While They Serve
By Edie Melson

You Might Love a Soldier If...

Those of us who have had a loved one in the military tend to look at life a wee bit differently than the rest of the world. Today I thought I’d share a glimpse at that perspective with a (tongue-in-cheek) list for those who love a soldier, either as a spouse, parent, child or sibling.

  • You know exactly how much you can stuff in a Flat Rate Box.
  • You know how to fill out the post office forms necessary to send that box.
  • Your prayer life has grown since your loved one enlisted.
  • Passing a man or woman in uniform always brings a tear of gratitude to your eye.
  • You know what it means when the incoming number on your phone doesn’t have the right number of digits.
  • You cry over an email that doesn’t say anything but “Hi, I’m fine. Love you!”
  • You refer to everyone not in the military as a civilian.
  • You have a love/hate relationship with the mailman.
  • You roll your eyes when you hear someone say, “I haven’t seen _______ in over a week.”
  • You can rattle off military time without hesitation.

And a bonus...

  • Your daily prayer list contains the names of soldiers you only know because you’ve met their friends and family somewhere in a line.

These are the things that made my list. How about your list? What things would you like to add? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


Edie Melson is a leading professional in the publishing industry. She also knows what it’s like to send a loved one off to war. Her oldest son went from high school graduation, to Marine Corp boot camp, to Iraq; where he served two tours fighting on the front lines as an infantry Marine. Fighting Fear: Winning the War at Home When Your Soldier Leaves for Battle, is Edie’s heart project. Look for her two newest books for military families debuting in 2014: While My Son Serves and While My Husband Serves. You can also connect with Edie on Twitter and Facebook.

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You know what time it is in another time zone in the world without having to count on your fingers.

Barbara, you are so right! While Jimmy was deployed I could tell time in Iraq as easily as right here in SC. Blessings, E

Awesome list...let's see if I can provide a few:
1. When you meet someone in the military, you ask if they have ever met your loved one even though you know they probably haven't.
2. When the news reports casualties, you don't change the channel. Ever.
3. You pray for the families represented by flag-draped caskets earnestly - and then praise God for your loved one's safety today.


Felicia, I'm definitely adding these. As an active member of Blue Star Mothers, one of our duties is to support the family when a local soldier is killed. Every funeral I've attended has added permanent names to my personal prayer list. I'll never forget the families of those soldiers. Blessings, E

...if you've worked with a veteran of recent service and understand their level of expertise and commitment to serve the US the very best way possible.

Warren, excellent thought! Thanks for stopping by, Blessings, E