Deadlines, Grocery Lines, Laugh Lines
By Michelle Medlock Adams

A Heavenly Aroma

In fact, God thinks of us as a perfume that brings Christ to everyone. For people who are being saved, this perfume has a sweet smell and leads them to a better life. (Second Corinthians 2:15-16)

Michelle wearing an IU basketball t-shirtShe breezed in and sat down in front of me at an Indiana University basketball game on that cold February night. She was an older woman, dressed in a navy business suit, with a red and white scarf tied stylishly around her neck.

Her silver hair was neatly tucked behind her ears in a classic bob–sort of like Doris Day–and her lipstick was a perfect IU crimson. 

I would have guessed her to be in her early 60s...probably an IU professor. As she settled into her seat, a wonderful aroma filled the air. In fact, it broke through the smells of stale popcorn and overcooked hot dogs and filled my nostrils. I inhaled deeply and said, “Mmmm.”

“Do you smell that?” I whispered to my mother.

“Yes, it’s marvelous,” she answered.

There was no doubt. The wonderful aroma had wafted in with the classy lady in front of us. As the halftime buzzer sounded, I leaned forward and tapped the woman on her shoulder. I just had to know.

“Excuse me, Ma’am, you smell so wonderful...could you tell me what you’re wearing?”

“Thank you,” she said. “It’s called Krizia.”

I shared the information with my mother, and we both made a mental note to buy Krizia as our next perfume purchase. I wanted to smell just like the classy lady with the silver hair. I wanted that wonderful scent to become my "signature fragrance."

You know, the Bible says we are the aroma of Christ. When we enter a room, we should carry his fragrance with us. His aroma should be so pleasing on us that people will tap us on the shoulder and ask what we’re “wearing.”

With that opening, we can share Jesus Christ with every person who notices our Christ-like aroma.

Maybe your fragrance smells more like those overcooked weenies or the stale popcorn. If so, you just need a “smell makeover.” Ask God to replace your human smell with his divine fragrance, so that you will be a witness of his sweetness everywhere you go. 

Ask the Lord to fill you up with his fragrant love so that it enters the room even before you do. He will. He doesn’t want his children to go around smelling stinky. After all, we are the aroma of Christ, and that’s even better than Krizia.

“Father, thank you for loving me, and thank you for filling me up with your love so that my signature fragrance becomes just like yours. I praise you, God, for providing openings that I might be able to share you and your love with others who cross my path. In the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.”

Michelle Medlock Adams is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author, with more than 60 books and 1,000 articles for newspapers and magazines to her name. She was won several SELAH Awards (best children’s book and book of the year for God Knows You in 2014 and best children’s book for My Big Book of Prayers in 2012), and her book Divine Stories of the Yahweh Sisterhood was named a Family Christian Bookstores Premiere Pick in 2006. When not working on her own assignments, Michelle ghostwrites books for celebrities and some of today’s most effective and popular ministers.

Michelle is married to her high school sweetheart, Jeff. They have two college-aged daughters, Abby and Allyson, as well as a small petting zoo. When not writing or teaching writing, Michelle enjoys cheering on the Indiana University Men’s Basketball team, the Chicago Cubbies and the LA Kings. Find out more about Michelle at her website.

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ha!ha!ha! You are funny! My prayer first thing in the morning before I get out of bed is "be glorified in everything I do, be glorified in everything I say." I put on His "perfume" and I allow Him to let His "perfume" spread onto others. On my own, trust me I am stinky, no one would want to be next to me :)

Thank you, for sharing your perfume with us. You help us desire His perfume. God bless you.

ps: I do read other blogs too and every once in a while make a comment, but you are the only one who responds to my comments and I look forward to your response :)

I always look forward to your comments. :) So, thanks for taking the time. Yep, stinky on my own, as well. Thank God that His beautiful aroma can fill us and cover us and lead others to Him. Let's be "smelly" in a good way today. Blessings to you, YA! Michelle :)