pennies from heaven

2 days ago was the anniversary of my 15 month old son's death, which was under pretty horrific circumstances. Yesterday I was eating a prepackaged cookie and bit down on something was a dime...

Hello, I keep recieving a dime in random places at first I thought nothing of this dime, but each time I get rid of it it seem to appear again its been over 20times now so im thinking should I keep it? But nobody has died in my family? Does this mean it could be a cursing?

Did anyone answer your question ? Because I share your same story. Thanks.

My mother passed away on march 18th suddenly. My aunt has been finding pennies in the oddest places since my grandfather passed away 5 years ago and we (including my mom) used to think she was putting too much thought in to the whole finding pennies and thinking that they had meaning. Today is march 30th and my mother has been gone for 12 days. Tonight my aunt and grandmother went to a church that has 4000 seats to watch my sisters in the Easter play which is about the resurrection. After the play my aunt stands up and her seat folds up and there is a penny. Not just any penny but a penny that has been smashed and stamped in one of those machines that they have to take home souvenirs from places people vacation. My moms favorite place to go was Estes park in Colorado and watch the wild life which was repeated by everyone who got up at her funeral to say something and a picture on the table at the front of the church in a deer frame of my mom at Estes park. So the smashed penny said on one side "Estes park" and on the other side had a picture of a deer. If that is not a message I don't know what is!

I am enjoying reading everyone's stories! I have a few stories of my own. When I moved into a new apartment with my former boyfriend, we discovered it was haunted. He kept seeing a dark shadow all over the apartment and it would usually appear to him. We were a little concerned, so we visited a psychic down the street and she told us what we could do to rid the house of this spirit that was haunting the apartment, then she mentioned that I had alot of protection around me. One of my friends, who was Wiccan, ended up saying the same thing. She told me she noticed there were dimes lying in odd places around my apartment and they were a sign of protection. So, that was very interesting to learn! Just a little while ago, I was vacuuming the edges of the carpet around the molding and I know there was nothing there because I had just vacuumed it, and I look back down and there is a shiny new penny lying there! It surprised me and freaked me out a little. But I remembered what I have been told about coins appearing as a sign from a loved one or a sign of protection and I wasn't scared by it. I was happy about it.

My son passed away 8 yrs ago. I can't remember exactly when I started finding dimes, but I was finding them quite often, so often that I googled, "What does finding dimes mean?" Well, imagine my surprise when I read that it was a sign from someone special to me that had passed trying to let me know they were with me and they were okay. I now have a sachet sack filled with these dimes I find. As I share my story with others who have had someone in their lives pass, I usually get a call or text of how they have now been finding dimes. It's just being receptive to these subtle messages and believing. I feel very comforted knowing that my son is with me quite often, if not every day.

My wonderful husband passed away one week today. Found a single dime on my bed last night as I helped our youngest with her homework. What a comfort -

My high-school crush died two years after I saw him at a reunion. Life support was withdrawn on February 11. My birthday is February 10. One year later at the beginning of February, I found two pennies together on the parking lot ground when I got out of my car. I thought it odd that there were 2 together. A day or two later, I found a dime as I walked out of my house. I thought what could the number 12 mean (10+2)? Then it hit hit me .. 2 + 10 could be my birthday, February 10th. What are the odds?