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Deadlines, Grocery Lines, Laugh Lines
By Michelle Medlock Adams

Jesus Saves

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12, NIV)

Having moved my daughter Ally from one part of L.A. to her new apartment in the Fashion District last month, we had to learn an entirely different part of the city.

While our everyday exploring was fun, neither one of us has a very good sense of direction, and at times we were a little lost.  But you know what always helped us find our way back to Ally’s apartment complex?


Well, not Jesus exactly, but a large illuminated “Jesus Saves” sign that is situated quite near Ally’s new apartment. Whenever we found ourselves a bit turned around, we’d just look up, and immediately we knew our way home.

One night as we were following the brightly lit “Jesus Saves” sign home, I couldn’t help but think how much it paralleled my own life. Anytime I have lost my way, all I’ve had to do is look up and find Jesus. He is my compass.

Whenever I need answers, I go to him and his Word. Whenever I need encouragement, I turn to him. Whenever I need guidance, I look up. Jesus has always been and will always be the one who guides me when I’m unsure which way to go; the one who loves me when I feel unlovable; the one who encourages me when I am questioning my choices; and the one who promises to never leave me, nor forsake me. He is the one.

Is he the one in your life? If you’ve never given your life to Jesus, it’s not too late. You don’t have to be at an altar in an ornately decorated church to make Jesus the Lord of your life. You don’t have to have a priest or minister present. You can take care of it all by yourself, wherever you might be at this moment. All you have to do is pray this simple prayer: Father, I come to you in the Name of Jesus, and I ask you to forgive me of my sins and fill me up with your love. I believe Jesus died for my sins that I might have eternal life, and I am so grateful. Today, I give my life to you. Be my compass, Lord. I love you. Amen.

If you just prayed this prayer, yay! Let me be the first to welcome you into the Family of God. I also want to encourage you to tell someone about your decision today and find a local church to be a part of. Begin reading the Bible every day. And get ready for the ride of a lifetime! The Christian walk isn’t always an easy one, but you won’t have to go it alone. And, remember, if you get lost–just look up.

Michelle Medlock Adams is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author, with more than 60 books and 1,000 articles for newspapers and magazines to her name. She was won several SELAH Awards (best children’s book and book of the year for God Knows You in 2014 and best children’s book for My Big Book of Prayers in 2012), and her book Divine Stories of the Yahweh Sisterhood was named a Family Christian Bookstores Premiere Pick in 2006. When not working on her own assignments, Michelle ghostwrites books for celebrities and some of today’s most effective and popular ministers.

Michelle is married to her high school sweetheart, Jeff. They have two college-aged daughters, Abby and Allyson, as well as a small petting zoo. When not writing or teaching writing, Michelle enjoys cheering on the Indiana University Men’s Basketball team, the Chicago Cubbies and the LA Kings. Find out more about Michelle at her website.