Lunch-Break Miracles
By Diana Aydin

Miraculously Saved by a Song

Can a song bring a person back to life?

Last March, 48-year-old Maria Neal, of Kent, England, suffered a stroke and fell into a coma. She was put on life support and all hope appeared to be lost. It was time for her husband, Steve, and the couple’s four children to say goodbye.

But Steve wasn’t ready to give up just yet. Maybe the doctors had done everything they could... but a miracle could still happen, right?

In an attempt to reach his wife, Steve played Maria songs from their wedding, including the 1965 classic "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers. A song featured in a memorable scene from the movie Ghost. The couple’s daughter, Kyrstie, told the BBC that Steve stood by Maria’s side–his head to her head–crying as the song played from his phone. “It broke my heart,” she said.

But those sobs would soon be replaced by tears of joy. The next day, against doctors’ predictions, Maria started showing signs of improvement. She moved her arms. According to the Daily Express, the good news kept coming.

"After ten days in the intensive care unit, she was breathing without a ventilator, talking and sipping water," Kyrstie said.

Today Maria is recovering at a rehabilitation center and continues to improve. A turnaround sparked by a beautiful melody and a husband’s unfailing love.  

"To come as far as she has, the doctors and consultants have called her a miracle, and she's our miracle," Kyrstie said.

I have to agree... especially once I took a closer look at the lyrics of “Unchained Melody.” There's one verse I’d never noticed before:  

“I need your love/I need your love/God speed your love to me.”

Have you ever experienced a musical miracle? Share your story below!

Photo: Steve and Maria on their wedding day, 21 years ago. Credit: Daily Express.

Diana Aydin is an associate editor for Mysterious Ways magazine. When she was just a little kid, she got her first dose of the miraculous. She’s been on the lookout for miracles ever since. Her favorite time of the day is lunch time, when she gets to step away from the workaday world and enjoy a bit of God’s wonder, if only for an hour!

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(woops: I just posted the comment [below] and noticed I'd put the wrong word in the song I told about. Instead of "THOUGHT I'm not beside you"--6th line on song--it should say "THOUGH I'm not beside you".)

I have another comment about a song that, to me, is a miracle song or message. (I just posted another one.)

Shortly after my husband, sweetheart, and best friend of 39 years passed away suddenly two years ago, I was laying in bed and was SO DEPRESSED and missed him SO MUCH! I had the words to an old song I'd played on the piano at a retirement home come into my mind. I felt it was a message from my husband. The song is "Good Night, Sweetheart" (not the more well-known one by the Platters, but an older one). The words are:
Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight till tomorrow
Goodnight, sweetheart, sleep will banish sorrow.
Tears and parting make us forlorn,
But with the dawn, a new day is born,
So I'll say goodnight, sweetheart,
Thought I'm not beside you.
Goodnight, sweetheart,
Still my love will guide you.
Dreams enfold you. In each one I'll hold you.
Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight.

Again, I felt it was a message from my dear husband. I know I'll be with him again after my life's journey is done.

Carrie Bell

Music has always been such a part of my life. I LOVE good music. I MOVE to music. I have played the piano for years, composed music, and I have taught piano lessons for several years. Music speaks to me like nothing else.

When I lost my husband two years ago, shortly afterward I woke up one morning with the thought, "It's OK. There's no regrets." I thought, "Where have I heard those words before?" I knew I'd heard them, but couldn't remember where, so I prayed to know, and the thought came to me: from the song, "I'll Build You a Rainbow". It'd been years since I'd heard that song. I have it on a record made in the 70's--a song about a mother who is dying, and who tells her young son, "It's OK Babe, there's no regrets. I've been with you more in eleven years than most moms are with their boys in a whole life time." She tells him that she'll be watching over him even though he won't see her. He asks her how he'll know she's there if he can't see her. She thinks for a moment and then says (sings),
"I'll build you a rainbow, way up high above.
Send down a sunbeam, plumb full of love.
Sprinkle down raindrops, teardrops of joy.
I'll be happy in heaven, watchin' over my boy.
I felt that song was a message from my husband.

A few days later, I called my second-to-oldest son. I hadn't said anything to him about the song I'd had come to my mind earlier that week. He said that he'd been driving along that day, in Seattle where he lives, and was really missing his dad. It had been a rainy, overcast and kind of gloomy day. He said he was crying and telling his dad he really missed him, and that as he came up a hill, the clouds parted and the sky seemed to open up and there was a big rainbow in the sky, and he thought about that song on the record I have--"I'll Build You a Rainbow"--that he'd heard years ago. He felt the words the dying mother said to her son were what his dad was saying to him. I excitedly told him that I'd had that words to the SAME song come into my mind just days before. For both of us to have that song come to us just days apart--an old song we'd heard years ago--caused us to believe that it truly was a message from our loving husband and father.

Truly our departed loved ones are mindful of us and are near, and we will some day be reunited with them.

Carrie Bell

Wow!! Carrie thank you so much for sharing both your stories. What a beautiful message from God sent through the words of a song!

Thank you for the blessings that pour out as you publish these stories...they touch my heart and spirit, and I'm going to pass them on to others.
In Him,
Leta Pereira

Thank you, Leta, for passing these stories along - makes me happy to think of the wonder spreading! :)

Many years ago, a church friend was carrying twins. At one point, there was a danger of losing one in utero.
As I left the morning church service where the prayer request was announced, I turned on my radio as usual. The song, I'll never get over you getting over me, played. One line of the song I claimed for Carleton and Joshua, the twins being already named before birth. That line says, "A life lived without you would never be right."
Both boys are healthy young men now.

Thank you for sharing, Carolyn! It's amazing how God uses music to speak directly to us.

When I was a brand new Christian and didn't yet understand much about God's forgiveness and grace, when I made a mistake one day and failed Him, I thought it was the end of the road for me and that God must be all through with me. I really beat myself over the head. In prayer I rearfully asked His forgiveness, not at all knowing whether He'd give it. After the prayer, I turned on my stereo to the radio to channel-surf. I would turn the knob back and forth across the FM band listening for some good song I'd like to listen to. As I did this, I a song went by in a split second that I'd just barely heard, but that's all it took to know I had to back-track until I found it. I did and once it was tuned in good, these were the lyrics in that moment: "And even if you do it wrong, and miss the joy I'd planned -- I'll never .... never let go of your hand". I knew in that moment God was speaking to me, assuring me He was never going to let go of me, ever. No matter what! That meant the world to me that night, but what I didn't yet know was that this song became "our" song, and whenever I heard it, I felt Him singing to me. So many times over the years I would need to be reminded that He still had hold of me -- especially during my first marriage. My husband drank and it was a miserable and painful situation for me. One night we attended his work Christmas party at a downtown hotel's ballroom. The party and buffet was wonderful. The decorations beautiful. Our one dance together lovely. Everything was so nice, until he started drinking. We had reserved one of the hotel rooms for the night. When I grew tired of his drinking, I said I was going upstairs to our room (hoping he'd come with me and get away from the alcohol, but he stayed downstairs). Upstairs I turned on the radio to our Christian channel and turned out all the lights. The city lights shining in our two bay windows was light enough. I prayed and in my brokenness broke into loud sobs. I let it all go. At home I had to remain subdued so as not to scare the kids, but here I didn't have to hold back. I cried and cried, telling God how sorry I was that I'd married him and how miserable I was. Again I felt I'd let him down by entering this marriage, knowing my husband to be was not a Christian and we could not possibly be of the same mind or conviction about God. I deserved the misery, I thought, but just wailed to God about it all. Just then I heard the opening bars of "our song". It was an old song now and rarely heard on the radio -- yet there it was. "And even if you do it wrong, and miss the joy I'd planned, I'll never, never let go of your hand". Oh, how I boo-hoo'd even louder because I knew God was there in that room with me. He knew. He cared. He was with me - still. Just as He'd promised so long ago, the first time I heard the song. Over the years, He has often sung that song to me -- always at times I needed to hear it most. That's my musical miracle. (The song is "I'll Never Let Go of Your Hand" by Don Francisco)

Thanks for sharing your story AND the name/artist of the song. I think I need a copy of it. Our God is faithful!

WOW! What an amazing story - thanks so much for sharing it. God has so many beautiful ways of getting our attention and comforting us. It constantly amazes me!

I am reminded of how special music is to our God. He is surrounded by it. The angels singing His praises, etc... See Rev 15:2&3 He loves music. If it is so special to Him then it goes without saying that He loves music on earth too. Music brings peace to our hearts.

That is so true - I never thought about it like that. God uses music in powerful ways!

Great story and we all need a miracle in our life.

Thank you!!