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Mysterious Ways
By Adam Hunter

What Miracles Moved You This Year?

As 2014 draws to a close, we want to know.

The holiday season is here, and I’ve already been given one of the best Chanukah gifts I could have received–the news that Mysterious Ways magazine is reaching 130,000 subscribers.

The staff has poured their heart and soul into this little publication that could and it’s great to see the response.

Message in a Dream

A dream brought grieving radio host Don Geronimo comfort, writes assistant editor Daniel Kessel.


Today’s guest blogger is assistant editor Daniel Kessel.

If you’re a Mysterious Ways subscriber, you’ve probably received your copy of the December/January 2015 issue. Did you catch the news Edward Grinnan shared in the Editor’s Note?

Starting next issue, we’re launching a new section called “Dreams & Premonitions,” devoted to the stories you send about these mind-boggling, sometimes prophetic phenomena. I’ll be the section’s editor, and I’m extremely excited.

Grateful for a Chance Meeting

An unexpected encounter brightened a dark day for assistant editor Daniel Kessel

Today’s guest blogger is assistant editor Daniel Kessel.

My mom and I stood at the dessert table, platters of cookies, pies and cakes spread out before us. We needed something sweet–we were at the wake of a close family friend. The loss had blindsided everyone in my family. We sent bouquets of flowers, wishing there was something more we could do.

The Sweet Scent of Nostalgia

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel shares how a familiar smell jogged his memory at the perfect moment.

Today’s guest blogger is assistant editor Daniel Kessel.

Have you ever noticed how certain smells bring up vivid memories from the past?

5 Stories That Prove Animals Are God’s Messengers

These animals forged important bonds with humans, writes assistant editor Daniel Kessel.

Today’s guest blogger is assistant editor Daniel Kessel.

Whenever I visit my parents' house in New Jersey, the first one to greet me isn’t usually my mom or dad. It’s our dog, Cosita. The moment I walk through the door, Cosita runs up to me and nuzzles up against my ankles, the warmest greeting I could ask for. 

5 Disasters Stopped In Their Tracks

What force held back these lava flows, rolling boulders, tornados, shootings and forest fires?

Destructive forces rage around us, often leaving a trail of devastation behind. But every so often, it seems a greater force holds the damage at bay, if only for a life-saving instant.

Dog Helps Catch His Master’s Killer

In Costa Rica, a loyal German shepherd solves a horrific crime

The news out of La Garita, Costa Rica was grisly. Yet another robbery in an area where crime has been escalating quickly–this time, ending in a 27-year-old’s death.

He’d been walking his dogs late one evening, when an assailant came at him with a knife, demanding the bags the man was carrying. A struggle ensued, and the man was stabbed. The assailant fled the scene.

A Contest Winner’s Mysterious Ways

Christie Hughes had a premonition she would win the contest... to honor her mom.

Our staff is in Rye, New York, this week for our writers workshop, where we invite a chosen few to the lovely Wainwright House on the Long Island Sound. One of our new workshoppers, Christie Hughes, recently wrote on her blog about the "mysterious ways" that led her to winning the contest:

Two Butterflies–One White, One Blue

Assistant editor Daniel Kessel shares how these winged creatures boosted his grandmother’s faith.

Today’s guest blogger is assistant editor Daniel Kessel.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about a poem that gave me unexpected comfort as my family continues praying for my aunt’s recovery after her stroke.

Expect the Unexpected

Stories of a car crash and an angry Facebook post ended with surprising results.

So much in life is predictable. But at Mysterious Ways, we know that things may not always be as they seem. Just because you’ve seen it all before, doesn’t mean you know the master plan. Two stories that went viral this week made that perfectly clear:

Adam Hunter is a senior editor for Guideposts magazine and Managing Editor for Mysterious Ways. He’s edited Mysterious Ways since October 2006, and is continually amazed by the astounding stories shared by readers. Follow him on Twitter: @MMysteriousWays

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