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The Up Beat
By Amy Wong

A Positive Sign...Literally

Sometimes inspiration comes in my dreams and I wake up Friday morning knowing exactly what to blog about. Other times an uplifting story or a positive moment or inspiring image will nudge at me all week. But this morning I sat down at my desk without even the faintest glimmer of an idea related to positive thinking.

A supersize mug of coffee didn’t work its usual magic and give me an energy and positivity boost. So I did what I often do when I get stuck. I worked on something else. Call it productive procrastination (hmm, there’s an idea for another blog…).

I picked up a collection of devotionals by Daily Guideposts writers that my coworker Megan asked me to look over. I read through about half of the devotionals when I came to one by Jeff Japinga, about his commute. He drove the same 35-mile stretch every day for years and it got old. Then one morning a sign showed up by the side of the road. Prepare to be amazed, it said. That was it. No company name or logo or number to call. A few miles down the road, there was an identical sign. Then another. Six of them total.

Those signs made Jeff look at everything in his life differently. He went from a bored, stagnant mindset to an attitude of wonder and gratitude. From “It’s the same old, same old” to “Wow, I see how God’s working in my life!” What a great—or I should say, amazing—example of the power of positive thinking! Just one small shift can change your thinking and even change your life.

I love the idea of a “Wow!” way of thinking. I’m prepared to be amazed. Are you?

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Amy Wong is the executive editor of Guideposts and was a founding editor of Positive Thinking. She lives in New York City with her adopted dog, Winky, a natural-born positive thinker who believes that everyone has a treat for her and every day is the best day of her life. Amy hopes to be that optimistic someday (she’s working on it!).