Recent Cancer Stories

The battle I’ve seen waged by loved ones who’ve been plagued with cancers of every stripe is one of emotions and faith and finding hope when there was no hope, praying through pain and fear.

by Rick Hamlin

Devotional writer, Grace Fox

A prayer and devotion to help you through dark seasons in your life.

by Grace Fox
, Vancouver, British Columbia

motorcycle helmet on the pavement, in the road

What good could come from a motorcycle wreck?

by Pat McKelley
, Wooster, Ohio

Coach Pagano returns to the field after a victorious battle with cancer.

Family, football and faith were my life. My cancer diagnosis tested them all.

by Chuck Pagano
, Indianapolis

A special service for a special person and not a growl to be heard.

by Diana Aydin

Jake expresses support for David Quessenberry, who's also battling lymphoma.

NFL player David Quessenberry finds out he's not alone in his fight with lymphoma when a third-grader with the same cancer sends him words of encouragement. 

Linda Winkler

Enervated due to chemotherapy treatments, she was chagrined to find a long line at the bank. It was the last thing she needed–or so she thought.

by Linda Winkler
, Wellington, Colorado

John Zammit poses in front of his house on Fourth of July.

He made God a promise: 'If you help me through this, I'll build a shrine to brighten my neighborhood.'

by Adam Hunter
, Wayside, New Jersey

artist's rendering of an angel in the sky.

In this excerpt from Hospitals, Hope and Healing, a heavenly visitor prays with a dying man and heals him of pain and fear.

by Melissa Deal Forth

close-up of a watch

Dad died six weeks before my wedding… how could I celebrate without him?

by Mike Kuty
, Fredericksburg, Virginia

"Miracle Chaser" Katie Mahon with her father on her wedding day

As she began her prayer, Dad's eyes came down and met Mom's eyes in recognition and peace. It was the first miracle he gave us.

by Diana Aydin

Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin and his friend Joy Carol

"If I just let go and had a good cry," Joy told me, "I could go back to holding on to hope, and get back to prayer."

by Rick Hamlin

Father and author Bruce Ham with his family

We had an army passionately praying for her full recovery, but God's lack of response led me to believe miracles were a farce...

by Diana Aydin

He attributes his success to praying for God's direction and says that if it were not for prayer, he would have made a very different choice...

by Peola Hicks

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