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Lunch-Break Miracles
By Diana Aydin

Miraculously Saved by a Song

Can a song bring a person back to life?

Last March, 48-year-old Maria Neal, of Kent, England, suffered a stroke and fell into a coma. She was put on life support and all hope appeared to be lost. It was time for her husband, Steve, and the couple’s four children to say goodbye.

But Steve wasn’t ready to give up just yet. Maybe the doctors had done everything they could... but a miracle could still happen, right?

In an attempt to reach his wife, Steve played Maria songs from their wedding, including the 1965 classic "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers. A song featured in a memorable scene from the movie Ghost. The couple’s daughter, Kyrstie, told the BBC that Steve stood by Maria’s side–his head to her head–crying as the song played from his phone. “It broke my heart,” she said.

But those sobs would soon be replaced by tears of joy. The next day, against doctors’ predictions, Maria started showing signs of improvement. She moved her arms. According to the Daily Express, the good news kept coming.

"After ten days in the intensive care unit, she was breathing without a ventilator, talking and sipping water," Kyrstie said.

Today Maria is recovering at a rehabilitation center and continues to improve. A turnaround sparked by a beautiful melody and a husband’s unfailing love.  

"To come as far as she has, the doctors and consultants have called her a miracle, and she's our miracle," Kyrstie said.

I have to agree... especially once I took a closer look at the lyrics of “Unchained Melody.” There's one verse I’d never noticed before:  

“I need your love/I need your love/God speed your love to me.”

Have you ever experienced a musical miracle? Share your story below!

Photo: Steve and Maria on their wedding day, 21 years ago. Credit: Daily Express.

Diana Aydin is an associate editor for Mysterious Ways magazine. When she was just a little kid, she got her first dose of the miraculous. She’s been on the lookout for miracles ever since. Her favorite time of the day is lunch time, when she gets to step away from the workaday world and enjoy a bit of God’s wonder, if only for an hour!