The Up Beat
By Amy Wong

Positive Thinking Tips: Give Thanks for Everyday Blessings

The bombings at the Boston Marathon. The bitter fight over gun control. The ricin-laced letters mailed to the president and a senator. The deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant in central Texas. The hunt for the bombing suspects that had one police officer dead and the entire Boston area on lockdown. A powerful earthquake in Sichuan Province, China.

The news this week has been almost relentlessly terrible. Enough to leave even the strongest of us shaken and saddened. How do you keep yourself from being dragged down? How do you restore your positivity, your faith that we live in a good world at a time like this?

Fortunately I have smart colleagues to turn to. Join together in prayer, Colleen and Peola suggest. Look for the stories of hope and inspiration (and there always are) amid the darkness, Adam writes in his Mysterious Ways blog. Pray big, Rick says.

All such good spirit-lifting advice that I don’t have anything to add except this: Give thanks for your everyday blessings. I’ll start. I’m grateful that I get to work with such thoughtful, compassionate people. And I’m grateful that I get to come home to this (is there anything sweeter than an old dog?).

Yes, technically “everyday” means ordinary, but I think here it also means extraordinary. Because that’s what the blessings that fill our every day are.

Amy Wong is the executive editor of Guideposts and was a founding editor of Positive Thinking. She lives in New York City with her adopted dog, Winky, a natural-born positive thinker who believes that everyone has a treat for her and every day is the best day of her life. Amy hopes to be that optimistic someday (she’s working on it!).

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I loved reading this post today. So grateful for our everyday blessings. Have a beautiful day, Everyone!

Well, maybe not sweeter, but as old cat! Thank you for reminding us of our seemingly ordinary extraordinary blessings.

Thanks, Amy, for the positive post. You really put things in perspective. -E

Laurie, Mindy and EG, thanks for the positive feedback, y'all. P.S. Mindy, even though Winky (my dog) might disagree, I think an old cat is just as sweet as an old dog. -Amy