Recent Cancer Stories

Jeff Kling

He was a man of action–self-sufficient, proactive–but a stranger's prayer gave him a whole new outlook.

by Jeff Kling
, La Porte, Indiana

Believing is what we do when we pray, and praying comes from believing.

by Rick Hamlin

Kelee Katillac and Colette Gauthier
In this video, Kelee Katillac visits a woman battling breast cancer, in order to transform her room into a place of hope, healing and inspiration.
For more about this visit, read Kelee's story.

Boy by fire truck

This special boy with terminal cancer only has days to live, but that isn't stopping his local fire department from fulfilling his greatest dream. His beautiful story will inspire you. .

Paul Stutzman

For that to have happened the night my wife was buried... that was a miracle right there.

by Diana Aydin

Mike Douglas

In this story from September 1971, the popular talk-show host shares how his brother taught him to pray.

by Mike Douglas

Rick Hamlin, executive editor of Guideposts magazine.

A morning jog caused him to ponder the true meaning of a phrase found numerous times in the Bible.

by Rick Hamlin
, New York, New York

Prayer and writing about prayer is a wonder, isn’t it? You end up in just the right places.

by Rick Hamlin

Little girl sits on lap of princess

Hundreds of people in this community banded together to create a real-life fairytale for a little girl with terminal cancer.

Cop gives interview

When a man suffering from brain cancer had a seizure behind the wheel of his car, this police officer went above and beyond the call of duty. 

As I gazed at her precious face, I whispered, “Mom, I definitely have your hands... I wish I had your faith.”

by Michelle Medlock Adams

Joan Wester Anderson

In this excerpt from The Best Angel Stories 2014, a visit from a heavenly angel comforts a grieving widower.

by Joan Wester Anderson

A woman seen from behind getting a short haircut

When a cancer patient asks for divine guidance in handling her hair loss, a reassuring response comes promptly.

by Karen Ranen
, Amherst, Massachusetts

Woman sitting and talking to camera

With only a year to live, this woman's battle with cancer and her positive outlook on life will bring you to tears. 

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