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By Edward Grinnan

Love Lost

Their love never goes missing–though TV remotes and sunglasses occasionally do.


I moved surreptitiously through our apartment, trying not to make it too obvious that I was looking for something. Very casual. Just rearranging some pillows on the couch, moving some magazines around. No big deal.

“You lost something, didn’t you?” Julee finally said in that ‘I know what’s going on here’ tone.

John Walsh, Facebook and Protecting Our Children

Facebook and Amber Alerts create a partnership that's a "game changer."

By now we all know that social media can be used for good or evil. I came across something this week that was definitely good.

Most of you know John Walsh, host of CNN’s The Hunt and an advocate for missing children. His interest is more than professional. In 1981 his six-year-old son, Adam, was abducted and subsequently found murdered in Florida. That sort of tragedy would change any parent’s life.

Why I Am Not Charlie Hebdo

Fostering tolerance and understanding through personal stories of hope and inspiration.

I want to make it clear from the outset: Murdering journalists is abhorrent and indefensible. The terrorist slaughter by Islamic extremists of 12 people at the Paris offices of the satirical paper Charlie Hebdo can only be condemned as an act of barbarism.

There is simply no justification for killing people exercising their right to free expression, even when that expression is offensive and tasteless, as was often the case with Charlie Hebdo. Remember, they were equal opportunity insulters.

Life or Death: Who Decides?

Is the death penalty a divine prerogative that we have usurped?

If it wasn’t for capital punishment, Christianity might not have been born in the first century A.D. After all, Christ got the death penalty.

He was executed like a common criminal, in fact side-by-side with two unexceptional thieves, in the crude but effective manner prescribed by Roman law; crucified, like hundreds of thousands of others during the Empire’s long, often brutal reign.

Winky in Action

Millie the golden retriever was scared of the city. But not after her friend Winky took charge.

Last week I wrote about the passing of Winky, my dog’s best and oldest dog friend. I made reference to a video reenactment of their first meeting and the lesson Winky taught my young golden.

This week I have the video for you.

In fact, Winky and Millie did a series of videos for our web site but this one their “acting” is really outstanding. In fact I was too entertained to feel sad. Enjoy this in memory of Winky.

Barking at Heaven

A birthday made memorable by the parting of a friend.

Millie, my seven-year-old golden retriever woke me up at exactly 5:59 a.m on Dec 11. She isn't much of a morning girl, that's for sure.

The Eric Garner Case: Struggling for an Answer

Race is America's third rail. Can we find justice without judgment?

Last week I started to write a blog about Ferguson, Missouri, and the impact the Michael Brown shooting was having on the community there. Then I thought better of it.

The media was saturated with coverage and besides, who was I to comment on events a 1000 miles away?

Guardian Dog

The story of a dog who just won't stand for a leaky roof or dripping faucet

I was fast asleep, middle of the night, when I awoke to a golden retriever snout plopping down next to my pillow. Millie. Oh, no, I thought, does she have to go out? Now? It’s pouring rain. As if on cue, the rain did a wind-swept paradiddle on the window.

Millie stood by the bed staring at me, shifting her stance, her manner both urgent and expectant. She was a good dog. She only woke me up like this when she had an emergency.

People, Not Pawns

In the hotly debated immigration issue, let's remember we're talking about human beings.

Let’s start with reality: We can’t possibly arrest, detain and deport 12 million illegals living in this country. And even if we could I would hope we wouldn’t.

Are You Voting?

Honor our Founding Fathers by showing up at the voting booth.

Maybe it’s fitting that Halloween and Election Day fall so close to each other on the calendar. A lot of folks find the candidates running for office scarier than the trick-or-treaters that come knocking on their doors.

I can understand people of all political persuasions being disenchanted with the politicians in Washington. But after all, aren’t we the ones who sent them there? So here are a few reasons why I’m voting for voting:

Edward Grinnan is Editor-in-Chief and Vice President of Guideposts Publications. Edward lives in New York City with two blondes—his wife, Julee, and Golden Retriever, Millie, who has been featured in his blog and popular videos. Edward loves cycling, hiking with Millie at his house in the Berkshire Hills and Wolverines that hail from Michigan.

If you need a little boost of inspiration, pick up a copy of Edward's book The Promise of Hope: How True Stories of Hope and Inspiration Saved My Life and How They Can Transform Yours.

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