Positive Outreach
By Katie Allen Berlandi

A Leap of Faith

The youngest of my three kids started preschool recently, and it got me thinking that I’m entering a new stage of life myself, a time when I can refocus on my career. More specifically, it got me thinking about how I might continue the work of my late grandparents, Guideposts cofounders Norman Vincent Peale and Ruth Stafford Peale.

Someone suggested I write a blog for Guideposts.org. That sounded interesting except for one thing. One big thing. I’m not a writer. My background is in clinical social work, a profession I chose because I was inspired by my grandparents’ dedication to service and outreach. Could I write a blog and make it meaningful to someone—anyone? I wondered. What would Grandma and Grandpa have thought about this?

They were pretty game people, always willing to try something new. There was that time their children and grandchildren (yes, I’ll admit I exercised my persuasive powers) convinced them that our family had to spend Christmas in a setting totally different from their upstate New York home, someplace far away... like Africa. You should have seen my grandfather at age 90 on the banks of a river in Kenya washing out his undershorts and hanging them up to dry outside his tent!

That family Christmas on safari turned out to be unforgettable, and it occurs to me that Grandma and Grandpa would look at blogging as a new adventure that’s just as exciting and worthwhile. They would’ve been thrilled to learn about another way to reach people with true stories and messages of hope and faith and inspiration.

When Grandma and Grandpa started Guideposts back in the 1940s, they didn’t have all the answers as to how to make everything work, but what they had was faith. The magazines and books, the ministries and outreach programs that are part of Guideposts today all grew out of that. So I’ll take my inspiration from my grandparents and jump into blogging. Call it a leap of faith.

Thanks for staying tuned!

Katheryn (Katie) Allen Berlandi is the seventh of Guideposts cofounders Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Ruth Stafford Peale’s eight grandchildren. She is a clinical social worker with a private practice focusing on children, adolescents and families, and a consultant for Guideposts and the Guideposts Foundation. Katie lives in a small town in Connecticut with her husband, two daughters and son.

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Katie, I loved this piece. After reading it, I watched the Comfort Kit video, and will be donating to that amazing program. You are wonderful, as is the work you all do! xo

We will benefit from your jump; thank you for sharing with us! Rebecca

Katie, keep writing your blog. I can just picture
your Christmas in Kenya with your beloved G'pa
washing out his undershorts outside the tent. He
inspires us with his forever-young-at-heart
attitude and you inspire me. Blessings.

I like your writing-simple, smooth, uplifting. You will be great as you have Christ as your Navigator. Blessings.

Thanks Kathryn for sharing, God helped you do a good job.
Your willingness to take on something new is an inspiration.

The gift of writing has been passed on in Your family!! You write well!! I was holding on for the next word!! Great Job!! I am looking forward to Your next blog!!

I too need to take a leap of faith and start a new career. My three children are getting older. I pray that I find the faith that you have found and a career that will help me help other. Best of luck.

Great to see you on Guideposts.org, Katie. Welcome. -Edward Grinnan

Jesse, you may be referring to this All About Angels blog post: http://www.guideposts.org/blogs/all-about-angels/she-paints-like-an-angel Hope that helps!

I'm so happy that you have taken a leap of faith! *Best* of *luck* to you!!! I look forward to reading your blog.

I am always downloading your stories from your sight. Norman has been one of my most spiritual and inspirational teacgers. Now for the problem...About a week ago I was downing from your site. I am diaabled, use to draw and paint constantly. I cane across a stoty of a younger child who paints very great and uplifting Heavenly pictures. I was so inspired b ut in my moment of upliftment forgoy to save the story. I have gone back the past 5 days and can't find it, but I have found the touching angel-dog-etc stories.I really want to start my art life again;;;Please please try to hekl. Guideposts and the NVP books are greatly helping me, Thanks Jesse