Lunch-Break Miracles
By Diana Aydin

Message in an Eggplant

How does God speak to you?

Jermarcus Brady, a line cook at Gino's Restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was chopping up eggplants, one of his regular duties, when he noticed something unusual. Three letters written, as clear as day, in the seeds of the eggplant. 

"I saw a miraculous image formed by the seeds," Jermarcus told WAFB, a Louisiana news channel. "It spelled out the word God!" 

The message was more than a funny coincidence for Jermarcus. He’d been down on his luck before, raising four kids under financial strain, but God has always stuck by him. Those eggplant seeds provided an extra dose of reassurance.

An eggplant slice reveals the word "God" spelled out in seeds."I don't know what it means,” Jermarcus said. “All I know is it tells me, 'Hey, he's real,' and there's nothing that can change my mind about that."

"You could cut one million eggplants, and you'd probably never see that again, it's that rare," said Gino Marino, co-owner of Gino’s Restaurant. "God is within us and he has different ways of showing it in our lives, and this is just one way of showing it."

Now, I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wish I could receive such a clear-cut sign from God: a message sent through the seeds of my favorite fruit or vegetable (in case you’re wondering, that would be watermelon!).

But I guess that's the thing about miracles. They come in all shapes, sizes and slices. God’s unique way of conversing with us. No two miracles are alike. Sometimes it’s a quiet, inexplicable feeling and other times it’s a remarkable answer to prayer or a 2 x 4 over the head. Whatever the method, though, God knows exactly how to get our attention.

There’s just something comforting about a God who knows us so well–and loves us so dearly–that he meticulously tailors miracles to our personalities, situations and even workplaces, don’t you think?

So the next time I bite into a piece of watermelon, I might take an extra look at the seeds. After all, you never know just how God might surprise you!

Have you ever received an unexpected, unusual or even humorous message from God? Share your miracle below!


Diana Aydin is an associate editor for Mysterious Ways magazine. When she was just a little kid, she got her first dose of the miraculous. She’s been on the lookout for miracles ever since. Her favorite time of the day is lunch time, when she gets to step away from the workaday world and enjoy a bit of God’s wonder, if only for an hour!

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I just sent you a article on my experience with angels. It was regarding loss of my brakes in Baltimore, MD some years ago.

Thank you, Julia!

Wrestling with Wasps
By Brenda Paul

On a recent weekend getaway, I began the day on my backyard deck shortly after sunrise. Numerous squirrels, an assortment of birds and several butterflies entertained me. The squirrels scampered from limb to limb and tree to tree. The birds chirped a melodious anthem to the morning and the butterflies flitted from flower to flower sipping nectar.

While I am far from an ageless storybook princess with dwarfs, talking mice, or fairy godmothers at my bidding, the scenario was as idyllic and peaceful as a scene from a “happily ever after” fairytale…for a brief time.

It is a known fact that most fairytales come with a villain and soon a winged villain burst on the scene and interrupted my relaxed morning. A wasp appeared from nowhere and seemed to fixate on the anti-princess seated on the deck. I jumped up out of my chair with steps no dancer would ever recognize and I immediately envisioned myself on the ground executing moves that would win a wrestling trophy belt.

Fortunately, I managed to stay on my feet as my convulsive antics frightened the predator away. Quite content to have escaped a nasty sting, I returned to my chair and my peace and quiet but something had changed. The squirrels had disappeared, the birds were no longer singing and the butterflies, apparently having had their fill of nectar, were gone.

Had I frightened the morning fauna into hiding or had they just moved on to a backyard without uncoordinated humans? As I pondered the strange occurrence, I realized that while I was “wrestling” with the wasp, I allowed the pleasurable parts of my morning to slip away. When my attention returned to those things, it was too late. The moment had passed and the opportunity to enjoy them was gone.

God showed me that morning that life supplies many wasps. Pests of all genres come our way. While we swat, flail, kick and maneuver against life’s pesky villains, we miss the beauty of the world God has given us. We miss the exquisiteness of a child’s smile, the rare essence of friendship, the mystery of love or the artistry of a sunrise or mountain vista.

It is my prayer that I never get so concerned with the pests that I fail to enjoy the blessings! I hope you will offer up that prayer as well!


Wow, Brenda! Thank you so much for sharing this! Blessings, Diana

Brenda Paul, Your story is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding me of the same thing.

God's blessings to you!