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Recent Cancer Stories

Patti and her equine friend, Kitty Silverwings

She and her horse were soul mates, a match made in heaven. And they had a healing influence on each other.

by Patti Ansuini
, Gilroy, California

Margaret Feinberg

The author's latest book explains how she found joy in the midst of her battle with breast cancer. 

by Jessica Toomer
, New York, NY

Daily Guideposts devotional writer, Brian Doyle

What you thought were the pinnacles of joy were only mountains beyond which there are many more mountains...

by Brian Doyle
, Portland, Oregon

How one woman led a family from complacent Christianity to fired-up followers of Jesus.

by Michelle Medlock Adams

Post a photo of your dog to help a teen battle leukemia at Phoenix Children's Hospital

by Peggy Frezon

Stuart Scott

The ESPN sportcaster passed away at age 49 after a long battle with cancer but it's his fighting spirit that still lives on. 

by Guideposts.org

If you don't want your teen to smoke, one thing YOU must do. Don't smoke.

by Terry Squires

A black cat curls up on a wooden table.

An unusually attentive kitty gave her a moment of grace in her moment of grief.

by Lorraine Standish
, Lillian, Alabama

a bow on a package
Dad ignored my advice for his Christmas shopping. He already had help…
by Nancy Baldwin
, Defiance, Ohio

For a doubting Thomas widower, the message from his late wife was unmistakable.

by Diana Aydin

Reduce stress

Tips for how to bring the Zen back into your life. 

by Jessica Toomer

How to help someone facing their first Christmas without a loved one.

by Michelle Medlock Adams

A group waiting for outpatient cancer surgery discovers their own Christmas cheer.

by Colleen Hughes

A birthday made memorable by the parting of a friend.

by Edward Grinnan

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