Positive Outreach
By Katie Allen Berlandi

Why You Should See "The Lego Movie"

When I was a little girl, I could almost always be found either playing outdoors or inside with my Legos. I loved being physically active, exploring and playing sports. And I loved using my imagination as I lay on the floor constructing with my Legos.

My favorite thing to build was a home, with windows strategically placed to let in light, entrance stairs at just the right angle and neat areas throughout to sit, lie down and eat. The Legos of my generation were nothing compared to the options of today, but what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you, right?

My children and I ventured out this week to see The Lego Movie. I was as excited as they were to see what this wildly talked-about movie had in store. None of us were disappointed!

The creativity, animation and talent in every scene were mind-blowing. The characters were voiced by fabulous actors–including some of my favorites, Morgan Freeman and Will Ferrell. The music was clever and contagious (we have all been singing the main jingle since!). But what took hold of me more than anything else was the message of the movie: Believe in yourself, value inspiration, think positively and be creative.

Who would ever have guessed that Legos and messages such as these–ones my grandparents, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Ruth Stafford Peale, spent a good part of their lives sharing with millions of people–would come together? How timeless and straightforward these messages are and how fabulous that children and adults of all ages can go to a “kids’ movie” and get a good dose of them. My hope is that each person who sees this movie will allow these messages to enhance their lives. It may sound a bit grand to expect that of a movie filled with animated Legos, but why not?!

Every day, Guideposts Outreach shares written materials with messages of hope, inspiration, self-worth and positive thinking all over the world. The goal is to reach even more people, to have an impact on as many lives as possible, through as many avenues possible. I love that The Lego Movie’s messages are heard by so many people, young and not so young. We would be so grateful, here at Guideposts, for your help in supporting and sharing our inspirational materials. I know that, like The Lego Movie, they will make a difference in the lives they touch.

Image credit: TheLegoMovie.com

Katheryn (Katie) Allen Berlandi is the seventh of Guideposts cofounders Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Ruth Stafford Peale’s eight grandchildren. She is a clinical social worker with a private practice focusing on children, adolescents and families, and a consultant for Guideposts and the Guideposts Foundation. Katie lives in a small town in Connecticut with her husband, two daughters and son.

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Your Comments (3)

Thank you, Katie, thanks abundantly for "seeing" these messages,
and then passing them on to all of us who need them...and, yes,
'why not!' in a animated, plastic movie of a toy we all know so well.
Uhhh -- most of us. And you are correct: I am a grandpa, 67yrs. I
need to see this film...there is an answer for in there for me. And,
of course! God can bring His messages "...as a child," where all of us
used to be, and maybe missed something. As we know, Katie, God DOES
"work in mysterious ways." By the way, I have "read" your Grandfather
many times, but feel like I am just getting started. I "found" Dr Peale
in my Aunt's house in Jax, Florida, about 1967!

Thank you, Guerry, for your comments. Great to hear from you. I hope you have been able to see the movie and that you enjoyed it.
My Grandfather Peale would be so honored to know that you have read his work and perhaps even more excited to know that you feel like you are just getting started. I still have so much to learn and look forward to it. Please stay in touch.
Here's to Legos and your "finding Dr. Peale" in 1967.
My best,

Whoops! It's me, Guerry; sentence 3 should be: "..plastic toy movie...." thx