Mysterious Ways
By Adam Hunter

Falling Babies, and the Miracles That Saved Them

A news story this week grabbed my attention for a very personal reason. It's also grabbed the attention of web surfers and the popular blog Huffington Post. In Paris, an 18-month-old boy’s life was saved, in the most incredible way.

According to the BBC, one witness said he saw the child playing with a slightly older girl in a room of her family’s sixth-story apartment. They came perilously close to the large, open window several times. In one horrifying moment, the child lost his balance and fell out the window.

The boy fell six stories…and bounced off an awning below. Into a man’s waiting arms. Not just any man, but a doctor, who had been walking by with his family at that precise moment.

The doctor was able to immediately check for injuries and determine that there was nothing broken. He handed the child off to the ambulance when it arrived.

Not only was it a doctor who caught the child, but according to The Guardian, the owner of the cafe usually kept the awning closed.

France Info reported that the child and his three-year-old sister had been left alone in the apartment by negligent parents. Fortunately, someone was watching out for that child. Though I don’t think that will count when the parents defend themselves in front of a judge.

It reminded me that many years ago, before I was born, my family was watched over in a very similar manner.

When my Grandpa Sam was three years old, he climbed out the window of his family’s third-floor apartment in New York City, and onto the fire escape. He leaned over the edge to look. At that moment, he lost his balance and fell, three stories down.

He landed softly…in the arms of a bewildered passerby.

It wasn’t too long after he married my Grandma Sally that he told this story to her. My grandma was amazed...but not for the reason my grandpa thought.

My grandma told him that one day, when she was three years old, living in a three-story multi-family home in Patterson, New Jersey, she looked out her bedroom window to see her cousins playing in the backyard. She leaned out to get a better look. She lost her balance and fell.

She landed softly, on a blanket, held up by a clothesline and clothespins, part of a fort her cousins had built for their games.

My grandparents' similar near-death experiences became part of our family lore. We always believed it showed that they were fated to meet.

Strangely, children being saved from the dangers of open windows happens more often than you would think. In the Only Human? section of our Angels On Earth magazine, Kathy Lapash of West Fargo, North Dakota shared her story.

But let’s not push it here, readers. Lock your windows with children around!

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Adam Hunter is a senior editor for Guideposts magazine and Managing Editor for Mysterious Ways. He’s edited Mysterious Ways since October 2006, and is continually amazed by the astounding stories shared by readers. Follow him on Twitter: @MMysteriousWays

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Such an incident of God mysterious intervention in saving the life of that child (and the lives of those grandparents when they were young) boosts our assurance that God is always watching over, every moment of our lives on earth.

I have an interesting story that happened in 2003. My husband and I and my Dad were all going to visit my Dad's sister who was getting older and having a lot of problems and she lived away in another town. My husband passed out while driving due to a malfunction of his pace-maker defibrillator and our Van went down a steep hill and up another hill to a cross road but God kept us safe. A state trooper was a distance behind us and he said he was so afraid that the vehicle would turn over and possibly kill the passengers inside. The state trooper sent my husband to the Hospital to be checked out and I called my brother to come and get me and my Dad and we were in the same town where he lives and he took me to get new tires for our Van so we could drive it home. I have thought about this many times and I know that God was involved once again to watch over us. My husband was checked out and he had some adjustments on his pace-maker by a specialist that came over to the Hospital. So he got to come on back home. It was late to go to see my Aunt that day,but at least we were all safe. Linda Naron ( You have my permission to use this story if you choose to.)

Although I submitted a story already I feel lead to send another. I was 5 yrs. old when I fell into a 35 foot well of water. There was another person who ran to tell my Mom I needed help. God kept me floating all this time. I fell under the water three times as my Mom was trying to get me to get in a bucket that she sent down that was on a rope that was used by the people who owned the well. I came up floating each time. I was a very small child more like a three yr. old in weight. It would be rather long to go through how it happened but my Mom got me out of the well with the help of God's angel. I remember seeing a glowing effect around my Mom that day. I was taken to a Dr. and the Dr. said I did not have any water in my stomach but I did have a bad gash in the back of my head in which he put stitches. The Dr. was not a religious man but he said after this experience he did believe in God. He said it was a miracle. This incident slowed me down a lot but I am here as proof that miracles do happen. My Dad was in Bible College at the time in the Ozarks and he was pretty upset that he was not called about this. It was not long after this incident that my Dad decided he wanted to move to another town and pastor a church there. He really was afraid of us living close to that well after that. I remember this just like it happened yesterday. This is another example of God's power. Linda Naron ( You can use this with my permission for any of your books on miracles.)

I would like to share my miracle with you. When I was 4 yrs. old my parents were going to a church rally and we had a young couple with us and I was in the back with the young couple and this was back when the cars had a lever type door lock latch and I was leaning on it and and it came open and the blast of the wind took me out and I rolled across the highway. There was an 18 wheeler behind us and so my Dad had to wait until it was safe to go back and see how I was. My Dad said he was praying and as he looked to see me rolling across the highway I looked like a ball rolling and he asked God to keep me safe. When my Dad could go back he said that all I had was a small scratch on my knee. I have had many encounters of this type and I know God is real and there are angels out there to protect us each day. I am still here at the age of 61 and this is not the worst that has happened to me. I would love for you to share my story in one of your Guideposts book if you will. It is a testimony within itself. Linda Naron

Till to this day I had never forget years back in 1996 when my 2 year old niece went missing in the thick bush for 2 days and 2 nights.the elder sister allowed her to play at the garden before taking a bath. The bushes was at the other side of the garden.The whole village and the nearby village folks were searching for this little girl until at about 8am on the second day of the searching, two of the men who joined the search party found the little girl asleep under bunches of dried leaves, only with her nappy on-no clothing...and there were no mosquito bite, no scratch found or seen on the little body.

There was no else but the great good Lord and His Angle who had taking care of this little one.


Reading about the falling babies reminded me of how God watched over my son Ryan. He was 2 years old and I was expecting our daughter Katie. Because I was expecting I was asked to be part of a panel for our Church's youth group on babies and what it takes to be a parent. I had to leave my little 2 year old in the nursery that night and I did not recognize the people I was leaving him with. It made me feel a little uneasy. So I prayed the whole time I was away from him at the youth hour. I was very relieved when I picked him up and saw that he was OK. My husband was out at his parent's house helping them get things back online as we were thawing out from an ice storm. One of my sisters-in-law took my little 2 year old out to the barn where everyone was working while I stayed in the house and helped put some supper together for everyone. When everyone came in for supper, she started telling how funny it was to watch Ryan play in the hay loft on my father-in-law's barn. She then related how hilarious it was to watch him running through the loft. Then poof he was gone. He had fallen through the loft where you climb up on the ladder barely missing a concrete block by inches.

My God honored my prayers that night to watch over and protect my little boy. I didn't know where he needed to be protected but my God did and I was and still am very thankful 32 years later.

The story about the falling babies being saved is truly evidence of God's protection in our everyday lives. When I was about 2 and a half years old, my parents and brothers and I were on an outing at the beach along Lake Erie. I must have been anxious to get in the water and wandered out into water up over my head, while my parents were busy putting out our picnic lunch on the picnic table. It was a blessing that someone noticed I was missing, and of course saw me down under the water. We had gone to church that day and my father had his good church shoes on, and raced into the water along the beach to save me from drowning. In a miracle of God's protection, He used my father as his instrument to save me when I was only a toddler.

I also believe babies have their own guardian angels. Well, I believe everybody does!!! When I was 9 and my baby brother was 1, our family went to the lake every weekend. There was a dock far out in the lake that we would swim to! Of course it was way over our heads, almost bottomless!!! One day we were all out there, including my parents and baby brother, Steven. He was sitting on the dock between my Daddy's legs and all of a sudden he fell in!!! We all panicked but my Daddy jumped in, reached his hand down into the water and FOUND him!!! A miracle!!! When Daddy pulled him up by the seat of his pants, he was laughing and wanted to do it again!!! Thank God for His angels who watch over us on a daily basis, 24/7!!!
Please enter me in your drawing!!! I love Guideposta and Angels on Earth!!!

Thank you Guideposts for all you do.God's blessings has been with you all these years. I can't remember where I picked up the first Guidepost Magazine. But I loved it from the beginning. I order the magzine for three of my daughters every Christmas, and this year a fourth daughter will receive it also. I would love that the magzine would become a family tradition and the next generation would love it also. I would't mind if I could win the Guidepost Calender for my desk.
It would be a blessing to sart the day with a reminder of God's word. If I don't win the calender, I may have to drop a hint to my girls so that I might find it under the Christmas tree.

I have always believed that babies have their own special guardian angels. I am saying that because even in bad car accidents they most of the time come out without even a scratch. What a mighty God we serve!

Thanks for the great comments! The winner will be announced soon!

I would love it. It would help with my daily devotions.

Love Guideposts, always encourages me when I read the heart warming stories. The one minute devotions will be a great way to start my day. Thanks

Please enter me :)

I love to read the guideposts every month.
ty 4 the awesome giveaway:)

I so appreciate Gudeposts. I would love to win this to give as a gift to an elderly neighbor.

i have a calendar on my desk that i've had about 4 years, i would love to update it!

I would love to win this for my computer desk. It is one of the busiest places in our house, and it would be blessing to have a functional calendar and also words of faith to guide our days.


I would be very thankful for winning this devotional calendar.

Would love to have the daily devotionals on my desk for 2011

Our Lord is Great. But people must be careful with young children around windows and lanais.

Looks like a great calendar. Thanks for the giveway.

Babies & young children are innocent human beings who need to be watched over more than adults, so God provides more guardian angels to watch out for them. That was amazing though about the elderly couple who found out years later, they both had a similar experince of safety! Isn't God Good!!!

these would be a great way to start the day.

I could sure use a devotion or two! Please enter me in this lovely giveaway--
Alicia Webster

Id love to win the 2011 Guideposts page calendar! Love reading the amazing stories!

Thank you so much. Guideposts' stories are so encouraging! God bless you all!

God is quite the prankster. Instead of just closing the window, he devised a complicated Rube Goldberg like contraption where the baby bounced around before being caught. Kinda stretches the imagination.