Seeds of Devotion
By Julia Attaway

Putting Jesus First

Now large crowds were traveling with him; and he turned and said to them, "Whoever comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and even life itself, cannot be my disciple." (Luke 14:25-26)

Our Gospel reading on Sunday was from Luke 14 and included that bit about how if you don’t hate your father-mother-wife-children-siblings, you can’t be Christ’s disciple.

This passage always throws me for a loop. I know it’s about our priorities and putting Jesus first, and I hope it’s unlikely that I’ll ever be asked to choose between my children and Jesus. All the same, each time I hear this passage I wonder, If I had to choose... what would I do?

It’s hard to ponder what our treasures are here on earth, and how attached we are to them. It’s hard because it’s uncomfortable: We don’t want to know, don’t want to admit how high the cost of discipleship can be. Yet if we don’t acknowledge the price, chances are that if we’re ever asked to pay it we’ll choose wrongly, assuming, “Oh, God would never ask that!

What are you attached to? What treasures—possessions, people, dreams, relationships, hopes—would be hard to sacrifice? It’s only when you know that you can pray Lord, I want You first in my life. I choose You even above ______.

Julia Attaway is a freelance writer, homeschooler and mother of five. She is the editor of Daily Guideposts: Your First Year of Motherhood, a book of devotions for first-time moms. She lives in New York.

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Julia what does the meaning of the word HATE translate to in Hebrew ?

Many people today haft to make this kind of choice when God calls them to the mission field. Sometimes they are able to take their younger children with them. But they must leave behind their mothers and fathers, brothers and Sisters to serve Christ in the mission fields. Many have made the sacrifice to leave behind all that they know and love in obedience to God's call. That's putting Christ first and above all else.
I think sometimes that's what that scripture means. Be willing to give up all that you know and have if God ask you too. This is a very hard thing to do but I'm sure God gives them many spiritual blessings when they willing follow Him in this way.

really, it is pricking my conscience,though i always say that jesus is first,but rarely practised it. Experience proves that if i had put jesus first, my life would have been better.thank you

This is so true for me. I was in a 5 year relationship. I was engaged to marry him. We were engaged for 3 years. We had two children together. A boy and a girl. I was hesistant to marry him. He was hesitant to marry me. He wanted my attitude to change. He prayed for it. My attitude began to change when I began to rekindle my relationship with Jesus and God.He new he was loosing me. I wanted to be a disciple again. He didn't want to be born again. I knew we were unequally yoked. I wanted God to change his heart so that he can be saved and born again and so that we could get married. God doesnt force himself nor Jesus on us. I wanted God to make him change, but he had to want to change.Long story short. I had to choose. God/Jesus or him. I never thought I would have chose him over God/Jesus. I was sooo unhappy spiritually though. I really didn't want to marry him. I really and truly didn't want to stay in the relationship. I reslly didn't want to be a single parent at 35. I also really didn't wsnt to be single either. But above all this I didn't want to continue to feel seperated from God/Jesus. A couple of months later I found him a ji b in NY because we planned to relocate. He moved to NY. I stayed in Georgia. Whe decided to break up. I decided to return to God/Jesus. I'm sooo much happier. God is still renewing me.

Wow, that's faith! I'm glad you are happy, wish I would have done that years ago. I was raised by a single mother and it was very hard at times, but we made it through! Prayers of strength for you! Britt

You are brave and Faithful. I only wish I did. I am so tired of being unhappy. God Bless The Lord has a plan for you.