The Up Beat
By Amy Wong

Positive Thinking Tips: Wag More, Bark Less

Winky and I went for our morning walk on New Year’s Day early enough that the only others out and about were dogs and their owners. Penny the Chihuahua’s dad (I always seem to remember the dog’s name better than the person’s) ruffled Winky’s fur and asked, “Hey, Wink, what’s your New Year’s resolution?”

Bossy mom that I am, I jumped in and answered for her, “Wag more, bark less... like those bumper stickers say.” That got a laugh out of Penny’s dad, who has heard for himself how Winky likes to vocalize.

OK, so observe dog behavior carefully and you’ll know that not every tail wag is happy (or even friendly) and not every bark is aggressive. Still, I think the spirit of “Wag more, bark less” is a good one to live by if you want to keep a positive attitude. And if you’re reading this blog, I’m guessing you do.

Need some inspiration for staying positive? I came up with some versions of “Wag more, bark less” for positive thinkers. Got your own? I’d love to hear it. Post below.

Understand more, criticize less.

Try more, fear less.

Go with the flow more, stress less.

Count your blessings more, complain less.

Laugh more, worry less.

Amy Wong is the executive editor of Guideposts and was a founding editor of Positive Thinking. She lives in New York City with her adopted dog, Winky, a natural-born positive thinker who believes that everyone has a treat for her and every day is the best day of her life. Amy hopes to be that optimistic someday (she’s working on it!).

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The magic of positive thinking is the road we take to fulfill our lives in making right decisions. Through our life we will be exposed to different situations, our expectations will be challenge continually, and we will be responsible on creating our success. Positive thinking is our choice.

You are so right, Yolanda! Even if we can't choose what happens to us, we can choose how we respond to it and that can make all the difference. Thanks for commenting.

You have some very good slogans for promoting the power of positive thinking. A couple of mine:

Focus more on opportunities, and less on obstacles.

Forgive more, hold grudges less (I actually like, "Forgiveness. Pass it on!")

Dream about the future more, worry about the past less.

Trust God more, consider your circumstances less.

Pray more, complain less

Consider solutions more, consider problems less (kinda like the first one).

Smile more, frown less. (nice dog, btw....not a slogan).

Hi, Rod, These are great positive thinking slogans...thanks for posting them! I'm adding them to my list. Winky (my dog) would also like to thank you for the compliment. Amy

That was great and very helpful. Thanks!!!

VRNYL, I'm glad you found this blog helpful. Thank you for reading and commenting.