Deeper Well
By David Morris

Discovering a Mature Faith

There’s this guy I’ve heard about who interests me. His name is Jimmy.

Who do you think of when you imagine someone named Jimmy? A boy down the street riding his bike? A fellow in overalls who drives a truck?

How about a man who has a deep and seasoned faith, possesses a great deal of Bible knowhow and, by the way, is a former President of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize Winner?

Now I know that as soon as I bring politics into my little blog entry here, it will be natural for a whole host of associations to come to mind. But hold off for a minute.

Jimmy Carter has a new devotional out, and you can’t help but find it interesting. Here’s Carter, coming to you as a simple man of faith, with a year of readings about how to discover a deep and abiding faith.

Through the Year with Jimmy Carter: 366 Meditations from the 39th President is based on Carter’s notes Carter for his decades-long Bible study at the small Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia, and while President. The book is divided into four parts: launching, growing, serving and maturing.

At 87 years old, and with all that he’s accomplished, here’s a guy I’d really listen to when it comes to discovering maturity. Carter writes, “More than anything else, this troubled world needs the active influence of mature Christians.” Each entry that follows in this concluding section explores “how to give God our best, to adopt high priorities, to maintain self-confidence without pride or arrogance, to magnify our influence, and to continue building a foundation of faith.”

Sounds good to me. Hope you too will have a chance to check it out. For a recent interview of Carter about his new book, listen in to the Catalyst interview.

David Morris, PhD, is the editorial director for Guideposts Books. He keeps busy mending his old house, playing guitar, and volunteering. He, his wife and two daughters live in northern New Jersey. Follow David on Twitter @davidrmorris or get the RSS feed to his Deeper Well blog.


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It's sad that you have to almost apologize for telling us about a new devotional written by Jimmy Carter. Through the years, I have seen him interviewed, read about his many worldwide projects to help mankind and was impressed by his intelligence and humility. He has never tried to hide his deep and abiding faith. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Nice blog entry, David. And as all of us around Guideposts know, the invariably divisive nature of politics is something we avoid. By I read an advance copy of Jimmy Carter's book and was moved by its depth and honesty. At 87, Carter's genuine faith transcends his sometimes controversial public life.