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By Adam Hunter

What Did This Dream Mean?

Today’s guest blogger is Mysterious Ways assistant editor Daniel Kessel.

“The weirdest thing just happened,” I told my mom on the phone. “I think part of my dream came true.”

I’d woken up in a daze that morning, the details from my dream still in my head. I’d been at some sort of banquet hall with people I knew from high school, good friends I had lost touch with. Maybe this was our high school reunion? I was most excited to catch up with Maryanne Klima, a friend I haven’t spoken with in years.

Only one person at the dream gathering seemed out of place: Gary. He’d been a friend throughout college, not high school–though like the others around me, it’d been a while since we’d crossed paths. Even in my dream, I had to wonder: What was Gary doing at my high school reunion?

Back in the real world, I spent my Sunday afternoon taking a long walk to my favorite coffee shop in a different part of town. I called home along the way. I’d just started talking to my mom when I turned onto a side street and saw a familiar face.

Gary! He was sitting on the stoop of an apartment building, talking on the phone as well.

“Hey, Dan!” he said, extending his arm for a handshake. I found out Gary lived in that building, right around the corner from me. How had I never run into him until now? We made plans to get together in the near future.

I chuckled at the coincidence. “You know, Gary shouldn’t have been at that dream reunion,” I told my mom. “He didn’t even go to our high school!”

I ambled on, stopping at one point to look at some graffiti on a building across the street. I squinted for a closer look.

“OK, now this is just strange,” I said into the phone. “I have to send you a picture of this!”

There in the center of the building, someone had spray painted the words KLIMA KLIMA KLIMA–as in Maryanne Klima, the friend I spent so much time catching up with in my dream.

Why did these elements from my dream crop up in reality? What did it mean? It’s the same question Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan asked in the April 2014 Editor’s Note in Guideposts, when he wrote about his “Dartmouth dream,” as you may remember. Like Edward, I’m still puzzling over what my dream meant.

Certain dreams can lead clearly and directly to monumental change in our lives, like the dream that inspired one woman to write a bestselling book. But just as often, a dream provides a brief glimpse–hints and clues that will only make sense to us later. That’s why they're so fascinating. It takes time to reflect upon their meaning.

Have you ever had a dream like this? If so, please share it with us. In the meantime, help me out, readers: What do you think my dream meant?

Adam Hunter is a senior editor for Guideposts magazine and Managing Editor for Mysterious Ways. He’s edited Mysterious Ways since October 2006, and is continually amazed by the astounding stories shared by readers. Follow him on Twitter: @MMysteriousWays

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Hi, Adam! I actually did dream interpretation on Yahoo! Answers, so let me offer some ideas.
The reason why your friend Gary was at your high-school reunion was because he probably would have fit in very well with your friends in high school, and as such your friendship with him even in college was similar to your connections with your friends in high school. (I admit, I was hoping that you would tell us he had married a girl from your high school class!) It's possible that if you invited him to stay in your life and kept in contact with him, you would find in him a strong, loyal friend if you give this friendship a chance to continue.
As for Ms. Klima, look her up in real life and make another re-connection. It may not be as it was in your dream, but it may be that these two people have qualities or connections that you are seeking in your co-workers or neighbors around you. You might be living among strangers right now, and miss the easy connections you had with your friends from school. The two people you dreamed of may have qualities or personalities that you are starting to see in the people around you now. If you take the time to offer deeper friendships to these co-workers and new neighbors, you will very possibly develop good relationships with new people to add to your reunion in heaven, much as you added Gary to your joyous reunion guest list in your dream.

jollybears' nterpretation of your dream is right on. You would do well to follow all of this advice.

It all came to pass so quickly within a short time of the original dream! You saw Gary and you saw 'KLIMA'. Maybe it was KUMA, but that doesn't matter, it seems like you were meant to see it as KLIMA - to go with your MaryAnn part of the dream - to confirm to you that it was something significant.
To my thinking, you were supposed to first, pray for each person in the dream and then when you ran into the two major players in your dream, you were most definitely supposed to pray for them. And possibly ask Gary later if there was anything he needed to have prayed for. And also contact MaryAnn and tell her you thought of her from a dream and then from brick wall art. Then ask her if there is anything you need to pray for her as well.
Maybe Gary and MaryAnn need to meet for some reason and you are the common thread that binds them together.
OR, you were to meet up with them both and just meet them and talk and reconnect - and the way God confirmed to you that your dream was from Him and meant something more, was to give you real life signs - seeing Gary, and seeing 'KLIMA' on a wall.
Usually though, on the way to interpreting a dream, just wake up and pray for that person you dreamed of. Even if it isn't the exact interpretation, it is never bad to pray on someone's behalf. Plus, in praying, it opens your heart for God to speak further. He was speaking in the dream and on the street after the dream. Praying more about it simply gives Him more access to your heart and to speaking further to you :).
Tell us all what happened if you can. Use comments section here to update us Daniel!
P.S. I have found that dreams usually mean something to the dreamer and any 'symbolism' in them is really between you and God. It is YOUR dream and HE is speaking to YOU. So you are kind of the main person to interpret it. Sometimes others come along to add insight, but since you were the dreamer, it seems that somewhere inside of YOU, there are the answers and the meaning and the interpretation. Just pray and ask God what more to do.
One time we had a dream and didn't actually think much of it. But later, much like you, three separate events happened that seemed to be confirming that the dream was something valid and not just some entertaining night dreaming. So look also for maybe a third event or just another coincidental event. But really, those two were enough! I mean that was something how it all unfolded so clearly and so rapidly right after your dream! WOW!

I think you should call your friend Klima ASAP.

Hi Adam,
Your dream is very interesting and very telling. Usually dreams hold a lot of significance in telling us about things we are going through in our lives. Sometimes they are a warning, or a pre telling of events to come. God has blessed us with this ability through dreams, some through having a sixth sense. Putting aside all of the con artists out there, I do think God has given this ability to us all, some are more "tuned in" than others.
As far as the meaning, only you can really decide it. The people you dreamt of , one or two really stood out, and this part of your dream could have been a way to forewarn you that these two people will indeed cross your path again. As far as actual meanings, I can tell you what I have been told by elderly family members...dreaming of a large gathering can signify a type of worry or concern. Also some symbology in dreams can mean the opposite of what they represent.
I think in your case, it was a premonition that these two people will enter your life again in some way.
As said, every one of us has this connection to the spiritual side of life, and some have it come out in dreams. As for my own experiences, anytime I have been on the verge of entering into a big life change, I have had a lot of very vivid, realistic, foretelling dreams. Perhaps you are in a type of change as well.
Well, hope that helps. Keep dreaming!